Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse Review by FPS Veteran

The replacement for the Logitech G100s is finally here, with a lot of upgrades and even some side buttons. No doubt the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is going to be one of the most popular, and by popular demand, I started and finished this review in a day … but didn’t upload it until the second day (still counts).

I already reviewed the G100s and I’m very familiar with the 3366 sensor, so I should have everything right, I hope anyway. What I can’t comment on is durability, obviously. As with all mice, we’ll learn about any potential problems through community feedback. Mine seems perfect.

Either way, it’s a great mouse and definitely worth your attention.

Available: 15th September 2016

If you’re buying from Amazon, here is the direct link to Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2bJSGDE

Big thanks to Logitech for sending the Pro Mouse out for review!

And as always, if you’re from Australia, check stock availability at MWAVE: http://www.mwave.com.au

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Amazon USA http://amzn.to/29OLzNY
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Elijah Renaud says:

Sup Zy, I’m trying this mouse after watching a lot of your reviews and comparing a lot mice off of the Top 40 on your website. Thanks my dude!

「ROGUE.」 says:

where can i find this mouse in australia

cyka blyat123 says:

My hand is 18,5cm and 10cm width, which mouse should i get?

Alex Rowe says:

Bought one of these thanks to your review. Love it. Keep up the awesome, detailed work!

Hamish Hill says:

Will there ever be learning csgo part 2?

Rafa78 PvP says:

One Q this mouse found to windows 7 right?

James E says:

Whats your mouse mat?

DemonPheonix says:

G303 g403 or g pro I have been using a deathadder and I have a hand 15 cm I heard that the g303 is much lighter than the pro and the 403 what should I go for?

Dovah Kiin says:

I play moba and fps, i usually use claw grip but sometimes fingertip u recommend me it?

Anton Paul Drapiza says:

Hey Zy, can you do a review of the Logitech G203 / G102? It’s the western market version of the G Pro. thanks! 🙂

steven etc says:

Can you test the new hyperglides on these? I didn’t even know they made them for the G Pro

J0lel says:

Should i buy logitech g pro or g302 i only play fps games mostly ow and cs and i have very small hand i would buy 303 but in finland its like 35€ more the price and with g302 i get mousepad wit it logitech g640 i currently have rival 300 and i have had it for 1year and sometimes it loses track like once a month and i dont really like rival 300 so big for my hand and heavy i tested mt brother daethadder and played much better with it snd first time using it

George David says:

every time you review a mouse you play the same old shitty game.. I wonder how the hell still works on those nowadays computers.. or you are using an emulator for windows 98 se?

Jaime B says:

Hey Zy, would love to see you do a review on the Logitech Prodigy G203! Same shape and shell as the G Pro but different sensor and buttons. I know some people are saying it’d be a waste of a review, but I think it would help others who may not have the funds to grab a more expensive mouse. I like that you review not just top of the line mice, but also cheaper and less known options so anyone can watch your reviews and find a quality mouse for themselves! I myself have a G Pro, as well as like 12 other mice atm.. but I enjoy seeing your reviews and trying out mice as a hobbyist. I think your reviews are the best and most in-depth with no marketing frills and nonsense. Just straight to the point, important information so people can make an educated decision. Cheers!

Tomáš Rohr says:

I have a g502, my brother has a da elite and i feel it’d a tiny too long but just a bit, do you suggest gpro or ec2a?

F3nya says:

I recently bought the Logitech g102/203, which is a cheaper G pro (exactly same shape).
And this mouse is really small, too small for my hand. For example the Razer DeathAdder is too big for me.
Should’ve gone with the Logitech g403.
I’ve always considered my hands to be small. Everyone I know has larger hands.
So I finally decided to measure my right hand, and It’s 20x11cm, I guess Zy’s are even smaller. Wow.

I, Squidward Tennisballs, want 100 subscribers. says:

just got this thing, god i cant fucking stand it. shape is crap, and clicks WAY too easily. going to return

Teck Hwa says:

I shot headshots like it was nothing after switching to this mouse. Thanks

Matt says:

rattling…oh no not again

Blake says:

I got my G Pro imported from Amazon. I’ve been getting miss-clicks on my right button mouse, the right button mouse click is MUCH lighter than the left… What’s going on here, is it defective?

W4NN1 says:

any video planed to compare this to the G203?

CyMations says:

Review Logitech B100

Marko says:

This is dogshit mouse. My bloody A60 outperforms it by far.
I’m giving it chance to prove it’s worth until tomorrow noon, if it doesn’t I will return it.
The buttons are horrible and hurt my fingers, the sensor is complete garbage, shape is too small and too heavy for it’s size.
I achieve same results with 5$ office logitech mice in tests, training, and in actual game. The only positive thing about this mouse that I can notice is it’s responsiveness, but when it comes to aiming and accuracy, it fails horribly.

Yukl says:

Zy, do you pretend to do a video comparison between the G PRO vs the G203 Prodigy? The sensor in the G203 (Mercury) has no big differences from the PMW3366 present in the G PRO. And the cable of the G203 seems way better than the G PRO.
Kisses, love you’re reviews.

Dwayne Hawkins says:

Just got this mouse an hour ago. I’m in love. I don’t have the little rattle you describe when shaking it. It’s just damn (near) perfect. Glad I can discard my razer death adder, which I hated at first but manned up and did use it for 7 years lol.

james Youngman says:

Dude great review!!!

Aleš Tatarka says:

So, i had deathadder which stopped working. Deathadder was too big for me even when i have big hands, i didnt like the height of the mouse, I play with fingertip/claw grip. Which is better Zowie FK1 or Logitech G Pro Gaming? I was thinking about G403 but its almost same shape as deathadder.


my skill was thrown on the trash with this mouse only now do I appreciate mouse weights

Drakortha says:

Logitech please make a wireless version of this mouse!

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