Logitech G-Pro Mouse & Keyboard Review | Best KB+M 2017?

Today we look at my favorite keyboard and mouse for PC Gaming in 2017, the Logitech G-Pro mouse & keyboard.
Buy the keyboard: http://amzn.to/2p10meO
Buy the Mouse: http://amzn.to/2pdD4iJ
Full Size Version: http://amzn.to/2pdNX48

Written article: http://www.toptengamer.com/top-gaming-mouse-keyboard-combination/

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Nathan Kam says:

g610 orion red and razer deathadder combo here!

Taylor Cassell says:

Romer G switches are pretty good. I definitely liked how silent they were compared to browns or cherry. G Pro is a great mouse as well imo

Andrew Miller says:

I put my g pro keyboard on color wave and close the software and the G changes colors with it. This may have been in a software update but I just wanted to let everyone know

Fluffy Hedgehog says:

give me chicklet keys on a gaming centered keyboard NOT from razer (had so many bad experiences with that brand they are off limits) and i would be happy. sadly logitech seems to think gaming keyboards need to be klicking away as loudly as possible at all time and does not have anything with chicklet in their gaming lineup.

Doc Bogus says:

Linux/Unix compatibility should be mentioned in a serious review.

Jupe says:

Ducky One, that’s what i want when going for minimalist approach.

Isaac Clarke says:

I really want the G403 Wireless. I already have a nice wired mouse- I’d really like to try a wireless now.

Fox Unit Delta says:

used money instead of a banana for scale, unsubscribed

Xcho says:

If only I could afford any of this… rip me.

DemonPheonix says:

Do you need a wrist rest as I play at a laptop so technically I have a wrist rest without much comfort and I’m scared if I get the g pro keyboard it will probably be uncomfortable as there is no wrist rest. I could get the g pro but I’m also considering the k65 for the wrist rest pls tell me how does the k65 wrist rest feels or I just get the g pro keyboard

MrGhost370 says:

Romer G feels way too much like membrane switches. Stick to a cherry mx tkl if you want a compact board. The K65 is great and it’s the same price as this keyboard.

Zuby A says:

Haha, I am not an accountant so I do not need a number pad. Loved it!

Jose Garza says:

I’m not a fan of minimalist keyboards. I like function keys and a number pad, but never use macros. Also, no mouse is better for gaming than the Razer Deathadder Elite.

Theo de Raadt says:

if it doesnt have buckling springs, itll never be the best keyboard

unless it has beam springs, in which case, good luck affording that shit

Alin Vlaga says:

G502 is the best!

Mark Davenport Jr says:

Nice but I’m using the G213 and G602 good combo so far. 🙂

D Johnson says:

How do you use mods that have things hotkeyed to the numpad? Do you have a usb numpad?

UrProxy says:

what’s the best key board ever

oG-DaLLaS says:

Warning: Poor kids whining in the comments below about their peripherals being better.

Timothy Lindblom says:

k95 platinum is better

MindBlank Tech says:

I’ve been using the G810 (essentially the PRO + numpad version) for around 6 months and I love the lighting and the software. Game lighting effects are pretty cool, gotta admit. Not a big fan of the sound that Romer-G’s make. I prefer Browns (I think they sound more manly). I also can’t part from my G303 and its shape. I actually have a DA Elite just sitting around. Love the G303’s diamond shape. -Will you be using the Pro over the 303 from now on?- nevermind, hadn’t reached the end of the vid where you said they’re daily drivers.

StrugglePuff says:

So are Romer G switches now on par with cherry? if not better?

anferny18011981 says:

been using this mouse for about 3m – i use a fingertip grip therefore i always appreciated small mice – this one is also light and easy to pick up – i mostly play cs with low sensitivity (800dpi 1.2 ingame) – at 36y I’ve been playing cs since 1999 (switched from tfc) and this is one of the best mice I’ve used – playing wasd i prefer keyboards without numpads, it simply leaves me more room to the right for my low sens mousepadaction 😉

SugarFreeTargets says:

At the cost of this keyboard, I would rather get pick up a Varmilo or Filco keyboard. Better keycaps and solid typing experience.

Philip Dijkstra says:

Bit expensive for such no nonsense kb

toot1231 says:

I just do not like the romer g switches at all I love the look of the keyboard but the switches kill it for me

KaL says:

Nice. gonna put this keyboard/mouse combo on my Christmas list

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