HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Mouse Review

The HyperX Pulsefire Surge is a mouse with a top optical sensor, great shape and lots of RGB. It could have been in the Top 10, but unfortunately has some flaws that are keeping it out.

**UPDATE:** So the main concern with this mouse was the spacing between the left and right mouse buttons, HyperX are addressing this immediately so you should be able to get a copy without the issue. Here’s their official statement https://www.hyperxgaming.com/us/mice/pulsefire-surge-rgb-gaming-mouse/product-alert

So the following statement may not be true once I check out an updated copy…

It also has one major flaw that keeps it out of the Top 40. Still, this is a promising improvement from HyperX over their last mouse, so I’m looking forward to the next. And maybe there are people out there who will be ok with the issues.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Here’s my key configuration video: https://youtu.be/kUr4OiJZQ9s

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

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bogdaneraser says:

Lift off distance?

Hamm says:

HOWWWWWWWWW seriously HOW the fuck do you let something like this get through your quality control? Do people not fucking test their gear before they mass produce expecting it to sell?

Shame on hyperX. I’ve never owned their products but this just shows how out of touch they are. Plenty of mice in the past have had this issue. Are they that stupid?

Petar Pavlović says:

Hello i dont know is this place good for my question but i gonna ask 😀 is RM button good for jumps in Fortnite ? 🙂

Ian Bunting says:

Was going to enter a giveaway for one, but since my mouse has a similar sounding issue with the clicks, I’ll give it a miss. Thank you.

Dylan Angel says:

are the buttons hitting on the inside or outside?

Hippopigamoose says:

two words about the left/right click: EXACTO KNIFE

TierTwo says:

Can you review the Logitech G Pro Headset?

Great_Master Gaming says:

3389? Isn’t that the same sensor as DA E

Fr3gL3sS says:

Does anyone know a bigger mouse than the FK1+? I use it for a few months now but it feels to small :/

Hikaru Swift says:

Hey Zy! Can you make a video talking about mouse grips? For some reason I always feel like I aim better with fingertip grip, but does grip really matter? Fingertip grip makes me feel like I have more control over my mouse and more dexterity, whereas I love the comfort and stability of claw grip, but my aim is not the same.

I’ve been playing with fingertip all my life, and just spent about 8 months using claw grip on multiple mice. Is it because I’ve practiced more on fingertip grip why I’m better with it? Or am I just a better fingertip gripper naturally than claw gripper?

Also I notice I grab further back on mice with fingertip grip since my hand is 11.43cm wide, but shouldn’t smaller mice make me aim better? Claw grip makes me grip the mouse at a smaller grip on the mouse, but even with a comfortable mouse and grip with claw, with a smaller grip width than your recommended, I still don’t aim as good as fingertip grip.

If you could please make a video explaining this, or grips in general, if they affect accuracy as well as grip width, or if grip width is the only thing that affects accuracy, or just reply to this comment if you aren’t up to making your own video for it.

Thank you for all of your vids!

Byynx says:

The shape is very similar to the Fnatic Flick G1 wich means is the best shape for me, the only problem is that for those who put the fourth finger in the edge of the lateral side and the right button this mouse ins’t for them. And this seems to be an issue in the design of the majoritie of mice made nowadays.

SuperSJ says:

Make this a bit smaller and lighter and I’ll probably make this my main.

Enigma says:

I was thinking about buying this mouse. Thank you for changing my opinion about it.

Polo Val says:

played with this mouse at the microsoft store felt nice but f on the front mouse buttons touching

FibreHzd says:

90 was so heavy but its just me

Heath Kidd says:

review the WMO!!

STEFF 69 says:

Make top 10 mouse for 2018

fl00d says:

Holy crap – how did they fuck this up so bad?

MainDoodler says:

0:10 wait Illidan STR? This is an ex pro dota player; He played in VP and got to the top 6 of TI. Was it really him?

Phantonex says:

Could you review one of the new Steelseries headsets? Love ur videos <3

Byynx says:

I have a Lancehead wich has the same sensor and I feel with 800 DPI with this sensor is faster then with the 3310 sensor on my Flick G1, do you fell thee same ?

eZ says:

Hey Buddy, do you know nay good wireless gaming Mouse?

ShadowCooper77 says:

what do you think, lancehead te vs zowie fk2?

Im Jengah says:

isnt the 3389 Razer’s implementation of the 3360? so are hyperx using Razer as an oem or just their sensor?

A.e says:

Thanks for this review, just saved everyone money.
Wtf hyperX…

Jordan Walker says:

Could you please release your Concept song? I actually really like that tune, just a pity it’s not one of your public songs.

Jayden 97 says:

Sooo much of an improvement since the original pulsefire, that thing was so bad that I gave it away for free because I couldn’t possibly make someone pay for a mouse that barely works as a mouse lol

BeetleMode says:

Rival 300 had the same problem with the mouse muttons hitting eachothers

Ruben Sargsyan says:

You could sand the mouse buttons and solve the issue of them hitting each other, no tools required

Bigmenno says:

this g303 i own is breaking my hand

Brunderpants says:

I would just use sand paper and remove some of the click button ez

bjooni says:

Zy, what do you think about the FK2 side buttons (if you use them), myself i use them quite alot when i game and find them a little too small, do you think the ZA series could be something to try out since they look like they have a bit bigger ones or is the difference not noticeable enough? pretty sure im gonna like the shape on the ZA series as much as i like it on my FK2 so that probably wont be a problem.

Alpha_slayer18 says:

i never tried a mouse over 90g so i can’t make on opinion but the buttons hitting each other is kinda bad cuz like most i have left to shoot and right to ads soo i don’t know if i should get now or wait to see if they fix it

d00mer 34 says:

hey, loving your mouse reviews! i wanted to ask if you considered doing a video about the new Classic IntelliMouse – i know it doesent have the best sensor on the market. but you know, it could still be worth using at that pricepoint. and id like to hear your opinion.

EasyyEth says:

Idk why but I watch all your mouse review videos even when I know I’m not gonna buy the mouse. I just really enjoy your videos I guess lol

Solus says:

what an amatuer mistake lol, not even a noob messing around in Solidworks designing a shape on their first try would be dumb enough to put the LMB/RMB so close together they snap against each other -.-

A C says:

Hey can you review the ROCCAT Lua? It’s really light.

MartyJ559 says:

Dam I got this before I saw your vid my bad mang! ill check next time always value your mouse reviews thank ya for what ya do

Rocket Jump Ninja says:

Update: So the main concern with this mouse was the spacing between the left and right mouse buttons, HyperX are addressing this immediately so you should be able to get a copy without the issue. Here’s their official statement https://www.hyperxgaming.com/us/mice/pulsefire-surge-rgb-gaming-mouse/product-alert

Anonymous Hahaha says:

Hello Zy! I need some advice. I was supposed to get the Zowie EC2-B because that was the medium-sized mouse you suggested for palm grip, until I saw the description of your video reviewing the ec2-b wherein you said due to the coil whine, you’ll be changing the top 40 to have the ec2-a from now on. Should I get the ec2-b or ec2-a?

StormyIV says:

Does the latest doom have a mildly active player base?

YaBoi Bubby says:

I saw a comment for the trailer of the mouse saying that the person sensed a rocket jump ninja video coming.

He was right.

DeFyYing says:

Can you do a video on the Dream Machine mousepad? I’ve heard good things about it plus it’s cheap

predhawk joakim says:

Hey i am Wondering About Audio tehcnica and i got siberia 800 but i want a Audio tehcnica but i don’t know whitch one jet. i got Studio mic so mic on the Headsett is not needed i was wondering if you can help me.

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