Logitech g600 Gaming mouse Review – 1 Year Later

Several of you asked that I do a follow up on the g600 first look. 1 year later I share my thoughts on the Logitech g600 gaming mouse.


Robbie Shackelford says:

Free-scrolling is for web browsing.

Postghost says:

good mouse overallif you like lots of buttons, the g-shift for me is invaluable. Actually i cant imagine ever going back to not have g-shift.
For games like Ark its brilliant, even thoug some of the side keys are kinda counterbeneficial to try hit during heated fps action, but gshifting all the ones that are easy to reach just opens this mouse right up. I can only imagine how awesome a skilled 3D artist could use this, and perhaps a spacepilot combo …now THATS control!
I only use game detection so ive never seen skipping, except the middle click actually stopped pressing easily,for a while like you’d have to press it extra hard for mouse3 , then it just went away one day shortly after.
the only other thing i’d noticed is that extra click button to the far right, which i use for my precious g-shift, also became hard to click, and creaky feel start happening to it. I was preparing for heartbreak, then it simply vanished too and just went straight back to normal one day, sweet!
Been a few years on it now and it’s almost been 100% fine apart from once or twice having it drop out and become unresponsive, just unplugged and plugged it back and that was that.
Best mouse I’v ever had paying only $50 for, half price. =)

barry sherwood says:

just like to put this out there i got a Func MS-3 R2 Gaming Mouse its great for big hands

IT TagTravel says:

5:54 game name?

TheMobslayer54 says:

just got this mouse today and i already love it

Brad Ford says:

I don’t use the onboard storage either so I have never had any glitch or skipping with my G600. Also i have no trouble finding and pressing the buttons.

One of the games I play is the MMORPG Tera and I have there a profile with a different skill on each and every button. In the dynamic combat in Tera this mouse shines. I play a healer and not casting a heal at the right moment can be all the difference between success and a party wipe. My G600 is amazing. My left hand can stay on WSAD and right hand aim and hit the right spell exactly when I need it.

Huy Tran says:

1. Free scroll is very useful for document browsing, I would want it on any mouse, especially since you can disable it in the normal scroll mode, so I disagree with not wanting that feature. I use it constantly going through data sheets etc. I supposed if gaming is the ONLY thing you do on the computer.
2. You don’t want the side buttons to press too easily its too easy to accidentally activate them, and activate adjacent buttons. I disagree with this too.
3. Skipping is a non issue like you said.
4. You go for the G600 knowing you want a lot of extra buttons, saying you don’t use them all and want less shouldn’t be a con. You literally see how many there are before buying.

I get that you have personal preference but I didn’t find any points universally valid enough to be a problem to switch. In fact I wasn’t even sure what the big “issue” you had with it that you mentioned you would mention in the beginning. I didn’t hear anything that would compel me to buy a new mouse after investing in the G600 other than wanting a new mouse or different mouse.

Daves says:

What is the song name? That intro was sick

Nazgu says:

fat cunt

Carlos Oviedo says:

Is this one better than the corsair scimitar?

ForsakenSavior says:

any infamous double clicking issue with the mouse?

Ole Moen says:

Where do i get Logitech softwere that’s not buggy??? xD

Its a Manatee says:

i have had BIG cursor skipping, but i am in “Automatic Game Detection”. Anyone have the same problem and any solutions for this?

Dogswithguns says:

This mouse looks nice.. I like the white and all the buttons. lol

xSykezz says:

feel like we need more mmorpg mouses, all of them are not good enough

Gerald Prost says:

I don’t game. I bought this because of the programable keys. I had a Razer Naga, which I liked, but it died. I the Logitech G600 for video editing and other graphics applications. I do find the mouse a little big for my hands. Gerry in Calgary.

2x Yuu says:

My razer naga freezes a lot. the drivers and software is complete shit.

wahwah1013 says:

Odd, I’ve been using the mouse for 3 years for programing and I’ve never had an issue with the buttons on the side.

dill papa says:

I disagree with the side buttons being hard to push.

NinjastarX06 says:

is the texture matte finish white?

Pawel Jankowski says:

cool mouse for graphics work – approved

Gary Hall says:

I want this mouse not for gaming but digital art. Wish Logitech would release a wireless version of this.. probably never sold very well.

