Logitech G305 – Just $59, Yet GREAT Wireless Gaming Mouse!

Logitech’s new G305 Lightspeed may cost just $59 but it is also one of the best gaming mice we’ve ever looked at. With a new Hero sensor, amazing battery life and a versatile grip, this is something everyone from professionals to newcomers will appreciate.

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WinChester Owl says:

You look like a younger brother of Chris Pratt

John Price says:

No RGB finally!

Shadow_AquilaX says:

ooh just in time, my gaming mouse’s right button crapped out. So now I’m on the market for a new mouse. Thinking of going wireless for my living room entertainment set up.

Gabriel Lacey says:

Great video 🙂 You said you use the Rival 310 too (great mouse) how does the weight compare between that and the G305?

Jose Garcia says:

G305 better than G603?

Great video!

dynastes says:

Very much liked this review with the two of you combined. What I presume to be an off-hand against Ryzen at the end wasn’t necessary though.

Ashraful Abedin says:

Antec DF 500 rgb review please!

Gilang Akbar says:


Lemon says:

No rgb???

Emad Boudraa says:

Could you please review the PC case Cougar Panzer Evo?

Sandpaper says:

wireless g102.

Computer Tricks says:

*The wireless connectivity works flawlessly and from well over 10 feet away, in case you wanted to use the G305 in a living room setup*

Taylor Chapman says:

G Pro + Para cord = problem solved

Uncle Gamer says:

At current pricing the G603 is selling for about the same price as the G305 and I find I prefer the G603.

Pangowin says:

How exactly is the lack of RGB a good thing? I would understand if they did it to save cost but it’s a $60 mouse… If you don’t like the LEDs you can turn them off

Jay G says:

I’d rather go for the MX anywhere

Wutipong Wongsakuldej says:

is the receiver their unified receiver?

Lance Avion says:

Regarding having a rechargeable battery inside with a micro USB charger, a rechargeable AA battery can be used. That way it’s replaceable or rechargeable, depending on your preference. See Logitech’s own G700s or MX Performance mice.

edtoptop says:

g305 for president.

ExplosiveTurtle says:

road to 1 mil <3

Brad Smith says:

Not being sold in Canada yet. Hopefully local stores (Edmonton) stock them eventually.

xXXFirestorm27 says:

whats that case

Tamir says:

g905 is better and wireless

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

I use a G502

Yeah, it’s the de-facto recommendation for many gamers, but it is indeed a very good mouse. It’s accurate and it feels comfy for me.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Chiefly the weight. It could be made a little bit lighter as even with the weights removed, it feels a bit heavy still.

Tanmoy Chand says:

bro again a great video…. you are so close to 1M subs I wish I would have made more than 1 account just to subscribe ur channel mtiple times such great contents we get from your channel dude….

edtoptop says:

Returned my g703 to snag this instead. Absolutely worth it. If you want precision and control in whatever you do, small and light mice are always the way to go.

Binggoman Live says:

Just got G304, the Asian version that is cheaper. The sensor is super solid.

Jezii says:

So when is this mouse in amazon?

Naethe says:

Great review! I love the sort of “unplugged” style in this one. Genuine and fun! Dimitry is rocking that “rolled out of bed to shoot a video” hair style 🙂

Ferry Ansony says:

This channel needs their own Gaming Peripherals playlist.

Mr. Monkey Man says:

Clickity Clackity … eeEeBbEeeErR

dsbm_lord says:

Repost: I have a question that might seem dumb but I never understood why HARDWARECANUCKS, which obviously is proudly Canadian, gives USD prices on their product reviews. Can anyone answer that? Would it be so hard to give CAD and USD prices?

Lamer-Fabio says:

A little hello from France.
I like your videos … even if I do not speak English well 🙂
Continues like this

Rick Budzak says:

I know they’re very different mice aimed at different crowds but for what it’s worth, the G602 is $36 on Amazon right now. IMHO that’s a whole lotta mouse for the price.

Qin heuang says:

Whats the point of logitech, paying ‘influencers’ for reviewing their product.
If you CANT buy the product anywhere, in Europe.
IT’s now where to be find.

Frozt says:

What do you guys recommend the Logitech G305 or the Logitech G403?

J H says:

meanwhile… im using a rapoo wireless mouse with same concept as this logitech, for a year now… with price lower than 25 dollars……

Deku says:

i use i palm grip but only my 2 fingers are like claw for pressing im a big fan of cm storm xornet form im rly use to it but my mouse broke i dont know what kind of mouse to get now

Pedro Martins says:

Actually on my list this mouse.

PShane Tju says:

Finally a review. Rjn is so far the only one I know who reviewed.

Pz Li says:

attractive, but no RGB is a pity, even it would add some gram

IsoMacintosh says:

I wonder if this has better or worse range than g602 because that tends to sometimes misbehave if the receiver is too far.

Xelus says:

Mini ITX Roundup please 😀

Ahnaf Adib says:

Switch to arm aiming man, if you don’t want to develop carpal tunnel that is

Frankie Valentine says:

Just got this. Really impressed with the Hero sensor… curious though where did you find documentation on the MacOS driver information?

Muyed Ahmed says:

Everyone is busy with Fortnite and PUBG and you are playing cs:go

Sak Gamer says:

just $59, I can’t even afford 9$ one

Borler Wu says:

Keep doing you man, your videos are wonderful & genuine and much of it comes from your brilliant personality!

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