Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

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Carter Redford says:

I own the G600 and it is honestly the best mouse I have ever used, and I’ve used a few. So comfortable and functional. I don’t use the ring click for G Shift, but in FPS games I use it for melee, I use it for tab targeting in MMOs (WoW and GW2 mostly). So functional and having all these buttons at my fingertips is just fantastic.

David says:

Those nails though.

Bago45 says:

This mouse is OP I use it while recording and it pays off.

Papa Sears says:

best mmo mouse, hands down…..

renerelire says:

Is there somewhere in the world a mouse with lots of buttons like this one but with the possibility to choose between the normal scroll wheel mode and the free spin wheel mode like on the Logitech G500s.

Tristan Kumar says:


MY! says:

this or the new corsair scimitar? i have small hands so the slider side buttons from de scimitar is a plus for me, but it seems this is the best mmo mouse overall at the moment :/

Sebas Romero says:

I’m considering this for SWTOR. Should I buy this mouse?

Burstahh says:

We need a G600 vs Corsair Scimitar video, I’m torn.

JLiRD808 says:

Can the ring finger button be used to slow down the DPI, like to go into “sniper mode”? Can it be non-toggling, so that when it’s held down, the DPI drops, but then DPI comes back up when released?

Pawel Jankowski says:

One of the best laser mouse’s… Just got an issue with mouse 3 button (before this issue it was somehow conflict with shortcuts and there was strange bug with one of the button spam) and now its not working, but scroll wheel is working fine – weird) There is two buttons near the scroll so u can bound them

HailedBean Productions says:

I have this mouse… I don’t like it… :/

Rhode says:

I use a corsair scimitar, its awesome

wyatttheearp says:

Is this better then The UtechSmart Venus For mmo gaming

Dimitris Ionas says:

Thinking of buying, can anyone who has owned this and a razor please tell me if this one sticks like razor mice do?? ty

Wizardxeze says:

after owning this mouse few years . . . there is only one down side for me . . . the right side where you pinkie is is way to small, it hsould be little bigger and the thing that gices you grip has been eaten so I’m now touching blastick 😀

In other words, there is chance your pinkie will start to hurt if you game long periods when you get this mosue, but overtime you get used to it . . .

Seven says:

G600 IS SO COMFY IN THE HAND, HOLY FUCK, but i dont need al them buttons so ill stick with g502 :p

axg gamer says:

how many DPI ^_* ?

Jonas De Bruycker says:

Okay so, I play guild wars 2 AND minecraft, and Im thinking about a gaming mouse. Is thisone goid for both games I listed above, or would the Trust GXT 166 be better?? Please reply, someone.

TheSkatersoldier says:

my Razer Naga broke after two years of playing, It worked perfect tho. dont know if i should buy It again or get this Logitech

pyroromancer says:

3 years later.

Pistol do you have an updated opinion for the mouse?

Daniel • says:

Very good mouse but i mainly play fps so i need an G400s

minecraftkid309 says:

This is the best mouse I have ever used. My parents got it for me for Christmas 2 years ago, and it has been good to me ever since. It is easily programmable, you can change the lights on the side, as well as the button functions, which you can set to any key on the keyboard. 
At first, I used the ring finger click as my right click until I learned that’s not how you do it, and that the mouse is not broken -_-. Also, the mouse took a bit to get used to because my previous mouse was light as air, while the G600 is surprisingly heavy, but was pretty easy to get used to. And, they were right about how it does not get as dirty as other mice. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned mine, and I eat at my computer every night.

brando92711 says:

You could always remap the far right button to the right click and make the other one middle click. I’ve actually never cared too much for using the scroll wheel as a button. I know it works fine but its just not my preference. Mainly because I have big hands and the scroll wheel ends up halfway down my middle finger where it’s not easily clicked.

LinsaFTW says:

Anyone can tell me which one is better for precision / osu?

logitech g600 mmo gaming mouse or msi interceptor ds b1 ?

OrangeAmphibian says:


Jaimez says:

Just got this mouse today as a gift. Been Playing HoN for the past few hours. This is very hard to get used to. I constantly accidently press the thumb buttons. I have semi small hands, so G9-G11 is kinda hard and uncomfortable to press.
I like the 3rd mouse button, it can be a cntrl+click. I can’t get it to work during gameplay even though it works while keybinding in-game. Looking forward to getting used to it.

renerelire says:

Is there somewhere in the world a mouse with lots of buttons like this one but with the possibility to choose between the normal scroll wheel mode and the free spin wheel mode like on the Logitech G500s.

scomdnz9 says:

Best mouse I’ve ever had.

Will- -liam says:

can it work in maya?

Zamorazone says:

After 2 dead naga’s i got one of these,and wow it’s so much better.The naga has a cheap light feel to it this feels solid/heavy.

Just a piece of soap says:

This mouse good for FPS games as well?

Kusaji says:

Recently switched from Razer to Logitech because all of my Razer gear would break in about a year or two. At one point Razer was awesome, but now their quality control has gone to complete shit. Just picked this mouse up today and I am using the Logitech G710+. Some of the best gear I have used, can’t wait to switch from the Razer Banshee over to a new headset, but that can wait. Because surprisingly my headset hasn’t broke yet!

Piggy Cuber says:

Definitely gonna consider getting this mouse

Charles King says:

My friends are used to there shitty post office $10 mouse so when ever they use my mouse (logitech G600) the’re all “OMG I JUST TOUCHED YOUR MOUSE AND IT FLYS OVER THE SCREEN AND CLICKS EVERYTHING.”.

Retards don’t now how to take care of their shit and not smash everything.

Jorge Lang says:

Dude cut your nails!

Gabe Schwend says:

What about these MMO gaming mice for AutoCAD workforce!?!?!? Does any of this stuff help actual productivity professionals with our monotony who use our mouse for 45+ hrs per week for bringing home the bacon and slaving for our clients???

Aldor PeaceKeeper says:

how hard are the side buttons to push down? i see that as the biggest complaint from reviewers, that would not be good for MMO use at all because MMO’s are the only place where you would extensively use those thumb buttons, and you use them alot in MMO’s as they become your hotbar pretty much

ExplodingTNTOfficial says:

What the heck is that looks like razer naga LOL

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