Logitech G305 Review – Wireless PRO Gaming Mouse!

G305 Black: https://amzn.to/2k258UZ
G305 White: https://amzn.to/2IJZsNg
In-depth review of the Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse which is an updated and wireless version of the Logitech G-Pro gaming mouse with a Hero censor.
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unnaturalone says:

What keyboard are you using in the video?

arse says:

anybody know how easy this shape is to adapt to after using a g303 since it came out, im still on that old thing

H Koizumi says:

My condolences with your allergies. You could had fun with it like acting high or something doe for your audience. Missed opportunity lol.

Joey Campanile says:

allergies, yeah ok. LOL, I FEEL YOUR PAIN BROTHER Jersey weather sucks right now

MrJayPlays says:

hi joker i need ur help . for some reason i cannot connect my mouse with logitech software it doesnt show over there .

Adrian Morse says:

How stoned are you bro? hahaha

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

What’s up is your comcast wireless mouse got its password and address changed. haha

Ly Long Khuong says:

what is your TKL keyboard name? Joker Productions

Scott Wiltse says:

Hey Joker thanks for the info. Have you tried the G 903 ?

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Replays says:

dis mause is too small for me

John Bunalski says:


Player Vyro says:

g305 vs g603 ???? what do you think ? Which is better

James Rick says:

When’s it out in the UK tho?

Marcus Lövemark says:

Great video my dude.

rcald2000 says:

Favorite quote: “That’s just math bro…” – Joker

AlanIIEngland says:

great review thanks jp 🙂

ZKGaming says:

nice!! so when these shipping? just pre ordered one cant wait.

Crimp says:

1:01 I love you for leaving that in haha

Jack Blakemore says:

Alergies? Pffftt thats what they all say lmao you cooked as fuck boi

Sikandar Khan says:

The G603 can also work with a single battery. I prefer using a single battery to reduce the weight of the Mouse. The battery life is still amazing with a single battery, and I use rechargeable batteries anyway.

Joker Productions says:

Where to buy?
G305 Black: https://amzn.to/2k258UZ
G305 White: https://amzn.to/2IJZsNg

Harima says:

I wanna see real gameplay then bots are hardcore!

GurtTarctor says:

Hmm it’s a shame that there’s no side buttons on the right side, would be great as a little portable ambidextrous mouse…

Sebastian Diaz says:

I use the side buttons on my G Prodigy for volume up/down. I’m a left handed user too, but it’s not a big deal. Can’t wait to get my own 305.

Bagaskara Ariza says:

why cant they make this mouse like other Logitech mouse which you can recharge but why would you use AA batteries :/

Negiku says:

My G102 looks exactly like those two.

Julien Lauzon says:

with lithium a batterie in the mouse is only 89 g wich is the best gaming mouse ever

??? ??? says:

ive never had latency issues with wireless mice. maybe the very worst ones have it, but i dont think wired mice are mandatory for gaming, unless maybe you’re a gm-level player

Teen Shinobu Is best Waifu says:

is it ambidextrous or right handed? it says right handed on their website but looks like it could work for lefties like me (I don’t need the side buttons)

Adam Etherton says:


Rahim Ahmad says:

Hey man, love the videos. Which mouse do you recommend overall to buy?? Gaming wise.

Loque says:

just grabbed one of these today for 50 dollars. DUUUDE whats up with the red eyes? :OO

Dukkiegamer says:

How stoned are you on a scale of 1 to heroin?

eking11 says:

i just got the g603 and it would be perfect if it was just a tad lighter, im using a single lithium battery too and the shape suits me so well

BadrO_RambO says:

big up joker for playing RB6, one of the best games ever made

Tim O'Donnell says:

G pro wireless keyboard now please.

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