Logitech G PRO Wireless – The BEST Wireless Mouse Yet?

The Logitech G PRO wireless mouse was designed by professional gamers but does that make it a great choice?

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Jerry The swordsman says:

Does it work on an hp omen

Nothingness says:

they designed only one sensor, so technically it is the best one that they designed.

Awesome Boy Zidan says:

Logitech G903 is the best

Faye says:

no lateral scrolls, why

Alexdadoof Studios says:

Y’all should do an extended review.
Use it for 6 months and see how well the mouse switches do..

I returned and exchanged 5!!!!! 5 Logitech g903s cuz they had terrible switches in the mice. Every time it was the same problem… double clicking n mouse click releasing. I gave up and bought a Corsair dark core.

OC says:

I have the g703 and its definitely my favorite mouse that I have ever used

BluesCluesSeason8 says:

I have the g pro it’s very nice but not the wireless I mean another 100 bucks for it to be wireless. That’s dumb wireless have more lag are more expensive and have no noticeable benefits for causal gamers like us

FaZe GummeBear says:

1v1 zy . Rip for u tho

Idee vee says:

what about the g603? is it still good? a good choice? or should I go for more expensive g703?

watsyurdeal says:

400 dpi?


Aidan Romano says:

@HardwareCanucks Are those Vokyl Erupts I see?!

Robbie says:

I got this mouse for free from logitech because my g403 broke lel

Alex Mihai says:

Can u use it wired?

katari says:


Kenjiro Nakazawa says:

Best review ever! Well for me that is.

Snippy says:

What’s the name of the piano music playing in the background during the beginning of the video?

krazye says:

Sold. Wireless mouse from logitech im buying it when i get home.

Jon Bautista says:

Did the Rival 650 outscale Logitech G Pro Wireless? Wanna know your thoughts. 🙂

RAIN says:

specs look great but never had luck with ambidextrous mouses, I think they always sacrifice on comfort to make it work for the left hand.

Assorted_ Fruit says:

Can you use this mouse while it is plugged in as a wired mouse?

andre maraoui says:

Much of an upgrade from g 903?

Besi Sejdijaj says:

sees 149$

Marco says:

I’m looking for a lighter mouse than my g502 spectrum and I can’t decide between g305 and the gpro wireless (although one costs 60€ and the other 155…)
I don’t really care about the ambidextrous feature of the gpro and I have (roughly) 18.5-19.00 x 9.00 cm hands, any advice? Is the g305 too small or I should give it a go? (the gpro price is really stopping me tbh lol)

kcthe engie says:

Please stop using 24 fps it gives me motion sickness

klakjer says:

am i the only one how prefers a heavy mouse?

LiquidPlayz says:

oh so it is left & right handed?

Nim Chimpsky says:

I bought two 720 Triathlon mouses only to find out they’re not compatible with Windows 10 so I’m on the hunt for another model. Is this one compatible I wonder?

Nukes says:

sold, ordering now

EddietheYeti says:

Isnt the G903 the best? cause I have it

FaZe GummeBear says:

For a cheap price of 150

Renard Ryan says:

Wireless G502~

lil god says:

Is it worth switching my g903 for this one? It’s broken so i’m going to change it anyways.

Esam O says:

If I have the G pro wired version is it beneficial to upgrade to the wireless performance wise??

White Rabbit says:

I think this is going to be my next mouse. Currently using the G903 and the G703 (Yes both xD) I hope this new PRO mouse is exactly what I always wanted! Because I always wanted to melt my G903 and G703 together! And the PRO just looks exactly like that, the sweetspot!

ar1g4to Kun says:

Eyyy you talked about my boys the spitfire

P Flo says:

I had a G401 and the scroll wheel broke after 8 months. Logitec upgraded me to a 703 but it feels like the same wheel. I dont think the pro G looks much different either.

florin tanase says:

so does it weigh 80 grams WITH THE BATTERY IN?

Teh Only Noobs says:

and people still said wireless are shit … come on man this is 2018

KixongGaming says:

Does it have the horizontal scroll wheel feature like the G502 has? I’m gonna miss it if it doesn’t.

James Russo says:

Cyber monday af?

Dub Monster says:

Haha, i’m using G602 what is just awesome mouse

Neo Canadian says:

what game is that at 4:40 ?

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