Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse Comprehensive Review

Logitech M720 Triathlon Mouse Comprehensive Review

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I have a love of Logitech stuff. So I picked up the latest Logitech M720 Triathlon mouse. What is it? Well, it appears to be another top tier mouse in their catalog, it’s sits as a cheaper alternative to the MX series, but retains some of the excellent features of that series. In this video I take a look at the M720 and compare it to the more expensive MX Master and the smaller MX Anywhere 2. I show how the device switching works and lastly I test it on a glass surface.

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Hdjekso says:

is this mouse suitable for palm grip?

all kinds of things says:

When you review a mouse you should discover this problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZpZv7hLbkk

Logitech M720 Triathlon has a scrolling lag problem

Ner Montiero says:

also does it have a receiver?

Christiaan Noorlander says:

Hi there, nice review! Thanks a lot! Can you please inform us if it’s possible to program a function ‘under’ the ‘device selection button’?

Nim Chimpsky says:

I’ve got two of these and neither work on Windows 10 properly so be warned.

Mark Simon says:

Great review, bought the Triathlon. Buying decision much helped by this video, well done. Thank you.

NETVO TV says:

Wow, thanks for spend a long time to review this mouse! A lot YouTubers will not review this kind of lower class mouse this long or in depth! I was looking for a review of this mouse like yours for few weeks and finally found yours! However I won’t call your review in depth but it’s close, because I would like to see the sensor accuracy for designs and gaming. I was deciding between M720, G900, G602, as a video editor g602 doesn’t have the tilt scroll wheel is not good plus it’s super old mouse so it cut from the list. G900 is really a dream mouse for me, but I wish they make it with Bluetooth build in so I can use it without the receiver when I just doing non gaming work. But it still hard to decide between those 2, but the price tag of G900 n my finance situation, I think I will save for the m720 for now since it has Bluetooth which is way more future than the USB receiver on the G900 as USB C only PCs will be take over and with Bluetooth I can use it on non PC devices too!

xeamus says:

I spent quite a while trying to find the M720 next to a MX Master for size comparission in a video. Finally found it here. Thanks!

David Alejandro Ordoñez Lasso says:

Mi presupuesto era de $60.000 COP (20 USD aprox) para un mouse pero conocí la marca logitech y no me decido si comprarme el M585 de $90.900 (30.3 USD) o el m720 triathlon $99.000 (33 USD). Necesito sugerencias y opiniones.

kensyootoob says:

Hey thanks for your thorough review. As I watched, you helped me figure out something that was bugging me — how to have one of the three receivers hooked up to my KVM, but also be able to connect a *second* time to a machine — voila! Bluetooth connections *and* Unifying!!! 🙂

Timur Kristóf says:

If I just want to use an M720 with a single computer, is it possible to disable the toggle button?

ChilledOut Clipz says:

Thank for lett8ng me see how to connect it to the pc I didn’t know how ur a life saver subscribing bro

Santiago S says:

Been using this mouse for a week now. Way better and lighter than the mx master for me. Most comprehensive review so far man!

紫雨老师谈吸引力法则 says:


Israelite Ram says:

This mouse will not pair with my old iPad that maxes out with iOS 9.3.5. The tablet ID’s the brand and model mouse but will not pair. The circle keeps going around and the No.2 light on the mouse keeps blinking. I tried No. 3 with same failure. Apparently Logitech means it when they say iOS 10.10. Pity they don’t support the slightly older iOS. Thing is you don’t learn these details when you’re an hour away from home in a Best Buy store and don’t remember your iOS version or know you can’t upgrade. Be sure, according to the pkg, you’re running iOS 10.10 or later.

Mohamad Hasan says:

Very grateful to you. If I pair this mouse to a windows 7 via usb and android via bluetooth, can it go right across or I have to clock the switch button?

Alexander Sing says:

does this mouse work for iPads or iPhones? I have an iPad mini 4 and iPhone 6.

Mac Pinwheel says:

there is a gesture button

mine has one

Tom Sawyer says:

Lift up glass and try that way . PROJECT DISCLOSURE and LAGIEWKA BUMPER on you tube .