Sothis says:

I have the Razer Naga Epic Chroma right now. Awesome mouse until I got a new computer. Not sure if has anything to do with Windows 10 or if the software is buggy but my computer will not recognize the mouse most of the time. Very annoying…especially when it randomly doesn’t recognize when I am playing a game. If I can’t figure out the problem then I will prbly end up buying the G600 again.

M. Simmons says:

Thank you for the review. The comments on comfort were especially appreciated, i.e. on the ring finger and side button pressure. How did you find the overall comfort for your hand? A big part of why I’m considering this is size/comfort.  Thanks again!

kbprojekty says:

Nice review but the suggestion that they should go with something more conventional is very bad 🙂 Ok, you didn’t need all those buttons but others might. When someone buys a mouse that has 12 buttons on the side he’s probably doing so because he needs those buttons. I am one of those people and for me there are really only two options in the button-galore kind of mouse and the other one, Naga (in both versions) is utterly destroyed by its users on various forums so the Logitech is the only reliable option. So I definitely don’t want Logitech to skip the next dozens-button mouse for something more conventional and I can only imagine everyone else who needs those buttons for professional use (or MOBAs) doesn’t as well. For fps it’s obviously a huge mismatch and probably a reason why you weren’t satisfied with it in the end 😉

Stalling For Time says:

Software that isn’t “buggy”… Evidently you didn’t go through what I am going through. This software does not work as Logitech describes. I have been working with Logitech Tech Support for two weeks now and it still does not work!!! You said about the on board memory capability allowing you to use the mouse on another computer but you and everyone else who mentions it are wrong because none of you you mentioned something critical … You can not program multi-key macros in on -board memory profile configuring like you can in their software supported programming mode (its not even an option!!!!). This mouse’s G buttons have not been recognized by the World Of Tanks game, even though it is listed on their profile by profiles list of games their gaming software looks for.
After two weeks of doing everything their tech support has instructed me to do and sending them screenshots of every single step to prove I have done so. After 1 initial software install and 3 uninstall and reinstalls the mouse now causes server disconnects when I do a press and hold of a G button (any G button). Tech Supports latest response… “Not all games support “HOT KEY SHORTCUTS”… hot key “SHORTCUTS”!!!! The game was written for mouse and keyboard.

My gaming laptop (a Qosmio X875 7290 died and no motherboards are available for repair but maybe this mouse would work on that instead of this low end loaner from my nephew
This laptop meets system requirements for the game. I suffered a stroke last year and need basic keyboard commands transferred to a MMO Mouse to continue enjoying one of my favorite pass times. Tech Support even went so far as to tell me to install the previous version of World Of Tanks and test it then to see if it works!!!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE TEST PARAMETER!!!!! Anyone should know that in on line gaming you must be running the latest client update or the server won’t even let you access the game!!!!! I’ve even begun wondering if Tech Support isn’t trying to give me another stroke… Their support ticket process states that if I do not respond to their emails they will (after a time) mark it “SOLVED” even when it truthfully isn’t.
They’ve received my MSINFO32 and DIRXDIAG files as per their instructions and request and now it seems they’ve stopped talking to me… this was when I received their last response of “not all games accept hotkey shortcuts” idiotic remark.
My laptop meets all their equipment minimum requirements and my operating system is Windows 10 Home which is supposed to be supported by their gaming software for the G600.
This current laptop, though not the greatest for gaming has worked fine but has highly limited game play with a Cooler Master Sentinel Advance II gaming mouse
(only 6 programmable buttons) which accepts key assignments and macros via their “Storm” Software… I think I know how to write a macro…
The G600 mouse passes the test Profile Scripts in gaming software test routine (perfectly printing every keystroke I’ve assigned to every G-button), but in game it is as if the G-buttons didn’t exist and it were just an ordinary mouse.
Logitech… I’m being honest and serious about all of this. My Customer Tech Support ticket # is 01677982.
Granted… Great looking mouse, good feel and great price point compared to the competition which is why I purchased it.
Sorry Logitech… I’ve been a great fan of yours ever since you came out with the Track Ball controller for PC but it seems this is where we part ways.

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