Logitech G305 Review – The wireless Logitech G102 / G203 is real!

Wireless G Pro under 100g? They did it! And here it is! The Logitech G305 … I could barely contain the hype around this, as we’ve been joking about getting a light weight wireless for months (joking because we didn’t actually think we would get one). It’s so awesome to finally have this in real life. No longer a fantasy.

As always, no mouse is perfect and there are things that could be improved. I’m not entirely sure if mine is a production copy or not, but even as it is, I would still be happy using it in competitve. That said, I haven’t had as much time as I would like with it, so I’ll talk more about it in an update comparison video.

Either way, amazing mouse, definitely one I would buy just because it’s the first in what I assume will be a long line of light wireless mice. The future is here! Especially with the improved Hero sensor which rivals the top opticals.

Obviously it’s not going to be for everyone, but as someone with a medium sized hand (about 18x9cm), this is an instant purchase for me, even though I’m not a huge fan of the sides (shape).

CLARIFICATION NOTE: All mice are jerky at 400 and 800 DPI, not just this one.

Links to the full reviews:

Logitech G Pro https://youtu.be/Y52gOAzNSAU
Logitech G102 / G203 VS G Pro https://youtu.be/V4lqxQL1x4U

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:


G305 Black https://amzn.to/2GiE2RU
G305 White https://amzn.to/2IlFnxd


G305 Black https://amzn.to/2OHODPB
G305 White https://amzn.to/2NW6dtK

General Search Links

Amazon USA http://amzn.to/29OLzNY
Amazon UK http://amzn.to/29GNbI9
Amazon Germany http://amzn.to/29vek0X
Amazon Canada http://amzn.to/2aRgdTd

You should be able to get this in Australia at some stage, but it will be called the Logitech G304. Check http://www.mwave.com.au for stock!


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Rainbow6- 50Cal.Vengeance says:

Tried it in store, felt so good in my hand, nice clicks too.

Aristos Kasselouris says:

I don’t know if i should buy zowie fk2 or g305 i play mostly pubg please help

John Smith says:


Phi Lam says:

Did anyone else feel like the primary and secondary clicks were super heavy? I play League and it was actually fatiguing to keep up my clicks, which is unfortunate because this mouse is awesome

nBlu says:

is great for claw grip?


Hello zy
My hand size
Long: 18cm & Wide: 10,3cm
The g305 good for my size hand? Plz help me ^_*

Atul A Prem says:

Which wireless mouse would be better for low DPI(400-600) fps gaming: g305 or g603??

darth_frager says:

I got Logitech g603 and I regret that, because it does not fit my hand too good. I have 18,5cm hand with thick fingers. I think of selling it and getting g305 because of the weight and shape. Don’t know why exacly, but my pinky hurts. It is also bad for lifting it because of weight distribution.

Mustafa' ali says:


4-90 says:

the g in logitech stands for “great wireless technology”

it was quite obvious wasn’t it

SSA Trance1 says:

Far-out the curved sides feel like trash, I’m going to sand down the sides, then will be a bomb mouse.

dombrox says:

You changed the name of the video 😀 Comparing g102 vs g305 I can say that they both good in their own way, g102 has lighter clicks whatever you like or don’t like that, it also has side buttons which I like a bit more than g305, though dpi switches are different they are good on both mice, middle button is lighter on g102, also whatever you like or not. Basically if you are not carrying your mouse around g102 cable is so light that it is almost same as G305. For games somewhat g102 is better, especially hard paced. I played hotline miami with g102 and it is so comfortable. For casual gaming G305 buttons tension may be better. All in all, if g102 and g305 is your shape, then it is better to buy these two (if you have laptop and pc) than new overpriced g pro wireless. Why ? Because G pro wireless isn’t ideal for it’s price. You can buy both mice for half the price of g pro wireless 😀

spsk says:

Is there a difference between the black and the white g305? I read that the white one is a few grams heavier and has a different sensitivity in the right clicks (more accidental clicks than the black). Can anyone confirm it? Look wise I kinda prefer the white one, but if it has cons over the black i‘d go for that.

Marco says:

I’m looking for a lighter mouse than my g502 spectrum and I can’t decide between this g305 and the gpro wireless (although one costs 60€ and the other 155…)
I don’t really care about the ambidextrous feature of the gpro and I have (roughly) 18.5-19.00 x 9.00 cm hands, any advice? Is the g305 too small or I should give it a go? (the gpro price is really stopping me tbh lol)

Suchor says:

I had G102 because it was on sale for 20$, now i got G305 because i really like it’s shape. Also the wireless feature is a cherry on top. I have large (really huge) hands and it’s still really comfortable for me to use. So I’d say if you have huge hands and want a cheap and good wireless mouse, dont be afraid of the tiny size. Get it. It’s worth the price.

Maniitoba says:

How did he get it so work with the Logitech Gaming Software? Mine doesn’t get detected by the software at all, i’m tried multiple versions of the software too.

Mr Weeb says:

I got this mouse after using logitech g403 and i noticed my aim is better. I can flick more quickly with accuracy and my tracking improved. Logitech g403 is a great mouse but the g305 is better option for me. Smaller and weighs less (triple a lithium battery). I warm up faster with the g305. If you have small hands go for the g305 you wont regret it.

