Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Review – The best wireless mouse ever?

As gamers, we generally consider wireless mice to be significantly worse than wired offerings. But that may soon change…

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Daniel Liao says:

I have proteus spectrum but I can only set the DPI down to 600. Help?

Mickey Mouse says:

So what you’re saying in this whole video is that this thing is a fucking beast? yea

MjstcArt says:

i had g7 too, it was a the best way back then

ajbutch123 says:

the logitech g602 is a better mouse

Unlawful_ Pikachu says:

Nah ima get a G602 for €45! In irealand

Teddy Roosevelt says:

is the scroll wheel on this mouse clicky and infinity like the G700s?

Thomas Bellavere says:

would you reccomend this one for 3d modeling or am I wasting my money buying it for that kind of work?

Heliot Master says:

This guys voice, body movement and even his hair is annoying to watch, but I really like LinusTechTips and there reviews.

Legion says:

what’s the track speed?

TheRealSeeky says:

like this if this stupid to not add lights on logitech g602 ?

thegamerman says:

i have a g900. Its great i love it!

Lorenzo Ong says:

I bought this mouse yesterday and I would definitely buy it again. This mouse is the best mouse I’ve ever used. You really pay for what you get and this mouse does not disappoint. Highly recommended!

HotaruZoku says:

Wait. All three of those center buttons are fixed mouse-related functions? Scroll freeing, whatever that is, and DPI up/down?

….wireless or not, you’re saying Logitech things people need to drop $150 dollars on a so-called “gaming mouse” with the functional equivalent to /5/ inputs? Left, Right, Wheel, back, forward?

A standard Corsair has 8 distinct inputs, not to mention the standard scroll wheel. It’s wired. It’s also 1/3 the price at 49.99.

How on Earth 3 times that is justified for half the functionality is beyond me.

Fikret Alnasiri says:

What happened to the Asian boy reviewer of this mouse Whahahahah he got the sacked or what! I can’t find his video anywhere ?? 😀

Srchangwaytogo C. says:

Differences between this one and the G403??

Eli George says:

i currently have steel series rival 100. upgrade worth it? gamer user just below moderate

Eli George says:

i have this mouse. everything he is saying is relatively true the only issues i have with the mouse is i find the middle click too hard for my prefereration to click and the ambidextrous design will take a little while to get used to. i have owned for three weeks and only needed to charge twice (21 hours full charge), the second time being as i’m writing this with my rgb light on a constant medium brightness blue without any effects

Icarus975 says:

is the mouse better then the G502 Proteus Spectrum?

1440p Gaming says:

ugh logitech gaming software it was full of memory leaks until i had to delete a few certain specific files because before it was using over 4GB of ram for no REASON

Max P says:

Im gonna get this, the only thing is the weird ditch in the m1 and m2 buttons.

DeTodoaLoTico says:

You forgot to mention the quantity of batteries it uses

MysticDragons says:

this thing looks so dope. But my wallet can’t handle that

L3onat0r says:

Who’s watching this in 2017?

Mr.PlasmaDragon says:

Did I see a left handed mode?

tm says:

Who the fuck comes up with these names at Logitech.

GoldTube Gaming says:

Asus rog spatha is sick

Sallie Estrada says:

I just wanted a mouse for my laptop. Was not expecting this LOL

Capn Caveman says:

Oh, good information, thanks.
Buying now. Yup.

tlascar says:

g900 vs g502; is the 1.2ms extra response time in g502 > g900 wireless? its true that if u connect the wire with g900 u will get as fast as g900?

N7ForLife N7 says:

thanks for the info guys it a big help

meowgoesthedog says:

that software is so shit ARGH i miss setpoint

Kelvin KMS says:

Too expensive I like G700s more but I want 7 days battery life for wireless!!!

Deltagrant says:

I personally think this is a very uncomfortable mouse.

Tahmeed De Santa says:

No shit Sherlock….Mickey is still the best mouse and he’s wireless too

Elliot Rodger says:


roachtron says:

Alright logitech you made an awesome wireless mouse, now make a keyboard to go with it.

Cybernetic orga nism says:

This one or the Logitech MX Master (which does 40 days on 1 battery load instead of 32 hours, and is cheaper) ? It’s a hard choice. I use my mouse for gaming (first person shooters, GTA 5 etc.) but also for a lot of other things. Any experiences here?

Spirit Outcast says:

I’m so torn between this and the Razor Mamba

Henry Calliste says:

This mouse is bloody brilliant… been working with it for a few months and its got a bats batmobile look. Ergonomic and responsive well worth the spend… i just hope it lasts as long as they say it will. the battery is the only issue taking a few days to fully charge. I can go wired or wireless with no probs. I am now happier than ive been with this mouse. carry it everywhere with laptop and pc. Well worth the spend

Ailuri Valyx says:

I just might get one of these once I spring to replace my trusty M510 (which by the way is the greatest wireless mouse of all time).

Ada OU says:

I find a cute wireless mouse for kids, it’s small and fit well for the kid’s hand, and can buy it in amazon:http://a.co/hsYDNjU

Steven Cramer says:

i love this mouse

SeferPL says:

i love this mouse i got it too and its perfect 🙂

Gucky says:

I am too a lover of the Logitech G7, I have it right beside me….in the pocket that came with it…sadly the mousebutton has the “doubleclick” failure…

Captainmakis 952 says:

well… i prefer the g602

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