Lenovo Yoga Mouse Review, If a Mouse and a Remote Had a Baby…

Lenovo Yoga Mouse http://www.DadDoes.Com . Let’s be honest, while a computer mouse is functional, it is normally very boring.

The Lenovo Yoga Mouse breaks the mold by transforming into a remote control and presentation device for your Windows 8 or higher PC.

Still waiting on pricing and availability in the US – will have an update soon. If you are looking for a multifunction mouse, the Lenovo Yoga Mouse is a great way to go.

Disclosure: We were provided a Yoga Mouse in exchange for an honest review


Tanner Epic says:

Is this the future??? For more mouse like this

Nikhil Andhale says:

how one can buy it from lenovo site internationally

Khafra Murray says:

Can you give the model number for this product??, i have been trying to find it but all models i see do not have the USB charge port nor the power button

Jewell Ong says:

does it work with surface pro 4? like other brands of laptop that isn’t lenovo?

Miguel Alarcon says:


mr. one says:

Hi! can i connect it via wifi? if i need to connect it via dongle, using extra usb to micro usb adapter then it makes no sense to me /Lenovo Yoga Book/

Stein-Ove Hagen says:

If this is a mouse for presentations, WHY did they get rid of the lazer pointer they had on the Lenovo N700 Yoga Mouse ? Would have been twice as useful with the pointer

Nathaniel Mason says:


crazymarf says:

The metal was way too loud! I have neighbours you know :p Good review tho.

jen wang says:

great demo. appreciate you show the “hidden” power point feature and options of battery or usb charged. impressive.

Travis says:

sigh y they do not include a back n forward page button for internet browsing.

Ben M says:

I just got one for free with the purchase of a Thinkpad. Very cool!

yagouba diallo says:

i liked te 2 time and I like your video’s man respect

Chinh Nguyễn says:

2:15 is so awsome!!!

Alexcius says:

Does it have a laser X_X

Kacper Marzec says:

Does anyone know where can I buy one ? I live in Australia.

Bill Losapio says:

basically kinda like apple’s magic mouse

jsjuhbdn says:

I just don’t get why they didn’t build in a laser pointer. This way it’s basically useless as a presenter. The cheaper n700 version comes with a laser but without the multimedia controls.. Why isn’t there a version which combines both? That would be the ideal device

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