Logitech MX MASTER 2S Mouse Review – Great for Productivity!

Today Briony takes a look at a mouse thats been available for some time – can it work for a gamer girl like her or is it just too big and clumsy? She spills the beans! Read the full review of the Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse over here: https://goo.gl/LNb3sc


Ezri Dax says:

After 2 years the button wil be unusable. Don’t buy it!

[Insert Name Here] says:

No USB Type C = NO SALE!

shaurz says:

Silly overpriced, bulky mouse with too many buttons.

Tocăniță de jocuri says:

Briony is pretty sweet for a tech reviewer 🙂

Cartoonman154 says:

I like the design on the thumb part.

Arashmickey says:

Great mouse but I’d miss the 6 side buttons on the G602 too much. Sorry thumb, no promotion for you.

gr33nbits says:

Very cool mouse, i love Logitech and im with them since the MX518/G5… now with the G502Proteus Spectrum and loving it.

Daniel E says:

Briony you are improving with every review you do. Purple looks nice on you. 😀

treguard1982 says:

Great review, really enjoyed this one. I’ve been using a Nixeus revel gaming mouse and have been happy with it, but always on the lookout for a bit of a step up but with as just as good as or better sensor.

Christian says:

I loved the original MX Master. It’s still my daily driver. The biggest issue i had was the low DPI, which meant that i have to have a second mouse for gaming. Will definitely be picking up the 2S, hopefully it’s good enough that i can ditch the gaming mouse and just have one mouse on my desk. I don’t really play any super fast paced competitive shooters, so it should be good enough even for gaming for me. 🙂

attack says:

We need mouses to be quieter.

Joe Ebner says:

I really like all the curves, they make it look like it would be really comfortable in your hand. The mouse is nice to.

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