Logitech G900 Review by FPS Veteran (Wireless Gaming Mouse)

This is an in depth review testing to see if a wireless mouse can keep up with the fast paced action of Quake Live. I’ve been playing Quakes since 1998 and I currently own over 30 mice. How does this mouse compare? Watch to find out.

Note: G-Shift allows you to have a new function on each button when it’s held in, so you could have up to 20 commands on the mouse. Thanks Tuong Dinh for pointing that out!

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Miguel Concepcion says:

I bought this mouse today because of this review.

Zishawn Malik says:

I’ve used this mouse before and the g502 proteus spectrum

This is definitely the best « mouse » technically. However, the one problem I have is with the actual shape.

Although it’s a great idea, ambidextrous mice aren’t that great for your hand, this mouse feels weird to hold since it’s not meant for a specific hand shape.

Jake Crosby says:

is this mouse bad for people whos hands sweat alot during gaming sessions?

Lucian Andries says:

I love the wheel, but fcking hate the switch system!!
They need to put the switch directly under the wheel, and make the switch button the middle click. Exactly what they did with MX Anywhere 2, that system is perfect!
And if they made it smaller, 100mm max… It’s huge, and my hands are small. 🙁

Very good review btw!

DoomProductionsX says:

i touched this mouse in a store fell in love lmao bye razer deathadder plus wireless is a bonus since i basically get my wired cut in half a lot xD

Maxim Egorushkin says:

Most reviews claim that G900/G903 mouse has the lowest latency / lag, and it may even beat wired mice.

I find those claims dubios because Logitech G700 released in 2013 and G903 released in 2017 have the same 1000Hz (once per 1 millisecond) USB poll rate. What that means is that on average the mouse-click-to-OS latency average is 0.5 milliseconds. Unless processing clicks and moves in the mouse itself before emitting the events to the wire/RF have non-trivial time, which Logitech never claimed to have improved.

In other words, G900/G903 has no latency edge to mice existing since 2013, despite many YouTubers claiming this wireless mouse is something extraordinary. It may well be more accurate due to the newer sensor, but latency-wise it is the same responsiveness as G700 had in 2013.

Anyone claiming otherwise must provide verifiable latency benchmarks. Logitech have been comparing these new expensive G900/G903 mouse to competitors’ products but not to its own older mice. G900/G903 have too few buttons and the ambidextrousity is a drawback for right-handed people.

What Logitech should do is to release a refresh to G700 with all these new technologies but with the same design and buttons.

I feel like YouTubers get paid to advertise the mouse as something extraordinary.

Eliminator6363 says:

Ahhh, infinite scrolling mouse wheels. Fidget spinners for gamers LONG before fidget spinners were a thing.

SpArTaCuS-93N-L says:

logitec g900 or logitec 903 🙂 great review im about to go everthing wireless

Mogawty says:

I have this mouse. Absolutely love it. Only needs to be charged once every 4 days or so, and even if you forget, you can use it with the included cord (I used it for one hour in the last several months, made me really value to cordless-ness – charged it enough to use the rest of the day). Oh, I just realized this is a review for the G900… I have the G903. Looks exactly the same, but you CAN add more weight if you want.

Fyre says:

I just realized that if you put your mouse DPI the highest it can go, then put your settings or game sensitivity, then it’s more smooth.

TheMasterNasty says:

Can someone recommend a mouse that is similar to Razer Abyssus (first generation) because i like the shape of it but sensor is not that good, Im using DA chroma and i cant grip it well its constantly sliping from my hand.
Basicly i need a mouse with sensor as good as the one from DA Chroma and with shape similar to Abyssus

That Horror Show says:

Eeeew thats a bad ass looking mice! Dam.

ehkruse1 says:

I picked one up. The words that go through my mind every time I put my hand on it are, “Chubby Potato”. Ugh, Logitech and their potato mice.

Laggadin says:


rDragon says:


Rizky Hadi Felani says:

im more of a combination to that of both grip and claw, index is gripping, middle is clawing

Mertj says:

Next review, zl50 by bloody please

N64 says:

You are a very good quake live player

zyklik says:

Is there a wired version

ItsPlex HD says:

Pls do a g602 review

Glenn Quagmire says:

Time to review g903

Miguel Concepcion says:

Will the buttons last more than 2 years without double clicking?

