Logitech G102 Prodigy RGB Gaming Mouse (Unboxing & Review)

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Logitech G102 Prodigy (Unboxing & Review)

In this video i’m unboxing and review the latest affordable offering from Logitech. The $35 g102 Prodigy gaming mouse. Do note that you can find this product for $20 dollars in some retailers. Let’s get started!

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BurnOriginal says:

But… This is G203 Prodigy with another name…

Sheikh Tashdeed Ahmed says:

Hi! First of all, great review, I’ve just glanced on to a few other reviews for this mouse before I’ve watched your’s and I’ve got to say, your’s is the most detailed.

Could you please tell me, are the DPI settings in increments of 400 / 800 / 1600 /3200??? Because the product page says it starts from 200 and goes till 6000. Just want this info to be cleared.

Job Fernandez says:

Hey man, great review! I’ll just ask, how does it feel compared to the usual A4Tech USB mouse? 😀

Prosenjit roy says:

hello… i m previously user of logitech g402,right now using gigabyte xm300, planning to buy a secondary mouse… will it be better than gigabyte xm300?????

Кристиян Атанасов says:

@PacoMNL – I bought the G203 yesterday and I can say it’s amazing, BUT my left click button is really loud and annoying. The right one is noticeably softer and not that loud, but in a quiet room, when I left-click I feel like I’m banging on a tin can. It’s really annoying. So my question is, is this common for this model, or is it just mine?

Ryan Palo says:

where can i download the software ?

Michael d Great says:

sir paco anu mas malaki size? ung standard a4tech mouse or eto ?

c0nscript _ says:

how does this compare against the steelseries rival 100? these 2 are my only budget options.

iramike says:

do u recomend this mouse for shooters? i want to play cs go, overwatch and players unknow battlegrounds great video!

dandyn says:

Its basically g pro but lighter and a shitter sensor.

tharun rajasegeran says:

Great review
Hope to see more vids like this

Pro Mark says:

Awesome videos, proud fellow filipino

Laxmikant Kattimani says:

what mousepad is best for this mouse?

Jerome Marquiee says:

Bro! Would you buy this or wait for the new rakk mouse?

Yusuf Qisthi says:

in my country it cost $25 the original one

Manas Aggarwal says:

Exceptional video bro!!
can you please suggest me between steelseries rival 100 and logitech g102

Muhammad Mokhtar says:


Ace De Leon says:

g102 or SS rival 100?

lzhlzh says:

ure hands aint teh only thing small abt u #purplenotpink …how does the sensor at 800dpi compare to the da 3.5g, which is the best.. i think? idk brah.

MT Media says:

was gonna buy this last week but i had doubts, thanks for making a vid. you earned a sub.

more power to pinoy techtubers.

Furkan HD says:

G300S vs G102? 🙂

Angelu Anyaa says:

I was just wondering what mouse you use for your setup?

Lucky HartantoS says:

Logitech G102 vs Corsair Harpoon RGB ?
which one is better ? any suggestion ? because i need a new mouse for my laptop. 😀

buntoy864 says:

awesome review. is it advisable for people with large hands?

SplitSecond says:

This or deathadder? I can’t decide ><

Le KingCarnage says:

Earned a sub man real nice review. The mouse is great and I bought it for about like $22. The asian market is really weird with the pricing.

Primescape 16 says:

Wait for rakk yunos or just yolo and get g102?

Benson Sta. Ana says:

Logitech has successfully made again, another “Mouse ng Bayan”

Yusuf Qisthi says:

can this mouse do flicks? use low sensivity, and afraid that it cant turn when you flick rly fast. subscribed 🙂

Laxmikant Kattimani says:

which will be nice mouse pad for this mice? speed or control?

Martin Peni says:

Hi PacoMNL! Great video! Just wondering if the clicks on this mouse are light. I mean, light enough to play moba games. They sound a little loud so that made me think they may be a litle hard to press. Thanks a lot!

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