Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse Review – My Favorite Mouse for Gaming!

Here’s a review of the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming mouse! I’ve had the logitech G600 Gaming mouse for over a year now and it’s been great! I especially like the layout of the extra buttons on the side and the customization offered by the Logitech program. This mouse is great and I think you can get it for ~40 on Amazon!

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Ice Ice Baby says:

white led?

Uk Kalra says:

what the point of a keyboard with that mouse

Rayhan Akram says:

Great review, the lack of views is probably because the mainstream interest of the mouse had died down compared to 3 or 4 years ago. Definitely buying this mouse.

Mohammed amin says:

do you recommend this mouse for 3d modeling and video editing?

letzter Paladin says:

can i use the third mouse click button for any other key as well or only as shift? would be nice if i get the information, because this will be the reason if i buy it or not =)
great video btw

Illuminati089 says:

Has anyone tried the corsair scimitar and which one is better for mmos and maybe fortnite?

Ciara Broussard says:

This review was great thank you! I wanted to surprise my gamer hubby with a new mouse because he killed three of ours and this review really helped. (I am not savvy with gaming stuff) so I wanted to make sure I got him something he would really like.

Sai Nayar says:

Nice review!

Sara Irvine says:

I’m dreaming of the day when Logitech makes the mechanical key version.

Joe Slacker says:

Is this easier to remember/find keys than the UtechSmart Venus? Also for the modifier button does this work in addition to the normal Shift, Ctrl, and alt or does it substitute as one of those when playing a game like World of Warcraft. Thanks.

Major Redstone says:

Recording software?

Void says:

Just got this mouse and love it so far. Unfortunately my middle finger likes to go down with the ring so I’m having trouble using the 3rd mouse button. It could just be a biological thing though.

D dabdab0132 says:

How loud are the side buttons? (compared to left/right click)

Afif Jazimin says:

Bought this mouse in 2015 and is still going strong with it

Dirt Frog says:

I have had this mouse for about a year and love it. So much so that I’m tempted to buy another one, in case they stop making them and I need a replacement. But as far as I can tell, it works just as well, and looks as nice as the day I bought it. Also it comes in white, which matches my white and rgb setup. Good white rgb components and peripherals are hard to come by.


Can u get a wireless version?

GamesR. Tech says:

do you really think its a good mouse for editing? with all those buttons i don’t want to get confused and do anything wrong in my editing.

Me Catalin says:

its pretty good for pro gaming of any type 😛 and mine is still good after years but now there’s cheaper alternatives that work just as well, maybe not the macro’s and profiles though 😛

vapenoodles says:

Please help I have 1 second input lag so any game that needs aim is a no no for me.

TheReal Exotic says:

Daequan here i come

MikaelKKarlsson says:

I really hope that Logitech comes up with a true successor to the G600. It’s been hard to find for a while now outside Logitech’s own store. I’d hate to go back to a mouse that does not have the third genuine mouse button for the ring finger. Three button mice were not too uncommon back in the 90’s, but scant few brands have tried it in recent years. I hope that Logitech doesn’t give it up now that the G600 has sold well over several years.
To those who may wonder you’ll see a lot of older (2014-2015) G600 reviews out there mentioning various sensor issues. That was with the earlier revision of the mouse that had firmware problems.

Matías Robles says:

Can you change the colors fot individual buttons?


I am having problem with the sensitivity it just speeds up and I checked my bindings nothing wrong with it

TSA Addicted says:

Roll up ,roll down, tilt left, tilt right

Shifurei Saikyou says:

It is best mouse ever but its getting harder to get and the G602 is a step back 🙁

Wade Derrick says:


Salty Rose says:

I hope they make a mmo Mouse like this with 12 buttons but with the modern look of the g502 mouse

Rafael Real says:

I just ordered this mouse, will be back with another comment after I receive it. Overall, i’ve seen a ton of videos on it and I really look forward on having it. Especially after the fiasco I had with a Razer Naga. Crossing my fingers Logitech won’t let me down like Razer has multiple times in the past. This is gonna be my frist Logitech product.

Wizardxeze says:

Personal experiens using finger grip because the mouse won’t fit my hand, the pinkie hits the taple or the mouse bat when I do that : so I had to use only my fingers.

From that I can say that it is not a big deal, you will get used to the weight of it quite faste, I bet most people can get used to the mouse as whole in month or less.

To me it took just a day to get used to but after month or so it didn’t hurt my pinkie anymore, as you must move the mouse with pinkie at start it may get a little hurt from the sudden tress 😀 if you game fps games 12 horus a day, yeah you will feel it in your pinkie next day, not a bad thing in my opinion.

Literally biggest issue is lifting the mouse >:) as you use only your pinkie and meybe thumb 😀

edit: Pinkie has eaten hole in the rubber or what ever that is 🙁 as I have to hold mostly with my fingertips (not issue for me) and reason is simply that my pinkie is in the same spot 😀 and this hole happend after 3 years so . . .

Kippykip says:

Just bought this mouse and waiting for it to arrive now, this will be SO handy for switching weapons in old FPS’s like Doom.

Void says:

Just got this mouse and love it so far. Unfortunately my middle finger likes to go down with the ring so I’m having trouble using the 3rd mouse button. It could just be a biological thing though.

Joshoowaclay says:

That mouse is awful. Hands down worst brand of this type. Naga or nothing.

OsHi says:

i love this mouse too. I’ve had it for more than 2 years now and its still working great 😀 Has logitech released an updated version of this mouse? 🙂

moe aziz says:

It was great until it started double clicking and it didn’t take long to become double clickable which sucks . about 6 months

Marco Oros Castillo says:

I’ve had mine since February 2013, and it works amazing still. I just purchased myself 2 more as spares or potentially gifts. While it is advertised as an MMO gaming mouse, I use it for all other types of software (word, excel, sony vegas, photoshop, etc). I use it for everything, and I cannot see myself using any other mouse. I do agree, that this is the best one on the market that anyone could purchase. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, this is an essential purchase in my opinion.

Harry Goodspeed says:

Very professional video. Great job

Bobby Shawarma says:

If this mouse is meant for big hands, then my hands are huge as hell because it feels so small

Tuner says:

That moment when he says it’s a very heavy mouse while i look up that my current mouse weighs atleast 11 g more (A4Tech Bloody V8M)

Jared says:

He kind of sounds like Kermit the frog

AODSlayerGaming says:

Have had this mouse for 3 years and I also use it daily. I paid 80 for it when I got it at Best Buy. I still use it sometimes 12 hours a day everyday and it is amazing I even bought 2 more recently and have them tucked away. Best mouse ever. I hope hey never stop making them.

Glenn Hurrell says:

Exactly the type of review I was looking for – thanks for uploading! +1

Carson Wade says:

So how does the size compare to a Deathadder Elite?

KylePlays says:

The thing it isn’t even a gaming mouse

Mr Wraithel says:

i prefer my Corsair Scimitar RGB Pro

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