Logitech G300s Mouse Review – Affordable Programmable Mouse

Affordable programmable mouse from Logitech.
Check the Logitech G300s on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2tYbqLB


Михаил Ы says:

Что у тебя с голосом? Дыши глубже.

Solc3 says:

rlly good mouse i did almost 3000 hrs of planetside2 with it the model shape good and it’s accurate

Ahmad Ramdan says:

very good review video, i like it.
you really do it best.

kyoshiro Mibu says:

my mouse stting not working,

TwistedMexi says:

Mice. It’s mice ffs. Every time you said mouses my ears bled a little bit more.

Cambaudio says:

Awesome review. I would have like to see more demonstration of the LED’s but otherwise fantastic. Thanks.

observandisplay says:

What does your name mean bro?

Jamakinz says:

im frightened

Mo za says:

You Sound Like Dr Strange From Gotham played by BD Wong.

Retroid says:

Are You using a gaming mouse on a mac?

UnTitled Gaming says:

sounds like u rapping lmao thumbs up man

Joe says:


Elliot curtis says:

You sound like a pedophile

Daisy Flux says:

Why are you called Fleshless… Friends… I am quite creeped out with everything.

mathesar says:

The rubber side grips wear out on this mouse fairly quickly to where the plastic body is exposed, I was surprised to see this from a Logitech product. I ended up buying a trusty ol Logitech G5 rev 2, its older but built like a tank.

Diako Jalal says:

you sound like Napoleon Dynamite

Andy Lee says:

Interesting accent (compliment).

Nano Technician says:

Good video.

MayuriKurotsuchi says:

So you clear your browser history often, huh?

FuyuVFX says:

Great review, on par with people with millions of subs

Some Guy says:

mmm rocket league was on sale (I focking missed it)

ICU2NIT says:

Best mouse review ever!

Vince Tang says:

How’s the sensor?

alupihan says:

>dedicated mouse button to clear browsing history

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

8 bit synth says:

UGG this guy’s uptalk is awful.

pacco2012 says:

And what’s the difference between the g300 and the g300s?

QGV Channel says:


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