Logitech G602 Practical Review – BEST WIRELESS GAMING MOUSE!!

An experienced review of the Logitech G602, the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse (experienced review just means I’ve used it…).
Purchase the G602 Here: http://amzn.to/2mHnwlQ

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Pradhumna Pancholi says:

Awesome, just ordered it few days ago

Optimumcornet81 says:

How has it lasted so far?

beanwithbacon says:

Says he doesn’t want something ugly on his desk while using that vomit inducing “gaming” keyboard with retena buring red backlight.

Gary K says:

the scroll well can u program it also left to right and push down? thanks

vwgm says:

Can you program Gestures like on the MX mouse?

Incentas says:

Would you recommend this for shooters only?

Aulbourn Knowles says:

sorry if someone already asked im just not going to go through all these messages……but does it have a side scrolling feature?

iSeoxis says:

would you recommand this instead of the g502?


My last button on my bottom line doesn’t work on fortnite ? Helpp

Ana Kakulia says:

lol I have same pc case

CanadianLoki76 says:

I would love for Logitech to rerelease this mouse with the Loigtech Hero sensor. It would be a god-send. That sensor is perfect and it allows for even longer battery life.

le4848 says:

What a great mouse for a sale price on NewEgg of $40. It’s just too bad that this was clearly designed for a right handed person and not a left handed one like myself..

Isaiah Collier says:

This is such a good review. I thought this was a full time tech channel. Also, is this your daily driver? Bc up may like the g403/g603/g704 as it has a defined hump. Nevertheless, I am stocked to get this mouse after looking at this near perfect review. But you did forget to mention how the buttons feel and how easy they are to press.

Roberto IsHere says:

how do u configure one button say G8 so when you press it it goes to key #2 and when u press it again it goes to key #3 and when you press it again it goes back to key #2 and so on, on the Logitech software?

swifty1969 says:

IF ONLY…….IF IT ONLY…….had hyper scroll wheel with horizontal tilt. Two functions I constantly use. I can’t live without them. It has the perfect amount of buttons, exactly as many to suite my needs.

DAMN!!! logitech……you ALMOST made the perfect mouse for me.

TheForgoten100 says:

Dude is keeping it short and precise. Thanks!

M.Hamza says:

Please let me know about its scroll button. Is it as fluent as MacBook Trackpad?

Creepinson Productions says:

I love this review. And I love the mouse that I bought which is this exact mouse.

Devjit Paul says:

hyperscroll is not present, bummer…

黑色和红色V K O says:

Some of buttons don’t work for me on fortnite

Sam Church says:

love your roast on people unboxing it dude XD
Can’t wait for this to come in the mail so i can wreck in overwatch and fortnite!

Vaibhav barodawala says:

Would you recommend this or the G502?
I’m mostly in casual CS:GO and some Overwatch

Yosrick Alvarez Avalos says:

Is it easy to press all the side buttons with the thumb?

Israel Manzo says:

Hi. Is this mouse good enough for games like WoW or GW2? Can i place macros from the keyboard to the buttons of the mouse?

blacksunaccounts says:

completely agree with your opinion on unboxing videos. thanks

Z0idZZ says:


BoiTurtle says:

Mouse is only 35$ on Amazon right now! Steal.

Poojith Reddy says:

what r those flashy lights in the middle can we put those lights on while using

starseed74 says:


Nicolas Rohleder says:

Nice review, man! I really liked the honest commentary and thoughts about your usagge.
I’m wondering what mouse do i buy. Between this one and MX Master, do you recommend it?
I’m an video editor but also a pc gamer. The MX Master seems to be great for me, specially for my work and casual usagge, but G602 is cheaper and has more buttons… What you think about it?

Chesti Mudasir says:


*Son Groku* says:

G502 or g602 I can’t decide

Doub Whopper says:

This mouse is great

NiMiZ c says:

Does it charge the batteries if I connect it via usb cord (if it has one..)?

JonamXPXT DK says:

I have the same mouse. I have to change battery every third month. I think its very good but I have had this mouse in 2 years so I’m changing it +rep

Mayur Kale says:

suitable for work and gaming, is it ideal?

J L says:

I had bought the mouse, but it isn’t detected on the software. Can you help me with this please?

P Tom says:

Just got this mouse yesterday! Such a comfortable mouse. 3 year warranty is a nice touch.

Matthewv1998 says:

The g703 is faster though and isnt a whole lot more.

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