Logitech G Pro Wireless Review by FPS Veteran

Medium, ambidextrous with modular side buttons, top optical sensor, wireless and under 80 grams. Just those stats alone can get this mouse the number one spot. But combined with the quality and other Logitech features, it should be an easy pick as the top mouse for a lot of people.

That’s of course if you can afford it and it suits your hand size. Either way, this is a huge step in the right direction and Logitech is just getting better and better with its shape. I still prefer things about the G403 and I think they might have played this one a bit too safe, but I’m not complaining, it feels great, performs brilliantly and is an exceptional piece of hardware.

Definitely worth a look, I love this mouse.

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA: https://amzn.to/2MDpPab
AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/2N8LCmj

Amazon Logitech G Pro Wireless Search links for other countries:

AMAZON CA: https://amzn.to/2w21OPP
AMAZON DE: https://amzn.to/2PmWHC5
AMAZON AU: https://amzn.to/2BwLaNC

If you’re from Australia, you should be able to get this at MWAVE once it’s available: https://www.mwave.com.au/searchresult?button=go&w=logitech+pro+wireless


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JP Stanzioni says:

ZY! Surefour mentioned you and your channel on his latest aiming guide video. U should check it out 🙂

A.A.E says:

Recently came by your videos, and they helped me a ton since I have made the switch from controller to pc. And I just have one question: when measuring my hand length, where at the “root” of the hand( where it connects to the arm) do I start to measure? I get different values, 18 and 19 depending on where I measure. Thanks for the help!

Crippy9 says:

So theres no rubber feeling texture on the sides like the g403.. You say its maybe too slippy for some I wonder why they didnt add that rubber texture to the sides. Really puts me off and I REALLY want this mouse. It looks to have the same indentation on the sides as the g403 but just no rubber feeling?

matthewgb74 says:

Can you move the scroll wheel side to side like the G502 and G903

Olliver Olsson says:

I have a 17 cm hand and 8 wide, 50 budget and FPS gamer what mouse should I get?

Dreadnought says:

I have 2 questions:
1. Where does the G102 are produced? Because I’ve seen 2 version of it, one is made in Swiss and the other is made in China. Are the made in China version the same as the made in Swiss version?
2. Are the Black version of G102 Matte Black or Glossy?
(Sorry for my bad English)

t0r says:

I cant get the pro wiresess to connect to the logitech software help

Aware _My says:

any sugestion for a mouse a lilte bit smaller then ec2-b pls

Blaž Bohinc says:

Almost 200 bucks for the mouse.. DAAAAAMN that’s more than my G403 and Death Adder elite combined.

Ed Jackson says:

You got shouted out by an OWL pro called surefour!

Lifant says:

TIL my mouse is way too big and thus a good excuse as to why I cant aim.

The ZGX says:

My wallet confused. I’m not sure if i should go with G403 wireless or this.

Ohbezy says:

Is this one better than G903?

Lectifai says:

hey RJN,i really like the size and feel of the logitech G502, but i dont like the wieght as its too heavy for me and im a fps player,do u have any mice recommendations tht has the size and feel of the G502 and the weight of the G Pro/FPS mice

TheFreakaZoo says:

Amazing and useful rgb lighting on that mouse, esp for paying more than 150 bucks for it. Also the mouse fits perfectly in your hand, if you are a strong and independent women, at the age of 12.

Superb says:

Whats your main mouse?

Chris Beaty says:

I just received mine and I am trying to get used to it. The issue I have is the length is like .3-4 inches longer, and a good quarter inch wider on the bottom, as the pro wireless does not cave in as far towards the bottom. It feels so much bigger than my normal pro wired.

I am also working on getting used to the weight and lack of cord. The lack of cord drag has been making me over shoot my flick Snipes, but I think I will like me it after I get used to it. Not sure if I like the length though, as my claw does not feel as comfortable, and my performance in game was so much worse yesterday.

I am going to give it a week, and then decide. Currently I feel they were too conservative in trying to please most people. They should have released a original GPro shape and this more fk style shape.

Sateek Roy says:

Damn dude, you’re like the God of Mouse Reviews

mdhall says:

I would love a lightweight Wireless version of the Logitech 502g


I recently bought the G403 Wireless and just saw that the G Pro Wireless is coming next week. Would you recommend to return the G403 and wait for the G Pro wireless? The price will bump up around 80$ and i dont know if it’s worth it. I like the G403 but i wouldn’t mind a little bit smaller mouse.

Liam Hayes says:

Do you think it would be an easy transition from my 4 year old Proteus core? Looking for a wireless upgrade

Ricky Wilson says:

What are some mice with your favorite clicks?? Top 5?

Oakmen says:

We need a DM1 FPS review.

San Vgel says:

what is your main mouse? your hand and mine have identical measurements !

balthazar500 says:

Looks like the perfect mouse for me. I’m just going to wait a year or two for the price to drop.

Trey H says:

Logitech customer support is a joke…

John Snow says:

Hi Zy what do you think of CM310 ?

Mellinor says:

Since mice without software go in steps of 400, 800, 1600, 3200… is it safe to use any other DPI number in mice with software (e.g. 1040 DPI), or is it just faked by the software with potential delay, acceleration and errors?

dwks says:

Built in battery?

Paddzr says:

I have G703, but seems like I hit the bad batch lottery… My mouse wheel scrolls up when I scroll down 50% of the time so really I don’t scroll anywhere. I hope this one would be better. Just waiting on Logitech to respond. If not I might return it to amazon.

Manuel Figueiredo says:

hello. what gaming mouse would u recommend for fps between 60 and 80€? or is it worth in your opinion to spend a bit more on a logitech g703 or rog gladius II?

CrispyByte says:

Does the Zowie G-SR work well with it, or should I go with a smoother mouse pad? I know it’s subjective, but would love to hear your opinion.

Alone in the dark says:

Guys i need help im trying to find the best mouse to use i got the hp omen 600 the shape is good and feel great for me the mouse it self is bad i cant use the side buttons im a moba player i used the g502 but its uncomfortable my hand is about 19 by 10cm [claw grip]

Katul Gaming says:

Could you please do a 2018 top 20 video?

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