Logitech G Pro Wireless VS Ultralight, G903, G305, G703, Revel and FK2

Seen a lot of questions about this mouse VS other mice, wanted to answer some here, and also just to be clear… the Logitech G Pro Wireless is a different size and shell to the Logitech G Pro, G102, G203 and G305. It is a unique design.

You have to find the right mouse for you, don’t worry about what’s number 1, 2, 10 or even 20, just get what suits your needs. This mouse is amazing but I use the Zowie FK2 because it’s the right size and shape for me.

My Top 40: http://rocketjumpninja.com/top-40/

Full Review of the Logitech G Pro Wireless: https://youtu.be/NeWRU92qMUQ
Full Review of the Finalmouse Ultralight https://youtu.be/Dh56Nxh61Xg and Phantom Update https://youtu.be/JTgaVaJWzdI

You can buy the Logitech G Pro Wireless using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA: https://amzn.to/2MDpPab
AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/2N8LCmj

Amazon Logitech G Pro Wireless Search links for other countries:

AMAZON CA: https://amzn.to/2w21OPP
AMAZON DE: https://amzn.to/2PmWHC5
AMAZON AU: https://amzn.to/2BwLaNC

If you’re from Australia, you should be able to get this at MWAVE once it’s available: https://www.mwave.com.au/searchresult?button=go&w=logitech+pro+wireless


Music – it’s a track I made for the community, you can download it here: https://soundcloud.com/zyism/zyism-community-track-hybrid

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RageOfFireX says:

ultralight right mouse button has double click issue after literally a few weeks of use… worse mouse I’ve ever bought in regards to quality

SumoBro XD says:

Please review some Bloody mice.

TeeWin says:


Lanh Nguyen says:

Which version of quake is this?

Lirk plays says:

What game is that game

Eldiiar Shaatov says:

that is my last mouse. I will buy

Yasser Ak says:

Hey man,

just wanted to ask about the difference between:

BenQ Zowie G-SR Large E-Sports Gaming Mouse Pad &
Cooler Master Swift-RX XL Gaming Mouse Pad

Are they use same materials ? and same performance ?

I mean I am confused between both which one I should go with.

InVisLikeMe_ I لا اله الا الله says:

What is this game name ??

Oliver Hopkin says:

please review the swiftpoint z

Voxel says:

If the g403 is too tall for me, and the fk1 has decent fit for my hands, then what mouse should I get? My hands are appx the size of zy’s

#Glenn #Quagmire says:

Hey papi. The razer blackwido elite just came out. Will you do a review for it ?

Brandon The Beaver says:

You are getting screwed… im Canadian and your dollar is 1.07 to ours and its $195 here when you buy from the US and count for exchange rate… sooo…

Rares Mihai says:

dude..i think you should try natec genesis gx77 juuuuust for the really nice shape

Lzgend says:

did they discontinue the revel? i’ve been considering getting it for my next mouse but cant find it anywhere.

Chris Benn says:

If your hand size fits, Why is the G pro wireless “a better choice for sure” vs the G305? Features?

Nexux says:

still waiting for that dm1 fps review. i heard it’s pretty good

sKratch1337 says:

Bought the g pro wireless a few days ago, hasn’t arrived yet since I had to get it shipped from Ireland. No retailers have it in stock in Norway, don’t know why it hasn’t been released here yet. Really hope it fits my hands (19.5×11), don’t want to have to ship it back to Ireland. It does look like the most perfect mouse out there atm.

Gungrave123 says:

Can’t wait for the G Pro wireless to be imported in my part of EU. last 5 mice i got were all thanks to RJN reviews, no mistakes so far.

Ciarán Jones says:

Random question but do any of these mice besides the G903 have the hyper scrolling feature? My G900 series mice died for the 3rd time last week so looking for a replacement ideally wireless with the hyper scroll and not a g900.

Eric Tan says:

Did he said MY and Aussie ?

Lurrie Lee says:

No mention of the G903’s buttons/click quality and how it compares to the G Pro Wireless? I have a G900 and am curious to hear how the G Pro Wireless’ clicks and modular side buttons stack up against the feel of its predecessor.

stefan diaddira says:

Which quake game you like the most and why?

Edit=I forgot the fukin question mark

1 alpha says:

i have a real small hand what do i need to get

Milan Zwanenberg says:

What mouse do you recomend with a large hand size 20cm in lengt 10 cm wide

Sirinava says:

Hey Zyyyy, any chance you might post a few pics of a side by side comparison of the UL Ph, the Gpro Wireless and the FK2 at different angles? These three mice seem to be competing closest and it would be great to see a comprehensive set of comparison images.

The Law Man says:

Zy where can you get the venator

war says:

Csn you review the hyperx alloy fps rgb please?

roharro2 says:

Thanks for the update bro, appreciate it!.

PaleThyme says:

Can you show off some of your rare gaming mice plz?

ASquidWithC4 says:

Please someone make me a wireless FK2 with the hero sensor.

CrispyByte says:

Zyyy! Glorious is coming out with a mouse: The Odin!!
Looks like it’s using the honeycomb design of the Ultralight.
Let’s hope it’s smaller!

Jumboyumyums says:

I know it’s preference but, would you recommend a lighter mouse over a weighted or heavy mouse?

Gilladriel says:

Zy, does the pro wireless have soft m1+m2 buttons similar to the G303’s?

SneekQ says:

hello guys. Can you recomend keyboard for me?

my requirements
mechanical ofc
cherry MX red
can have a backlight but no rgb
no detachable cable
must have a wrist rest
price dosent matter

sry for bad english

Joe says:

gonna be buying a new mouse soon, was basically looking at all of these, nice video :^)

김형주 says:

What about g pro hero or g502 hero?

Escanor - says:

g900 master race

kiihkeä rakastaja says:

Should i get the ec2-b or ec1-b myhands are 20cm x 11cm

Ed Jackson says:

Just imagine a mouse that comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, with neutral colours, rgb on the logo and scroll wheel, completely modular sides to become truly ambidextrous, deep comfort curves on the buttons, buttons that are detached from the shell, a 2:1 ratio of length to width, quality materials that are highly grippy, a hero sensor, Logitech powerplay with an option to remove the battery and make it more like Razer hyperflux.

Need a Dispenser here!! says:

Did you see surefour gave you a shoutout, you deserve it, everytime im about to buy a mouse i check your review on it

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