Is the Ninja Air58 Worth the Hype? THE TRUTH

Let’s review the Finalmouse Ninja Air58 & discuss the truth about this mouse…

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Nathan Peterson says:

Dude come on just use the mouse if you like it

SM _ 177 says:

I am kinda losing my passion for it as well

Elnoia says:

Just buy a Razer mouse. Cheaper and better.

Dean Ambrose says:

We got a Ninja hater here!

Stephen Vicente says:

Want a lighter mouse? Mad Catz Rat 1

You’re welcome

Kory Fedder says:


Vanilla Sauce says:

Congrats on the Million!

SlashtaCross says:

I’m very curious to know. Does anyone else’s middle mouse button need quite a bit of pressure to actually function? I use the middle mouse click a lot in games and my finalmouse seems to require an uncomfortable amount of pressure to function. I love the feel of the mouse and everything but honestly I have not used it at all since I’ve had it. My death adder elite has a much crisper middle mouse click. Maybe I’m just spoiled but I’m actually looking to sell the mouse.

Dave Smith says:

funny story, i finally got my mouse last week like 58 days after i ordered it, i still have yet to unbox it and use it, just kept using my gpro with pwm3366 in that time without the air58 and i fell in love so much i actually ordered another one because the new logitech mice come with the hero sensor and i didnt like it, oh even more of a funny story, both of my gpros in total still cost less than the air58…oh and even funnier story both of them arrived at my door 2 days after i ordered it….because u know amazon prime

i loved my finalmouse ultralight sunset (besides the horrid cable, which i could mod if i want too), the phantom i ordered had some issues and yes their customer support is atrocious, it basically took me an arm and a leg to get them to believe my issues were actual issues, finally got a replacement and just sold the replacement phantom on ebay, so now the only reason i want to pull the air58 out of the box is to make sure its working as intended…lol, oh and their twitter posts are like someone ate an eighth of mushrooms and just started posting maniacal shit, but overall like what you said frank, i love their products but everything else is 1 out of 10, but no mouse is perfect, im always on the rampant search for the coveted “perfect” mouse maybe it will be glorious’ Odin, please review this one when it comes out

Vex TM says:

Great video, but I don’t remember what video this was in, but what’s the little display clock thing on his desk? I can’t remember what video he had shown it in

Ko Tak says:

God dammit trypophobia

David Whitfield says:

To me this company is shady and doesn’t provide enough stock on purpose.

Wilche says:

I got my Zowie s2 after 2 days I ordered it lol. I pity the people who bought finalmouse. The s2 is the best mouse ever

Josh Nichols says:

Ok so it seems like there was really no problem with the mouse but with the people making the mouse

Stephen Arellano says:

Imagine the dust inside it tho

ICantFitMyNa Official says:

I just decided to wait until they went up on eBay for around $150 to get it for my birthday. Much easier. My brother and his friend were getting a red and a blue. My brother ordered maybe 4,000th and his friend maybe 15,000th, but my brother’s took a week extra to arrive? After I heard that I just decided I wanted none of it and waited for the eBay stuff, I thought about just staying with my old mouse, too.

Kahlil Mack says:

final mouse must have taken advice from ninja on how to respond to large amount of people commenting to u LOl

Steven Arvizu says:


truBread says:

I dont like this mouse. The holes scare me. Also, i love a heavier mouse

SM _ 177 says:

Feel u dude, i am kinda going through the same thing.

ALON3 Daylight says:

still waiting for mine

ツCorbin says:

How is having ninja part of the launch bad? You said ninja is everything on twitch and stuff so from a marketing standpoint how was this a bad move at all? It is much more effective than a commercial because it targets a specific audience rather than just a pool of random consumer needs. Also i like ninja air 58 way more than just air 58, just my opinion but i think you’re wrong on your first negative point.

Robert Martinez says:

Yeahhhh gonna be sticking with my Logitech g pro wireless

world menace says:

i really don’t get the part about ninja all there trying to do is promote there product in a smart and effective way whats wrong with that

XxSeaDragon says:

I use g502

Vinzent says:

never heard of them 😀

Philipp says:

Yoooo, they made pc joycons!

Sean Jackson says:

Completely agree with the bad company part. I got mine like jan. 17th

Jadi says:

6:58 could you show us all the tweets?

Joshua Foght says:


Mint says:

Imagine the amount of dead skin that’s going to collect in that honeycomb over time

Jacki says:

What is that wrist rest for the k95

Kevin Conaty says:

The scroll wheel on mine lost all grip in 2 weeks, i then bought a g pro wireless and the scroll wheel is made of plastic so the feel on it hasnt changed since when I unboxed it, and it being wireless at still an amazing weight has taken my heart over the air58

here comes that Cancer says:

Oh yeah yeah

Jalon says:

Man it’s always makes me so happy to see that you finally hit 1 million subs …..well deserved

MordeC4i says:

its also pathetic how they said its 100% not branded . and yet its branded LOL .

The Color 4 says:

I wouldn’t buy it since it said Ninja

Shalitha Jayaratne says:

I might cop the SteelSeries rival 600 for my new setup
do u think it’s a good choice

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