Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The Logitech G703 is a solid choice for gamers looking for a responsive, accurate, and wireless gaming mouse solution.

Technical Specs:

Max DPI: 12,000
Response Time: 1ms
Report Rate: 1000hz

Music Used in Video:



Ali Pham says:

What mouse pad do you use ? Look nice.

Brian Johnson says:

Hey is there a way to lock the scroll wheel like the G502? And in you’re opinion does the scroll wheel cause problems when playing Fps games? Like in Bf1 my G502 will switch my weapons around if my scroll wheel isn’t locked. Anyway thanks for the great video.

po says:


poo Wizard says:

Can you do a set up tour please?

Commissar Gamza says:

Great quality on this review sir.

Lover Of Tech says:

Well done got your second video out… Keep it going… Out my channel as well

2manyusarnames says:

its weird that you have your mouse camera video unsynced . hahaha

X-Ray Gaming says:

Do a review on the powerplay mouse pad! Im interested in seeing if i can just slide under my xl keyboard pad

Harri Pesonen says:

Just to tell everyone if you have 10.5 cm wide hands dont buy this mouse!

BF3 blackstar2e says:

silly question: can i charge it with the samsung wireless charger?^^

Ly Long Khuong says:

Amazing review! Very…very…very good, i like it.

r d says:

can you try CSGO on the macbook pro with 1920×1080 or 1024 x768 on all lowest settings like pros do? also, how is the ghosting on the macbook pro? is it noticeable like the dell xps? thanks 🙂

C me 20 says:

Hey man where’d you get that sweet mouse pad?

Wooferer says:

Great video. I was wondering what the model of that keyboard in the background is?

shaked pro says:

awesome review (:

p1ne says:

What’s ur rank in cs?

SunBakedPlayz says:

So the g703 has the same sensor as the g403? Great video!

Scy says:

What keyboard do you use? I also have a white desktop setup, I need that tenkeyless keyboard asap! 😀

Max Evans says:

Where is your monitor from?

Icarus975 says:

what monitors are you using and how do you make them stand like that?

cac2244 says:

Jonathan, you definitely did a great job with this review and video. Kudos!

René Wuttke says:

Actually having the information how big the hands of the reviewer are is quite valuable.

Victor Lindqvist says:

Great review man! Keep em’ coming 🙂

Retro Phase_ says:

Really good review man! The white variant is so clean!

Laura Alvarez says:

Great hair, dude!

Schlumbucket Returns says:

Oh, Great. Gumby is reviewing mice now.

Manuel Pacheco says:

3 videos and -400 subs with great quality. love this channel.

Grespino 1 says:

nice new channel, earned a sub from me

Spaceman Pingu says:

Top quality review mate. Well done.

Dorian Ceta says:

seems like g703 have slightly lower shape then g403

Jai Raymond says:

I have the g602 and I love it! But the 703 just has much better aesthetics

MrRumBacardi says:

Buddy! great job on this review!
I predict a lot more subs to come (yes, I subbed!), if your content continues to be top quality like this!
I see you put a lot of work and effort in this, congratz!

NETVO TV says:

What solution of a mouse for the USB C MacBook Pro you have? Does mouse like this convenient? How about G603? Does this kind of mouse good for productivity? G602 has a lot buttons for that, but the new G603 with Bluetooth has the same shape and layout as G703/403 and not the original G602 layout, not sure why this choose this!

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