Is A MOUSE Worth $100? MAD CATZ RAT 8 Mouse Unboxing And Review – PC GEAR

MadCatz Rat 8 Mouse review and unboxing. This thing is insane. A mouse the custom fits to your hand. So is it truly worth $100?


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CorpsePenis says:

The fully soft-touch, matte-finished, palm-rest is designed to sit taller than the stock and rubber surfaced one. It’s the one I’ve used since I bought the original Cyborg RAT 7 many years ago on my last quest to find to find the ultimate mouse (it won my very expensive mouse shoot-out). Also, the thumb portion can be modified to move front to back, in addition to the width as you stated, so you can place the buttons in a different position in relation to your thumb (using the tool to adjust the back-end of the mouse [just to the left of where the tool itself lies]). Basically, much like the palm-rest, the thumb portion is able to be adjusted as it slides along a track and threaded rod.

Funny enough, the new MadCatz packaging is horrible compared to how it used to be back when the mouse was branded under Cyborg. Besides the actual outer-box/packaging being substantially nicer and more substantial, Cyborg also included a very nice tin with organized form-fitted foam to hold all the factory accessories, as well as a capsule to hold your additional/un-used weights, and a velcro cable-tie.

MadCatz did improve the software for the RAT8 over the prior versions, however the mouse itself feels like the build-quality went down a little as it got lighter, feels more “plastic-y”, they replaced the old metal scroll wheel with the red plastic one, and made the mouse-skates (the PTFE glides) thinner (which means they will probably wear through quicker). The skates on my old RAT-7 are still working, although definitely showing wear, but they were also at least twice as thick. On the other hand, the Pixart sensor they’re using in the new version is much more reliable and trouble-free for most. Cyborg had the clickers/switches done well, then MadCatz rebranded the mice under their name and changed some of the clickers/switches, taking them back a few steps, but now the new series (as the 8 is the replacement for the old 7) seems to have returned better clickers/switches, although I have no idea how well they’ll do as far as longevity goes. My only reason for finally replacing my RAT-7 was that I wore out the scroll-wheel and some of the clickers/switches (although, it still is a functioning mouse, it’s just erratic at times and the DPI switch died). I now own a RAT-7, RAT-9, and the new RAT-8 (that’s a lot of expensive mice).

Leo says:

Nice video ! I recommended it my friends 🙂

Josh TechGamer says:

out takes lol great

Abhinav Prasad says:

awesome vid! i know you will become a big youtuber one day! keep going!!

Bighnesh Upadhyaya says:

dude , great vids . keep it up .

jack gamble says:

6:49 – 6:59 : Defective palm rest…the rubberized surface (to the right of the numbers) is defective. Exchange it or get a refund. 🙂

Rezky Jamil says:

$100… I’ll buy it if my dad is a millionaire..

ceetee1459 says:

What kind of sensor does it have?

Josh TechGamer says:

I paid 80 for mine lol

ZuuuHaN says:

i bought this mouse about week ago… and. it. is. AWESOME!! it felt a little bit small at first compared my previous mouse QPad om-75 but i got used to it pretty quick. i do recommend this if you want to spend the money that this mouse cost 😀 🙂

Eitan Mayer says:

You deserve a lot more subscribers!

Creepy Untold Stories says:

@JDTechGear I’m your new subscriber from pakistan I need your help bro.! i want to buy AMD Ryzen 4/8 cores/threads how much will it costs total with nvidea gtx1050 ti or gtx1060 and will it be able to run gta 5 overwatch witcher 3 smoothly , plesae reply !!!

The White Wookie says:

i just orderd it becouse a sibling uses it and i tried it its so good!!!!
<3 recomenden 10/10

Damian Chiliński says:

it’s actually lighter than RAT 7 which had 5 rings (this has only 3) but if you have RAT7 you can use rings from older mouse to make it even heavier. I have 3 of theese mice.

If someone gets it I recommend buying spare microswitches, they’re like 5$ full set and they can make this mouse immortal bc it’s THE ONLY mechanical part in this mouse that actually breaks after few years. Replacement is quite easy and requires really basic soldering skills.

