Logitech G403 Prodigy Review (Wired and Wireless Versions)

Played Quake for over 17 years, reviewed over 50 mice, and these are at the top. Logitech is really raising the bar with their latest generation of mice, especially looking at the specs.

It’s close to perfect, so really your choice is going to be based on things like hand size, preferred shape and grip, and price.

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G403 Wired – http://amzn.to/2cY7lMK
G403 Wireless – http://amzn.to/2cY6Lyx

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G403 Wired – http://amzn.to/2cgE81Z
G403 Wireless – http://amzn.to/2cgEZzz

Some more info…

Size wise, it’s closer to the Zowie EC1-A, 6cm at the fingers and about 10.2cm base length, so it’s a bit like a straight-edge DeathAdder, but personally I’d say more comfortable. Probably best suited to people with 19cm / 7.5 inch hands, all grips.

Logitech’s wireless gaming technology is amazing; really can’t tell if there’s a delay or not, and I’m happy to use it in competitive games.

So which to choose… wireless or wired? Well, it’s up to you… which is worse, cable drag or extra weight? If cable drag is worse, get the wireless. If heavier weight is worse, get the wired.

I can’t comment on durability because it’s too new.

As with all mice, there are some build quality concerns, but nothing to really worry about. You can always return it if necessary. The only problem for mine is the wired version has a loose scroll, but the wireless doesn’t; most likely a rare issue.

Update: Apparently it’s just some early wired units that have the issue, should be fixed on the new units.

Update 2: Confirmed, have tested 2 new units and talked to multiple sources, there is no more rattle on the scroll wheel. If yours rattles, return it.

To conclude, definitely a top mouse and worth your attention. I’d say I’ll be recommending these a lot, until the competition catches up anyway. Until then, the G403 is awesome, good for MOBA, RTS and FPS.

If you’re from Australia, you should find these on MWAVE: https://www.mwave.com.au/searchresult?w=logitech+g403

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hvick999 says:

for people that play osu! this mouse is good and i barely got mouse drift problems pro player like funorange and flyingtuna(he changed to tablet a while) uses this 10/10

Rasmusssz says:

Should i buy Wired version of this or G502

SuperRichin B says:

this is corsair glaive?

Vile says:

Out of these two, would you recommend the wired or wireless?

McNasty says:

my hands are 8 inches by 5 inches. i need like a freak mouse lmfao. the corsair glaive still isnt big enough for my hand. rival 300 is a good length but super skinny.

Destroyer of Smiles Official [DoS] says:

That was probably the best review I have ever watched…

Stan says:

I bought the g403 wired and I’ve had many problems when spraying automatic weapons in csgo and fortnite. Guns often stop shooting after a few rounds and the only fix is to re click. I’ve stopped using t for this reason but other than that massive problem this was my dream mouse.

Amikh Shibu says:

King of mouse reviews

BluePeakGaming says:

Which do think is the best? G403 or G603

Samiyul Islam says:

Anyone please help me. Should i get a G402, G403, or Corsair Glaive RGB. I want a light mouse.

shax says:

Im buying this beauty! should i go for wired or wireless?

K0ngs D0ng says:

RJN this review made me buy the g403 wireless. I actually have 17.75 x 10 cm hands so I definitely went for this by what you said you on this video. And I completely have way better aim with this mouse than any mouse I have tried thank you brother

Eduardo GL says:

Can you make a video about Software for Fps training?

Piece of Art says:

my hand is 18/10 will it be good ?

HustleBerry says:

How does one do math

cdm1972 says:

Tapered edges probably to help when picking up and repositioning. Great review.

kuhtp says:

Update : just got the mouse, feels great with little time to adjust (i’ve used my old mouse for 4 years). I think it suits people with flexible grip styles.

I have a mouse with zowie ec1/d.adder kind of shape. 18.5×9.~, palm-fingertip hybrid (palm barely touch the top-back)

James Freeman says:

I have 19mm/10mm hands and these are too LARGE.

TheJesterMan says:

how hard is it’s click? Is it as hard as ec2-a?

SumoBro XD says:

Hi there is no store that offers me to try them both to make my decision which to buy. I dont know if wireless is worth the additional 16 grams pls help me decide. PS i curently have a shit mouse hama urage illuminated 2 which is aroung 125 grams.

Chase Beeler says:

I wish there was a g403 wired without rgb… (that’s hopefully cheaper)

Dark Nofie says:

I have this mouse for quite long and I must say ; It’s the best mouse I’ve ever used (I have tried Razer, Zowie, Roccat etc and this one is best) and I never experienced any rattle issue whatsoever.

hieu van says:

Gaming should be wired or wireless

Deepak Bhakri says:

Rocket jump ninja is the g403 for small hands? I’m thinking about buying it. PLEASE ANSWER

Alpha's Dank Shit says:

Mine just died on me after a year or so, decided to see if Logitech support would even do anything. After like two e-mails back and forth, they sent a replacement G703 since the G403 Wireless was discontinued.

yeah i think i’m a logitech guy now

ירון שמגר says:

2018 here..i now own a g502 and i think its too small for me (20cm). I used a mx510 before and it was the best size and shape for me.
do you think the g403 its good for me ? (cant try it b4 i buy)

Enration says:

What’s better the g703 or the g403?

Felipe Morales says:

where is the wired version?

hi im cara says:

Do u know any mouse that’s similar to G403 ? I tested it irl, width and legth feel really good but its a bit too high for me. Any recommendations? pls help

Pakislav says:

But how to disassemble it to de-dust the wheel? It keeps counter-scrolling after a couple years of use and it’s annoying as fuck.

Trinii says:

i feel like the wireless version is pointless, here’s why- you can buy the wired version AND a zowie camade mouse bungee for like $10 less than the wireless version. with a good mouse bungee the mouse will feel almost wireless so buying the bungee and the wired version u get save money and get the benefit of the lighter weight. the only reason the wireless version would be worth it is if you HAVE to have a clean setup with as little clutter as possible

Dylan Gallagher says:

I just picked this one up for £29

Lilia The Succubus says:

How does it charge again? Just plug in cord? Are there docks or anything?

Jalmari says:

What game is that in the bagcround

Keyser Söze says:

i think this mouse is too big for me, can you recommend a wireless mouse that is good for fingertip grip? my hand length is 19 and width was just under 9 cm.

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