Logitech MX Master Review!

Tech YouTuber Mouse v2 has arrived!

Logitech MX Master: http://amzn.to/1agVlUi

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



xMeltingPoint says:

You forgot about the free scrolling which happens when you flick or spin the mouse wheel hard enough.

hbjhvvjvvhggvcgfcfcgvh says:

i bought this mouse 2 weeks ago and i dont like it. everything about it is weird. the two buttons on the left are too close and it is very hard to feel them and distinguish them apart. The hidden button on the left is also a little tricky, because i cant feel it, so i press on the surface and hope that the button is below. and the most annoying thing is the main wheel for scrolling. Ratchet mode, which i use, is too delicate, sensitive for my taste. just a little touch turns a wheel, and i have to be very careful all the time not to scroll up or down unintentionally. sometimes it will even scroll up a little when i lift the finger off of the wheel.
otherwise amazing design, every button can be modified, wireless works amazingly well, etc

LazoStudios says:

I have the white version!

Siavash Es says:


wetracy says:

Welcome to carpal tunnel!!

Monsterplod says:

You know, it actually looks like a cyclist helmet, in the shape and the profile.

Hrithik Bandaru says:

what about that badass hardcore rat mouse you ditched it?

- Data - says:

Have you tried Logitech Flow software with this mouse for your desktop and laptop; if yes how do you like it. Any possibility for a review?

haileyfaye28able says:

i really intrested in mice.

Felix Breidenstein says:

That moment when you use your MX Master for months every day, and than this video tells you that the thumb rest has a buton in it. MIND BLOWN!

Krzysztof Flisik says:

USB Type-C it’s more complicated to implement in any product even for now. More complicated means higher price. Despite this, MX Master may be my future mouse. Looks and perform well 🙂

Cuddlefish Gaming says:

i think ill stick with my far surperior corsair m65

Shadow Heart says:

Does anybody know if this has the same lagging/jittering issues that the MX Revolution has?

Mark Tristan R. Ocampo says:

Only introduced to this beautiful beast in 2017. Is it still worth getting this now or something better will come out soon? Has the price gone down now? Thanks.

FallingTitan says:

if it wasn’t wireless it’d be good

King31395 says:

Yea that Magic Mouse is tough after a while – looking to switch up from one now. This one looks sick! Thanks for the review!

FernFox says:

Performace 0:30

Charles Lee says:

Does anyone know what kind of wood is used to make that wooden model???

marina wolf says:

Hugely helpful, thanks for this video!

erturk tugyan says:

Which mouse would you recommend for a left handed working professional ?

Dreyn Harry says:

you got me when you mentioned that the side scroll is moving through the premiere timelines 😀 FINALLY!!!!!!!! 😀

Breathingspace says:

One thing that is not mentioned in the review is how the material feels. I use the logitech M560 precisely for its superior feel: a rubbery coating and rubber side grips that don’t make your hands sweat like other mice do if you get warm fast.

Oliver Spook says:


Alex Wang says:

I would prefer they upgrade the Marathon M705 to use bluetooth so I don’t have to use their proprietary adapter with my Macbook Pro. That’s all I really want in a mouse.

40 days battery life is really hard to get used to when you’re accustomed to 3 years of battery life on the Marathon.

Ace says:

There is no better mouse than the Logitech MX Revolution. That’s why it now goes for $300.00 to $500.00 on eBay and Amazon, almost a decade after is was first released. Tried the MX Master for 1-day and then returned it and went back to my MX Revolution.

Ngân Trần Bửu says:

Are you still is using this mouse MKBHD?

Peter O'Brien says:

0:30 ‘Performace’

DopeSpill Comics says:

Watching this video in 2017

Kim Jung says:

Ill get one once they switch to USB type-c

Eiki says:

this mouse constantly loses bluetooth connection with my MacBook Pro 15inch touchbar. I see that this is a very famous problem. Do you know of any good solution? thanks

djteogeo says:

Fat & ugly mouse. My G602 is a lot (sharper and)better looking. Still nothing compares to the beaut of the old MX Air!

Macy David says:

On sale at Amazon right now for $69! At Best Buy online it’s even $59 😉

Twinbee says:

Logitech always have great mices whether it is for productivity or gaming

Cvetan Šimšić says:

Hey guys. I would appreciate if someone who owns mouse answer these questions. First is the scroll. It seems to me that regular scroll(ratchet not fast) is somehow too loose. It just seem to easy to scroll. Maybe i am just not used to it. Second is the battery. What is battery life in reality? Because i charged it fully and used it for two days. Most of the day it was on, and it is alredy on the two led lights. It this ok? Thanks.

the one you dont see says:

does it work with Android?

Swarup Rajsekar says:

Picked it up for $64.99 on Amazon.com right now. Great deal.

Mike Ovanes says:

Battery lasts 3 weeks (8 hours per day usage) .. Not 40 days…

Cvetan Šimšić says:

OK. Guys sorry. 🙂 I found the option in software as soon as i posted last comment. 🙂

snap ko says:

still on my MX Revolution since it came out

banyus says:

I hate only the scroll,it is annoying,uncomfortable…

Mr. Inferno says:

68$ now

Eddie Imparato says:


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