Clay says:

do you guys have any problems with this mice for the right click? i went through 2 mice within 1.5 years and now the second one is having the same issue. double right clicking when i only press one it once

ravenclanx says:

Can you use the charger cord as a wired mouse also or is it only for charging?

Geoffrey says:

I have the 903, and normally play wireless. I’m also a pharah main, or at least was, and I hovered around 750 in the world at playing her.

My hand is 7”, I wear a size 7 glove and it fits pretty snug.

This mouse fully fits in my hand, meaning if I fingertip or claw the buttons are too high and far for me to comfortably use. A medium size version would be cool.

I was doing aim trainer on the downtime of fortnite and realized a few thing when experimenting :
1 I can feel a latency between wired and wireless mode. It translated to around 25ms on average difference of my reaction time. Not that the latency difference is 25ms, I understand that. But that is the result. Maybe it’s a placebo fluke.

2 my control of the pointer felt much more in control with a fingertip claw hybrid. I think that is what you use too; this mouse is too big for me to do this tho

3 I can hardly feel the cord, as compared with it unplugged. So that opens to realm or wired mice, where I think I’ll check out the Zowie asymmetrical series, probably the 2

Walter Londen says:

Wow this mouse looks awsome!
Price = 150€ *closes tab*

MaZEEZaM says:

+1 Sub Great review and nice to see a Fellow Aussie doing reviews 😀

Riley Kastner says:

Love the review, but unfortunately I had to return this mouse shortly after purchasing it. My wrists are really weak (have been all my life), so I have to be really careful with them. The g900 made my wrist hurt faster and more severely than any other mouse I’ve used in a very long time. It isn’t ergonomic at all and is absolutely horrible for palm grip. After just a couple of hours playing, my wrist hurt so badly that I had to take a break for several days to completely heal. I would not recommend this mouse to anyone with large hands, as this mouse is too skinny and not ergonomic.

Ankur chatterjee says:

i would be great help if u review a non gaming laser mouse for example LOGITECH MX MASTER 2S n tell hows it gor gaming plzzz

Jimmy B says:

All your reviews are so thorough. Keep up the good work.

Bad Man says:

game name?

Yunior Gamboa says:

Best review I have found for this mouse

MaZEEZaM says:

903 worth added cost for the option of weight?

Dr. Noodles says:

Great review!

CozmicX says:

If this used aa batteries, it would’ve been so much better cause it can also be a weight tuning system. If you use a aaa to aa converter, you can get 10g batteries. This can reduce the weight by almost 15 grams

MaZEEZaM says:

Beware, DO NOT BUY A MIONIX Mouse, at least for me the software was complete rubbish, yes you could set settings but it would not start with windows 10 startup and if you loaded up the software to check settings or make any changes, your settings would reset! Expensive mouse and the worst mouse I have ever bought, its now acting as a redundancy backup mouse. AVOID

EZVern says:

Had one, it went bad it took 17 days to get a replacement as Logitech was treating me like a child through the process and oh yeah I live in southern calif so location wasn’t an issue! (did you try another usb port? etc for days).

DoseOfYu says:

I personally like the Logitech G403 just because of its shape and how comfortable it is to hold

Robi Dawn says:

Yep its been the best mouse i have used over the years so far

Nevaran says:

I got a G502 Proteus Core but sometimes the cable makes it hard to use(gets stuck in parts and weighted by dangling here and there)
Is this G900 worth getting or something different like the Razer’s Mamba? And is the latency noticeably lower if the G900 is plugged in?
Thanks in advance

Dominik Pullisaar says:

For real everybody likes the review even like Linus Tech Tips doesn’t make so great reviews

Brother Faisal says:

What mouse pad is that?

Galaxy_IRL says:

Hey! Logitech G903 Mouse vs Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Wireless Mouse

SmOKe WeEd EvErYdAy says:

i am so happy coz i hit that red button

pINKprotege says:

As someone who is looking to get into fps gaming, this mouse review is so amazingly professional and informative! I learn so much about fps and gaming mouse just by watching you go through all these details and testing. Great work and thank you so much! 🙂

Brian Becking says:

I really want to thank you for saying it HAVE G shift because nobody sayd it had

queen says:

OK g900 or g502 I’m a Minecraft player so I jitter click and butterfly click I need the right mouse..

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