HyperX Pulsefire FPS Mouse Review (Large 94g 3310 optical with Omron switches)

No doubt this sounds great if you’re looking for a large gaming mouse for FPS (and even MOBA), and it is great… with the exception of the sides. It’s not that they’re really bad, it’s just it’s too similar to other mice (like the Razer DeathAdder) to be able to have a design like that.

You could say it’s personal preference and it’s not a deal breaker, but at the same time… the only thing that really separates this from others is how wide it is, and maybe the cost, depending where you’re from.

It’s a great first mouse from HyperX and I look forward to seeing more from them. Buttons, sensor, feel, performance, everything is pretty good. If not for the sides, I would rank this higher. It’s worth checking out anyway!

You can buy using my Amazon Affiliate links here:

AMAZON USA: http://amzn.to/2qqvGD5

AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/2rpoyWc

If you’re from Australia, I was approved to do this review early, but it should be out sometime in June 2017… when it is, they should be available at mwave.com.au

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the canadian moose says:

Hey if you play csgo what is your sens and dpi?

Pelvis Thruster says:

bro that looks like a custom deathadder

hijena ??? says:

lifting mouse !? i NEVER did that !!!

Christian Wolthuis says:

what mice would you recommend me to get based on hand size and the fact that I will be playing mainly FPS games . oh BTW I have 18/11 cm hands

Michał Pawlak says:

Rocket Jump Ninja make a review dream machines mouse pad (dm pad L)

Straws of Hardware says:

Come on. I have already bought a G403 from Logitech and now you are giving me so much more choices to give up on my G403.

Ranger _ says:

Adder and steelseries had a baby.

Ragnarok9x says:

I remember seeing this mouse and thinking it looked great, but the sides. What a shame. A DPI button on the top of a mouse is a dealbreaker for me, because there’s nothing I hate more than accidentally changing the DPI mid game. Are there any mice that you’d recommend that don’t have a DPI button on top?

J SHOTTT says:

Really surprised you haven’t done the Razer LanceHead review yet. <3

c0refreAk says:

someday you will make me messure my hand size before buying a mouse lol

Aleksander Jančič says:

razer lancehead plz

NoobGamer says:

i think it should be i specialize in mainly quake…fps is to generic theres csgo, cod, tf2, overwatch, kotk, bf1, and so many others that u are not good in…sorry Zy…

Rawley says:

Should’t there be a video about you having a patreon page now?

Vladamir says:

looks like a deathadder

SyreenT says:

my rival 300 spins the fuck out all the time !!

H. says:

pwn3310 for 50$ smh

Nelson says:


Milan Babic says:

Thank you for the review. I was looking to go between this mouse and Cooler Master S, since i couldn’t wait CS S was a good choice. Found one for 25e. It’s a top 40 mouse from your list, which by the way helped me decide, thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

UnderWatch says:

You should do a review on the Razer Lancehead

Ridley says:

Looks like another Deathadder clone.
in other words a big no.

That shape only works 100% well for palm grip.

We need more mice with the bump towards the back.

Pyro Saiyouri says:

Zy, you should review the Zowie G-SR SE if you get the chance. I’d be really interested in your thoughts on it!

BryBry says:

the last minute of your video really shows well on which level you are in quake.. ‘Impressive’

Berdt says:

I still love my EC2-A

device from APB says:

looks like deathadder

saif ziyad says:

pls recommend me a mouse
i have 20 cm by 11 cm hands ,i use palm grip ,like ergonomic design and very low lift of distance
im using the gigabyte m6900 for the last 4 years but i find it a bit small and i have no issue with the sensor

Matt ABM says:

You should get the Razer Lancehead Tournament/Wireless edition and make a review!

Zetman says:

hear me out ,
i consider a good mouse, one you just dont feel. a mouse you stop thinking about when youre playing.
one that can “read” your mind.
i bought the g203 recently and had moments liek this, after big fights in ow and qc.
that never happened with a 2016 deathadder

Shawn Ryan says:

the g403 is just too strong, buy one and put your mind at ease my friends.

ligh says:

This looks a lot like my A4Tech Bloody V3

zxGHOSTr says:

yay Isle of Men

Marchino Grimo says:

is a mamba te with optical sensor.

Hilario says:

Hey Zy, if put Zowie mouse feet on the Nixeus Revel I bet it would make it the best mouse. The big mouse feet make a difference. Could you try it please and let me know the difference?

ѕριη™ says:

Thank you Zy !
You are the best reviewer.
Keep up the good work.

Burak GÜL says:

hyperx pulsefire vs corsair glaive what s your thing

Ferry Ansony says:

Lol i just bought another G502 Proteus Core sealed in box…..its really easy to find proteus cores here because no one is buying since it is $100 here

Kogu says:

Zy please respond i love you

DustenRust says:

Hi Zy, loving your videos and hoping to see more Quake Champions on your channel soon. I have a question I’m hoping you could answer in regards to extended periods of mouse usage. I work in front of a PC and then later at home I game on a PC, and lately, I’ve been feeling my mouse hand aching, and discomfort on the wrist. I also sometimes feel discomfort on the ring finger and little finger when I clench my hand. This only happens occasionally but I’m afraid it could get worse.

Do you have any health advice for a heavy user like myself?

Phractals says:

Thanks for this review, been looking forward to it.
I handled the Pulsefire in a store like a week ago and the shape actually felt amazing to me (19.5 cm x 10 cm hands, claw grip). Kind of similar to the Deathadder but actually more comfortable for me because it doesn’t have the protruding edges toward the front, like the DA does. I actually didn’t notice the weirdly angled sides, but then again I wasn’t playing with it.
I guess I’ll wait and see what Nixeus is doing with their ergo mouse and then decide what I’ll get to fulfill my ergo needs (currently using the Revel), but the Pulsefire will definitely stay on my consideration list.

Top Comment says:

All I want is a 90 gram Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.

Shadpool The Knight Of The Wind says:

YOU make me wanna play Quake.

pzogel says:

Nice review, didn’t even know this one existed.

Btw, could you review to these mice as well:
Thermaltake Ventus X Optical (basically an EC1-A with a 3360)
Razer Lancehead
EVGA Torq X5 Optical (85g budget mouse with a 3988)

Алексей Хаменок says:

Bro, tell your feedback looking on roccat Leadr

IamBlite says:

Best mouse reviewer in youtube hands down. Blessings to you my friend

Tim Jiji says:

that 180 rail frag was NICE

Edouard R says:

wtf just a deathadder ripoff

pound_to_rest says:

4:20 that’s what my rival 300 has been doing, always confused me, at least I know what it is now

rishab darbari says:

I hate lifting my mouse, how do you play fps games while lifting…. its so hard for me, just tilt your keyboard and punish your elbow

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