Logitech MX Master Mouse Review – It’s Business Time

The Logitech MX Master don’t have time f’yo nonsense. It’s wearing its business socks. That should let you know what time it is. It’s business… it’s business TIIIIIME

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Kalvin Shum


Yvan Lourenço says:

This mouse should be the standard mouse for macOS users since it makes desktop switching way better than the Magic Mouse.

Charlie Li says:

Granted I got mine second hand at a cheaper price but it was worth the price! such a beautiful and functional mouse; Ergonomics is amazing, connectivity is amazing and works on all surfaces. forward and backwards buttons I think are a good compromise in design: if they were placed one behind the other, users would complain that you had to reach too far back, at least now it is simultaneously above and below, forward and backwards for a bunch of users to adapt to who prefer different arrangements.

Prathmesh moharil says:

this guy tries so hard to be funny.

Brian Johnson says:

I received mine today. I am satified, works great. I am not into gaming, unless you consider farmville gaming. I just want something comfortable for my hand and thumb.

My Thoughts says:

Did Unbox Therapy hire your Jack ?

doge! says:


lylkym malabad says:

is this for gaming?

RandomUser20130101 says:

This video is just so cringe-worthy that it’s unwatchable.

Jared Selling says:

How good is the wireless range? Could it receive clear signal from about 5 feet away and through small obstructions like cables and a monitor?

TheRahkul says:

Do you guys just watch each others videos and use the same pointers. The back and forth buttons are perfectly placed, you are not supposed to press them from the tip of your thumb but from the bone joint of your thumb. The way the buttons are placed under the thumb and besides the horizontal wheel is so you don’t have to move your thumb much or do you press the gesture button with the tip of your thumb too?!

haloharry97 says:

Do you need win 8 to use bluetooth?

kv laldika says:

my wallet says NO

Overlord Actual says:

I have one and I can confirm it is a double edge sword. Really awesome mouse. But yeah my only complaint is the positioning of the forward back buttons.

Michael Bianco says:

Linus my MX Master keeps losing bluetooth connectivity with my 15 inch 2016 Macbook Pro. I know the USB wireless connectivity will be stronger, but I don’t want to have to plug in my HyperDrive USB-C adapter. I bought the mouse because it’s capabilities with bluetooth and additional nice features. Logitech’s customer service sucked when I tried explaining to them issue, and I’ve tried all the re-powering up / reconnecting tricks with the mouse… yet the connectivity still sucks. I often have my Air Pods linked up to my Mac at the same time, so do you think the bluetooth linkage of two devices at one time is tripping up my Mac and thus causing my Mac to not consistently recognize the Master? Thanks if you found the time to read this!

Thabang Molefe says:

I changed forward & back buttons to copy & paste – works great!

PLMassTahh says:

I got 1 today. Seems to be fantastic by now but I do agree on the ‘back/forward’ buttons. Who the hell did that? Anyways, it appears that if I use middle of my thumb to press them it is somewhat justified choice.

Lowie Lesage says:

Is the Logitech MX Master Mouse also available for Left handers?

Dávid Iványi says:

If the low DPI isn’t enough for gaming, why recommended this mouse for video editing?
For example 2 monitors also need high DPI?

Why didn’t they use high dpi if also the low serie gamer mouse can use it?

Buda Coca says:

Low DPI(even at maximum level), bad software and bad design. I don’t recommend this mouse.

Callum Baxter says:

Why does Linus still do NCIX tech tips?

Michael Xz says:

gesture button is stiff only when it is brand new. It gets much easier to press. Just like with other logitech thumb button mice.

pcfreak1992 says:

Those 40 days are just a lie… I have the mouse and it lasts me only 10 days when using it around 10 hours a day.

Steve Storey says:

What drives me nuts about logitech is every product has it’s own software, have G710+ keyboard and G930 headset, they one program and dongle. Now the MX series uses a different dongle and a different program. The two programs fight and I can’t program my mouse. Logitech support gives me the make sure it’s on, uninstall and reinstall troubleshooting as in it doesn’t matter what your problem is its going to take 5 e-mails and an expired warranty period to solve. The “gesture” button kicks you to desktop and is the entire thumb rest, terrible design and I can’t change it.


cannot drag cursor ..right or left on excel sheets ….

Harshal Dongre says:

its on good value … but the ratchet issue stops me from jumping into the ship. Any suggestions ?

Shadow Heart says:

Does anybody know if this has the same lagging/jittering issues that the MX Revolution has?

Wita Pro Gamer says:

how has this mouse got anything to do with a sword?

Paradox Shift says:

I just want to clarify, the old side-scrolling wheel didn’t scroll (located on the MX Revolution, what he was referring to when he said it was brought back.) It actually just pushed up or down then reset back to home. It appears the MX Master’s side wheel can freely scroll. Also, the MX Revolution did have the “ratchet” wheel, where it could be set in the software to lose gear after a certain threshold. I’m not sure why they dropped these features in the second iteration of the MX series (the MX Performance.)