But it’s actually the first mouse in my entire fuckin life that I had to oil after 5 years because moving parts started making noise xD. Ofc I’m talking mostly about RAT7 bc I have only one 8 but it’s the same shit really, all parts are compatible (except RGB LIGHTING WOOOOO xD).

Phillip IV says:

I would never buy a mouse for that price.

Owen King says:

what game was that

Isaac Madera says:

Quick question, I’m not a gamer I work with Photoshop and aside from the super awesome looks of this mouse, the ability to custom program short cuts really appealed to me since I work with dozens of keyboard short cuts. I am just curious if the short cuts are strictly game related or would I be able to program short cuts in Photoshop? An example would be to save an image by pressing CTRL + S is that something that can be programmed into a button on the mouse? And this may be a stupid question but why is it a wired mouse instead of wireless? Is this to eliminate any possible lag due to an infrared signal vs being hard wired? Seems like wireless would allow you to move the mouse easier without any drag of a wire. Thank you for your time and the video.

The Sea Unicorn says:


SwordElevenGT says:

why you not buy it if you want to….. you rich guy

Kras Silver Fang says:

does it have a tilt feature on the scroll wheel?

JDTechGear says:

I want this mouse so bad now. But….$100…

gallo 85 says:

I had a Rat 7 and absolutely loved it, the ergonomics everything, but the sensor died after 6 months. I was devastated, bought another, sensor died after 6 months…
On the other hand i have 3 logitech models that have been rock solid for 3+ years.
Hope the Mad Catz has addressed this issue or maybe I got 2 from the same bad batch… dunno. I do know I’m not spending that much on a mouse again.

18006363636 says:

I preordered mine and i am glad I did lol

Kingretard says:

ive had my rat 9 for 8 years i paid 150$ for it works like new.

Phil Lenan says:

Best mouse i ever had. Since over 2 years only mad catz, getting more and more fan boy of them.

TheMagicianThing says:

do you still have the driver installer for windows 10 64 bit? the site had gone offline and there is no backup 🙁

harbe gaming says:

this company has been bankrupt for like three months as of this comment. Pretty fun I guess

Kislay Kunal says:

that’s a batmobile

GreenLit says:

I’m thinking about getting this mouse. I have the Razer Deathadder that I’ve had for a few years and it’s still going strong but I find my pinky starting to ache while gaming sometimes because of the way I have to hold it and it’s not that wide of a mouse so the pinky rest on this rat8 would be nice. I actually hot glued a plastic piece onto my mouse for my pinky and it works rather well haha.

Hallucinogenichusky says:

Just buy a Logitec High DPI G series…100 for a mouse.. absurd

Jesse Roberts says:

I’ve had my rat7 for 5 years. It’s only now starting to fail on me. The middle Mouse button broke. So I’m definitely going to be getting the rat8 as soon as it’s in stock somewhere…

Pedro Silva says:

I wouldn’t use this mouse at all. For me it has too much “stuff”. I like plain and simple, just pick the mouse and if it feels right if feels, no customizations and building the mouse at all. At least for me. I have a friend who has the RAT 7 and I don’t like the feel as well with it. Love my deathadder chroma though, it’s plain and simple, the only mouse instead of this one I would use is a Zowie

Heanly Hyral says:

does the tool hit your palm when youre using it?

Horus lupercal says:

if you think that’s expensive, I purchased the corsair scimitar, great for MMO’S along with my strike 7 keyboard. I recommend both, although they both have a few driver issues

trevorjolly78 says:

Great review!

Josh TechGamer says:

looks cool  great video JD thumb up

Richard Speed says:

DO NOT BUY ANY MAD CATZ PRODUCT, this company went bust and was shut down, you cannot update or download software for thus product, it’s rubbish and does not perform well as they do not get updated.

BirdBrainz says:

is your friend that crazy i just got a wireless gaming mouse for 20 bucks.

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