Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core is… Actually pretty freakin’ sweet.It uses an all new sensor, and features some ergonomic tweaks to the traditional Logitech mouse shape that I really like. This mouse is a SERIOUS contender for your money.

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana


Jake Miller says:

Can you do a “gaming mice as fast as possible” episode?

Leonard Winchester says:

they actually have RGB now… and linus actually reviewed it again.

EcnalKcin says:

Interesting, it is a palm grip design that is comfortable being used as a claw grip. I was looking to upgrade from my 9 year old palm grip G5, and am impressed to learn that it is comfortable for someone who uses a claw grip G9. It is theoretically a replacement for the G500s, which replaced the G5, but it seems they designed it so it could replace the G9 as well.

Lars Bruun says:

Why put sunglasses on inside? and while doing a review…. Most stupid thing i ever seen…

// // says:

that grip is called a hybrid grip

eddie4888 says:

Now a days you can change the colours on the g502

stein charlier says:

You can change the LED’s now.

FurNaxx says:

I have 0 problem with finger slipage with the scroll wheel, I’m actually surprised at how much grip seeing as its all metal. What I didn’t like however was the software for it, I have a Logitech G13 macro gamepad (which I use in place of keyboard) and a G15 keyboard. Both the g13 and 15 have profiles for the macro keys which switch in unison so that the profiles are always in sync with eachother. I personally would love that same option with the mouse, of course you can switch between the 3 mouse speeds (which act like profiles if you customize them) but you only get 3 and you have to manually switch it unlike the keyboards that’ll switch depending on the game you’re playing

Cool Moo5e says:

I love my G502 its great for the shooters I have, the wheel is great IMO

Jack Ross says:

You know what they say about men with small hands

Donovan says:

y do u have a play boy mouse pad

DavidKFZ says:

For fucks sake dude that G9x is disgusting, you should be CLEANING it

Lucian Andries says:

Hey @Linus? What was the ending part, “Blind Reviews”? :)))

Actually this could be an awesome series!! You come blindfolded on the camera, they hand you something, and you have to figure out what it is and make its review… Cool, huh? 🙂

Lucas Poole says:

downvoting because of the unskippable ads.

NintendoGamerOreo says:


*YYY* *E* *EE* *SSS*

John Doe says:

With the right Logitech you can bet it’ll be erotic.

Ojakokko says:

I’ve been using this for a long time and I love it. The wheel doesn’t bother me, either

Bread Monster says:

omg who doesn’t want this mouse? 😀

William Brooks says:

Lukily my PC Tower, Monitor, and Keyboard all have blue LED’s…this mouse is perfect and I plan on buying it soon

Killsanti says:

what does the profile switch on this mouse do?

TheWaluigiman1 says:

My one complaint about this mouse is that the botom easily comes off. For someone who is a constantly traveling and using a labtop, it can get annoying.

Xxandy2003xX says:

My 2nd Razer DeathAdder is breaking I need a new mouse.

*lots of research later*


*Buys 3rd Razer DeathAdder”

I’m not saying the Logitech G502 Proteus is bad i just like the razer deathadder. #sponsornotreally

soluciones jonathanarias says:

5:14 R.I.P headphone users. (LOUD NOISE ALERT)

IncapableLP says:

I love this mouse. Even the Wheel, but that texture on the side?

Two words:


Nathan Popham says:

this is the first LTT video I ever saw, and it is why I got a proteus spectrum. and a proteus core…because why not

Random Gamer says:

I like your wrinkled shirt

Sneaky Panther says:

my scroll wheel is weird when I scroll it keeps going fast, it’s like not in all the way. Is it supposed to do that?

Ailuri Valyx says:

That checkered shirt was murdering the bitrate.

ProgramWriter dot com says:

The five four club doesn’t seem to ship internationally (with the exception of Canada and UK) but it’s not easy to find that information. And I’m still not sure if they do or not. Looks like a good service but the unfortunately I can’t register if I don’t know if it’s applicable for me or not. They also don’t have a contact form for non members.

For those wondering why I’m writing it here, it’s because it’s in this channel’s best interest to help subscribers access the services they publish.

QuantumBraced says:

ROFLed when his shirt changed hahahah

ence pence says:

Just clicked on the vid becouse i have the mouse 😛

xDEADLOCKEDx2468 says:

The new model seems to have an RGB feature now despite it being the same mouse still.

Gnoxxify says:

I’ve had the G502 Proteus Spectrum for about a year now. Best mouse I’ve ever owned, and if it ever broke or something on me, I’d get another one.

mariana Kasim says:

if my g502 dosent have the blue thing at the end is it fake

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