Blizzardliam says:

Does this mean you will have to buy batteries all the time, or can you just charge it with a cable

Thunder Draws says:

Eneloops (popular rechargable AA batteries) weigh 27 grams by the way; so not too bad

azuldream says:

thanks the review RJN, finally got this on sale

Leandro says:

Your voice is so smooth

Konztantin says:

Does this wireless mouse have delay?

marvelous LIE says:

I’m picking this thing up to pair with my Logitech G610 Brown for my gaming setup when I finally get my 2400G build done in June.

Maxence M says:

Don’t find this mouse very good. Actually worse than my 10yo Roccat Kova. Pros: wireless. Cons: side buttons really cheap and offers too much resistance. Side buttons should actually be easier to click. A bit light and too much center weighted. Better weight balance would have been good. not enough grip. For small hands.

Laura Dee says:

I wish it was a silent click buttons.

justSyyron says:

What is the Difference between the Batteries? and where can i find the light batterie?s

Cláudio Luiz says:

My hands are 18/10. I have used the mx518 shape for 13 years now (518 and now 400s), and I’m really thinking about change everything. I remember when I played with a mx300 many years ago and I think I want something similar. I feel that a lighter and small mouse could give me more control. I want to try a shape where I can hold the mouse with thumb and pinky from its base, with both fingers touching the pad (for more control). The mx518 shape can’t do that for me. I was going to give a try and buy the g203, but now I really thinking about the g305. I always wanted a wireless mouse and now seems to be the right time for me. I’m just afraid that it can be too small for my hands. Should I give it a try? My grip has been palm for 13 years, I have no idea if I can change that now. Anyone from a 518 can give me a feedback?

W4DER says:

I guess this mouse will be too small for my 20cm hand and i dont like the shape of G703 so ill keep waiting for G90X with hero sensor for better battery life…

Rui Campos says:

where can i found lithium batteries?

ikonomov says:

In the review Rocket Jump Ninja mentions that the side buttons don’t have enough travel (5:00), but isn’t sure if this is because the mouse is a production copy or not. I just came back from a retail store trying two different copies of the mouse, and both had this issue. I bought one of them and at home I decided to take it apart to get a closer look. The small PCB with the two omron switches for the side buttons definitely has some wobble and is able to move slightly when the buttons are pressed. The result is that both buttons and especially the back button have to be pressed deep into the mouse in order to actuate the switches. This makes those two buttons almost unusable for me. I have been using the G Pro wired since it came out and both of the side buttons work flawlessly on it. The difference is especially obvious when comparing both mice which have identical shape. Another glaring flaw of the mouse is the choice to have it run on an AA battery instead of AAA. The battery life of this mouse is so good that there is absolutely no reason for this design decision. Sadly the G Pro wireless is too big and uncomfortable for my hand and the way I hold it using a fingertip grip. Logitech, please fix the side buttons and make it run on a single AAA battery. If a full revision takes place it would be great if the weight can also be reduced slightly, as the G Pro wireless, in addition to using a smaller battery, without changing the exterior of the mouse. The shape, button placement, scroll wheel and middle click on this mouse is otherwise perfect for me, unlike Rocket Jump Ninja I find the wider shape and the curvature on the sides comfortable.

Afif Jazimin says:

The only thing that’s stopping me from buying this mouse is Logitech’s Gaming Software …

MrRicanPapi21 says:

Idk why I have watched this review about 17 times before and after buying the G305 and this is the 18th time.

Jose Perez says:

Should I upgrade if I have the g203?

Frostb1te says:

After a couple days of use my sidebuttons make a springy sound and I can feel the spring vibrating inside.

Melinda Mccrae says:

sensor HERO vs 3366 who is win ?

Konztantin says:

Does this mouse have some delay?

M M C says:

the game looks f amazing !

Leandro says:

Just got a G305. Amazing mouse, the same as g203 without the annoying cable. Still using regular batery that comes with it and i notice the weight a little on the back side, not really a problem but could be better, going to replace soon.

Edwin Patenio says:

Great video as always, what mouse pad do you recommend for this mice? Thanks

Arcanus says:

This only costs $39 (2050 PHP) brand new where I live, the money I saved will be used to buy lithium batteries to last me several months. This is amazing, highly recommended.

uhTravis says:

best mouse ive ever owned.

MissMan666 says:

400 and 800 DPI is jerky with this sensor ? Thats a huge issue :X

Zoivon says:

I have a 18cmx9.5cm hand. Will this fit my hand? I’m thinking about getting the GPro or G403 since both are on sale and same price

Ronan478 says:

What does he mean about 400 and 800 dpi being. Jerky? I’ve been using 800 for a while. Should I switch? If I switched from 800 to 1600 would I just divide my current sensitivity by two and it would be the same?

Mohammad Fauzi says:

I am in love with this one. I think I will buy it on late December. For about $40, it’s a bargain in my opinion.

기현 Arikadou says:

I want to ask to anyone who happens to see this comment
Which one would you choose? G502 or G402 or G302 or G102

Marlon Mentzen says:

Maybe to help anyone considering this mouse.

Im a competitive guy with 20.5cm by 10.5 hands.

I have the g502, g403 and rival 600 collecting dust atm. Using this with a claw grip and its actually phenomenal. It feels like such a relief. Its light, its small (but i am still able to claw grip it) and for me i can easily nail flick shots without snagging my cable once in a while. I absolutely reccomend this mouse and its hands down one of the best peripherals i bought, ever.

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