Zhi kai Chen says:

I have the exact same mouse

HifiCentret says:

Considering the M720. I have the Master (like in this video). One thing about it I really hate is the build in battery. Seems to go empty a lot faster than my previous M705 which also used regular AA batteries. If only it used regular AA… I wonder why they at least don’t put in a battery with decent capacity. The energy in the build in Master battery is tiny compared to a regular AA – no wonder it goes empty fast. Then the hasle of having the wire while it charges. The M720 – just change battery and put the used in the charger and you’re good to go again in seconds.

Benjamin Hoong says:

Thanks for this video review! It’s definitely the best one I’ve found about the M720. I have a 3 year old MX Master that’s starting to feel sticky even after trying to clean it thoroughly and this seems like a better and cheaper alternative! I was at first going to ask about the material of this mouse but you answered it at the end! Again, great review video!

David Brown says:

I had a mx 610 year’s ago it had were you could adjust the volume on you’re computer. They still have them on ebay but they cost over two hundred. When I got mine I didn’t pay even half that why they jacked the price up I don’t know.

Theresa Cox says:

This is a stupid mouse! They put the most useless and annoying button in a place where it is convenient to accidentally click it and it thinks you want to switch computers. I HATE this mouse due to that stupid button. It could have been so much better of a mouse without that stupid button. If they wanted such a stupid, useless button, they could have at least put it somewhere less prominent for such a useless button. Or at least made it to where your mouse was not rendered inoperable by hitting that stupid, utterly useless button.

Holly Park says:

how reliable is the BT connection vs the dongle with the Mac?

Mert Gül says:

Thanks for the review. This is probably the only decent M720 review on youtube.

Ner Montiero says:

can this do 3200 dpi?

5hank3r says:

Thanks for the review. I have a doubt. If we only pair two devices to the mouse, will the device change button switch between those two devices or will go to the third one even though no device is configured.

Karl Stefan Lewis Fokum Siyam says:

Wish I could like this video twice.

Dale Anderson says:

I can’t thank you enough for this in depth review of this mouse. The package instructions are absolutely useless. I saw the bright lights and heard the harps playing when I viewed your Youtube video. Now I know what all the bells and whistles are for. Thank you again.

Nicholas Sackman says:

How do you reset the 1-2-3 preset devices on the button?
For instance if I wanted to change the left computer in your video (#1) to make it (#3).

Justine Chang Lee Hau says:

i bought this mouse too ^^ and made a review on my other channel, Jostono. Loving the mouse.

the Pows says:

does this work on chrome book?

David G.O.A.T says:

How I change dpi plez help me I am legelly blind

h1r086 says:

Does anyone know if you can rebind the 1/2/3 computer toggle button somehow, the one next to forward/back? The software (logitech options) doesn’t offer rebinding for it and I only have 1 device.. I’d like to make it a useful button.

Burrito says:

Bcuz your review, i got the Trialthlon instead of anywhere 2. This mouse is perfect for my hand and I always use mouse pad on my glass table, I don’t need spend $30 more to get dark laser technology

Oven Mit says:

bluetooth mode doesn’t​ work

OrganicFarmer says:

Thanks for the great video…10 months later…I just bought the 720  for multitasking between Mac and Windows but for CAD I use  a corded gaming mouse with programmable buttons..  Too bad my iPad does not have mouse support with iOS.  I wish there was a way to move between devices without clicking buttons.

zeus3freedom says:

I want to buy the M720 but I’m really worried about the power saving issue which causes mouse to stop after app. 15 sec of inactivity and then causes lag when starting to use the mouse again. How do you deal with that?

DRSteele says:

I searched the entire world wide webby before I found out what that darn center button is for! It is a wheel scroll lock 0 it switches between clicky and smooth scrolling. Logitech coulda told us that in their documentation or website.

Saint Pepsi says:

can different logitech devices use same one bluetooth channel? i mean without using unify usb, bluetooth only. Or will they interfere each other?

Jumpin Joe says:

I wish Logitech would change the design so that it’s more ergonomic. These force your hand to lie flat (instead of it being naturally titled) and the mouse therefore increase the strain on your wrist/forearm if you’re using it for a long period of time.

Susan Kirsopp says:

What about the desktop? Does it work?

Beto Larski says:

Had to return 2 of there that came with really crappy scroll behaviour. Sometimes it scrolls in the oposite direction of the intended and was very hard to do small amounts of scrolling. Then I quit and bought a MX Anywhere 2 which isn’t perfect too but worked better.

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