Logitech G602 Mouse — 1 Year Update/Review

Just a quick 1 year update for me using this mouse daily. I fully believe this is the greatest mouse created in many ways. Watch the full video for more.


TCKedza says:

Hey Im really now searching an new gaming mice and cant deside go with this mice or try to get other. Should i go with this Logitech g602 or look for some other mice?

Adrian T. says:

Any experince with the g502? 😀
I would like a comparison of those 2.

Dave Sunhammer says:

So, been established that the G602 is NOT a Dark Field mouse…. that is why the batteries last as long as they do.

It would have been helpful if you (or the 200 other reviewers) had put in how well it tracks on “lesser” surfaces.

0leg says:

Hi Patrick, I’ve seen a lot of buyer reviews (more than 50%) that say their g602 middle button were no longer functioning or left/right buttons were producing double-clicks instead of single-clicks after less than a year of usage.
All those reviews are from users in my country so I was wondering if it’s possible that your g602 is produced elsewhere. Can you tell me where the mouse you are using has been manufactured?

Lukas G says:

Wireless mice are more expensive for the same performance

Jeremy Gullatt says:

The side buttons are still too sharp imho. I had to return mine. If they’d make a “wuss” version, I’d def get that.

Thunderbolt says:

I wanted to buy this mouse for my little brother he’s 12 years old as a gift, is it too big for his hands or it’ll be fine?

Arkadiusz Janek says:

Great review, thank you, it helped me a lot in my decision. Check also g900, I’ve just bought them both: g602 rather for work and rpg/rts games and g900 for fast fps games.

Kam Shokar says:

Just bought a master. I enjoy it but the huge bump at it’s highest point near the side buttons is cramping my hand when i rest it. I’m thinking about this mouse but not sure if it has automatic free scroll. Like if it changes scroll mode depending on how hard i flick it. You think this is right for me or do you know of another modeL?

Applejack says:

Mine developed a bit of a double-click problem with the left button, but I opened it up and tinkered with the switch and it’s kinda okay again. My G602 discharges regular batteries in a couple of weeks, so I just use rechargeable AAs. Still performs alright.

Chris Shao says:

Great follow up. I feel good about myself. 🙂
I got this mouse for $25.00 on Black Friday.

TBH I do not understand the hype for the Logitech Performance MX Master
when the G602 is a better price to value ratio IMO when your looking at
features and price.

What do you think?

Animiles says:

I used a G600 for quite some time, and when I switched to a G502 I immediately noticed the difference in input lag and accuracy. So I highly doubt this mouse will perform much better when it comes to the input lag. But I’m going to get this mouse for school work (programming), and I don’t think there is any better mosue available for said purpose

George David says:

doesn’t have a lower dpi you idiot.. the scanning frequency is dropping from 500Hz to 125Hz conserving life battery… you are a stupid cunt and yet in the review business…

Hink says:

“a gaming mouse does not have to be wired”

a gaming mouse doesn’t have to be 150 grams

Portray it says:

it’s been more than 4 years since it’s been released, but it still is great for all kinda productivity works

nonshatter7 says:

Nice review, especially since you had used it for over a year (at time of video). What mouse mat is that you’re using?

ItsDino says:

Thx for the help! I got this mouse and it works really good with the razor black widow chroma keyboard because on the right side of the keyboard there is actually a USB connector where i put the chip in and my mouse is always super close to it and works so good!

3D MRB Official MSOT 8312 Operations and Training says:

you can and this is a fact have a wireless gaming mouse with almost no issues with latency from your perspective like the mamba or 900 chaos from logi,and with some of the other new mice ..but there pricey a lot of wired mice still are cheaper and don t need batteries or charging now i believe a wired/wireless is the best in my opinion balanced both pros and little cons except ones that are already there plus you can get past the whole argument and sometimes even without the deals, sometimes the mice arent terribly expensive

Joey Mantka says:

I HATE so called “WIRELESS” gaming mouse that have battery life that wouldn’t even lasts a WEEK. What’s the point of being wireless if you will have to attach cable to it from time to time.. THIS MOUSE IS the “REAL WIRELESS MOUSE” and how WIRELESS Gaming mouse SHOULD BE.

I wish they create a simpler model with just standard mouse buttons, scroll wheel and may just 2 side buttons.

The Same says:

Very clear review. I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and as of today I’m really happy with it. Great video!

eMDe says:

Hi Patrick
SteelSeries Sensei Wireless or Logitech G602. What to choose?

JD Cunningham says:


DOG BOY says:

it fits any hand…. only if its a right hand 🙂 i love this mouse but has started having tracking issues after several floor drops, check your battery connections this has been my fix.

techsimmons says:

A wireless mouse that can’t be used with the wire it comes with. XD

Brent says:

Just picked this up on Amazon Prime Now same day delivery for $40

kgonepostl says:

Me and you have the same mouse, and the same mouse pad.

Tim T says:

i used to buy razer but never once got the the 1 year mark (poor QA), So i switched to this mouse and could not be happier.

Daiki Zhao says:

Hi Patrick, thanks for the review. Would you recommend the Logitech G602 to a very small hand (17,5 cm from wrist to fingertip) for daily productivity use? What about the exact weight of the mouse without batteries? Thanks for you reply.

Kosovo Report says:

I agree its the greatest mouse. I mainly bought it for the productivity of all the buttons, and of course the awesome feel when I first tried it. It’s great for people with big hands and/or a wide grip. Its awesome for my productivity and ergonomics, I’ll try it for gaming when I get back to PC gaming. My only complaint is sometimes the left and/or right mouse buttons don’t function(literally no left/right click is inputed when I click. I’am not the only one who has had this issue. But that’s a small trade off, I have a back up mouse in case.

PompousChimp says:

“Wow, this is the best mouse ever.” -Left-handed people

Damian Kwasniak says:

great review..i Just bought mine today and it’s great.

Xedhadeaus says:

My favorite thing about it is the clickless wakeup. so II can jump from controller to mouse. You hit the nose on the transmission point. I have a specific hub for dongles that seem to retain enough communication and distance. Though I really wish you displayed the worn one, So I can see the clicky wear and tear. I bought this and the g13 because it seems like no one is really doing it for practical design anymore, which is a real shame.

Tom Liu says:

Do u think it’s a good idea to buy this in 2017?

ciprobay says:

good for you, but I had 2 G602 broke down in a row now. Its Left Click failed on me. 1 year each…

JD Cunningham says:

gonna buy asap. (always used a MX pro. and the rubber is too soft. ive wore almost thu the plastic even over the last 5 years.) still the best ive ever owned. so i hope this will outlast my MX.

cyllan3 says:

it cost $75 in UK discounted…….

K Khalifah says:

Garbage mouse especially considering its premium price.

After a year of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim & Call of Duty, the left button crapped out. And I’m not even a heavy gamer. Now it won’t click reliably, and I can’t click-drag anything anymore. Useless!

If you’re considering to buy, save yourself the grief – go buy something else.

CyberGolem says:

Works great in Windows 10 but the thumb buttons aren’t working in Mac OS X Yosemite.

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