Lastly, for people complaining about price, this isn’t a gaming mouse. It (and all the MX mice) are business-grade mice for the workplace–not that you couldn’t utilize them for other applications. Typically, a white-collar job can easily afford a “tool” that is used 8+ hours per day. They also know to shop around and not pay MSRP…

Harsh Sampat says:

for that premium price you really should not expect premium quality bought the fucking thing 8 months ago and it stopped working for no reason the logitech support page is flooded with the same complaint i think every body who bought the mouse is have the same problem … DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT… do not buy any of the pieces of shit this shitty company puts out

Aykut Koç says:

The Sherminator reviewing the mouse of my dreams!

Dávid Iványi says:

Is it possible, to modify DPI while gaming? I mean : to set a button (for example horizontal scroll button) in the software

Fupa goofa says:

It”s not a sword but you are an idiot.

Alan Crome says:

Since when did Linus do ncix videos this late


why does linus have an assymetric moustache on his forehead?

MA10Station says:

Can I change the “Thumb Scroll” into “Back & Forward” keys somehow because as you know that it’s very difficult to reach the keys with MX Master, so it will be much easier if get them on the “Thumb Scroll”

WhiteHawk says:

Be warned people, this mouse has a major design flaw with the wheel which will break and get stuck in free wheeling mode, sending mine back for a refund as Amazon don’t have any more and just as well as I’d probably get another failure soon, I’d hardly used the mouse and they haven’t fixed the issue, lots of people having this happen.

utkua says:

take your lithium Linus.

Teal Fox says:

I personally love my MX master!
I can definitely agree with the statement about the back/forward buttons, but unless I’m using them when gaming, I don’t have too much of an issue; It’s only when gaming and I need to quickly press one of them that is bound to an in-game action that I occasionally find myself pressing the wrong button, and throwing a grenade instead of performing a split-second melee kill.
Battery life is more or less 40 days for me, depending on how much use it recieves. If I’m using my PC most of the day for most of the week, the mouse will generally last me a few weeks to a month; However, 40 days does seem about right for general day-to-day use.
The smart-switching on the scroll wheel is awesome too! I sometimes find myself scrolling the wheel back and forth, just to hear the satisfying “click” when it switches between ratchet and free-scrolling x3

kenny709394 says:

I think is heavier comparing to its last model… if it can be lighter, I’ll totally will keep it

omgitstahamc playz says:

my school has the mx master in the school library i got to touch it

Mr. Petkov says:

I’ve used the G900 the MX Master and the MX Performance… Aaaaaaand there’s not really a clear winner for me. Here’s why:

Every time I adapted to one, the others felt strange until I adapted to them as well. Initially I was using the MX Performance daily, and after the MX Master came out I switched and as expected it felt weird in my hands but as I adapted now the Performance feels strange instead. I have little bigger than average hands and all of them fit me nicely. I game a lot and do photoshop and 3D related things and all of them feel the same in terms of gaming and productivity (two completely different environments in my opinion). During productivity I have to be accurate to the pixel and all mouses feel the same on screen with mouse acceleration turned off and pointer speed set to 50 (as it should be in my opinion always) on all of them in the Windows mouse settings (I recommend using the mouse drivers to adjust any mouse settings). The extra scroll wheel come in handy on the MX Master and the buttons can be programmed on all of the mouses. I think the MX Performance out of all of them feels the most complete and well built, but tragically it’s also flawed in a way that will leave anyway frustrated. The left and right mouse buttons on the Performance will wear out quickly making every click either a double or triple click, or not click at all… Or release the button as you’re holding it down. The Rubber on the Performance also wears off very quickly where you grip it and after I disassembled it to fix my button issue, I stumbled upon the most overbuild piece of equipment, so it really is sad it has those flaws. The MX Master comes with more functions on the other hands and looks better, also over time I felt the mouse easier to grip. The lack of removable battery is just a silly thing to brag about when it’s rechargeable and it’s built to last. The only flaw as a Windows user I found on it is that the scroll wheel is slightly off balance which is annoying if you’re making short scrolls as it’s just about to stop spinning, the scroll wheel scrolls slightly in the opposite direction but it’s not so bad because the mouse will automatically lock the wheel if you put a threshold on the scroll wheel. As for the G900, well it’s a good mouse, unlike the MX series the G900 has an optical sensor (and I should point out all the mouses work very well on textured and non textured surfaces despite their sensors). The optical sensor is obviously not going to work well on glass or high gloss surfaces but it will do a good job, I’d recommend leaving it on a cloth mouse pad. As for the styling of the G900 it’s obviously a personal choice, but I don’t really like it, it’s too flashy and and build quality feels a bit lower but that’s not to say it’s any lower. The G900 is also ambidextrous which is probably it’s biggest advantage and disadvantage. It feel more slippery in the hand, however it is a good solution for left handed mouse users. It’s very pricey, but I have stumbled on these mouses on almost half their price often so they are good value if you catch them on a good discount.

And so I have no clear winner, they’re not perfect but pretty solid. All of them are wireless which to be honest isn’t a bad thing as I can’t detect any input lag using the unify receiver and the Master does give you that extra device connectivity which I sometimes use when I try to connect form my PC to my Laptop and it’s just so much more convenient than plugging and unplugging. In fact when I use a wired mouse it’s even more frustrating as you have an awkward force pulling away from where you’re trying to go at the tip of the mouse which is 10 times more frustrating than the 1 extra millisecond input lag a wireless mouse might experience.

*Sorries for the long post*

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