I Bought a 400 Dollar Mouse to Play Apex–My Review–Logitech g303

I got this because a random person on Discord told me it was good because it would click faster and that Shroud used it

Obviously I went to Amazon and purchased one immedately


Cream says:

Title should be “buying a 60$ mouse for 400$”

Nino Kukic says:

18:36 killed by a drake fan

Nick Dawson says:

why the long face?

jacob butler says:

you can still buy them for $30 in australia…

F U says:

Do they sell non-performance?

Cerberus says:

The rat left hes house

3zk1I_ says:

I’d rather watch Asmon suck at this game, than suck at the game myself

Samuel Speller says:

$400 for a wired mouse xD

Paul DeRooy says:

IDIOT i got the same mouse for $69 off the logitech site.
it is out of stock but here is the next model up https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gaming-mice/g403-prodigy-wired-gaming-mouse.html#product-tech-specs

Vincent Klasener says:

Noway that is 400 i had the same for 100 euro

Maxime Malo says:

I laughed out loud at 16:05

Xzstnce says:

thinking the mouse shroud uses will make your better OMEGALUL

Soulsreaper says:

u should have bought the razer naga trinity, its all 3 types of gaming in one

Andrius J. says:

18:14 I think I’m gonna need 800$ mouse, loool

Pseudo sanct says:

lmao I bought it for $50 wtf

Jake says:

Put that mouse on 500hz polling rate Asmongold. You’ll be way more accurate trust me 1000hz is sometimes too responsive. Definitely for apex.

Eric Moseley says:

loled my ass off

Tomek B says:

So that’s how Lambo looks inside…

AvgJoesGamin says:

the best buy near me has these in stock for 49 bucks what an ass. the g 303 is a basic bottom tier mouse. you need to stop.

Neill L says:

You should THINK about playing counterstrike

niels tricepatops says:

Literally looks like my g203 which is 38 bucks smh

DarrenAshenOne says:

24:48 LMFAO

Moist_Spagooter says:

Jesus, I still have my g303 and just looked up the price…I would’ve just given it to you lol

Deez Nuts says:

Wait isnt this asmongold?

peti iq says:


F U says:

11:20 Hi Neo!

yueoy 0 says:

excellent breakfast

Rave says:

Oof… ripped yourself off there bud. Logitech has newer, far superior mice for less than half of the cost. The G Pro wireless is damn near flawless.

Tiesiog MrEdvinas says:

call me Neo lmao

Laurent Fontaine says:

still playing with 15 dollar ball thumb mouse

Zero Neutral says:

1:07 realizes he’s withered.

MuffyCakeMan says:

What a push to get a logitech sponsor

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