Glorious “Model O” Gaming Mouse – First Impressions (O.D.I.N)

First Impressions of the Model O. Loving it so far!


Monster Zero says:

can u make your audio even queter? thx

EXP_Crane 24 says:

where can i buy this?

Exitcy says:

Just reserved, I respect Glorious for not doing the Final Mouse BS and hope this mouse stands up for its hype

Adit Bhutani says:

How is the size of this mouse compared to similar ones? Bigger/Smaller than Death adder?

Can We Make It To One Hundred Subs With No Videos says:

How did you get one at 1.2k subs?

Gabriel Games says:

can it be set to a solid purple color?

Blower Gr says:

That video was so good and it had perfect quality but i recommend that next time you make a video about a mouse you should talk about the sensor and test it to!!(take example from rocket jumping ninja)

Dylan Kim says:

my volume is on 100%

da real rulezbreaker says:

just one question: is it posible to put other functions on the sidebuttons? like just a keyboard key for example?

Papita says:

I was going to get air 58 ninja with hyper glides but I’m getting this instead which is half the price

Raw Welch says:

Sick lights? How about the dimensions of the mouse? Is it for large hands or small? Sold my finalmouse Bc I realized I was wasting time with a mouse that is made for large hands.

neth says:

my volume is maxed and I still can’t hear you, unable to watch the video

vicBTW says:

is there software?

virgo4200 says:

I don’t like the holes in it it looks cheap

inpious s1 says:

Its way better to go wireless

Wan Sou says:

Dots in the mouse are really bad for the user experience, yes it looks good and all but if you are playing with this mouse for around a week or a month the dust will get inside and maybe on your hands, and if you have sweaty hands then the swear will go inside, its really bad in my opinion, and now more companies are testing the hexagonal holes in the mouse which is bad but who cares, i want a mouse that looks good, this is the opinion of almost all of my friends, but i care about user experience and not the looks

Dormn D says:

Where do you buy this

L3AF says:

Holy shit man turn your mic volume up. dont want to blow my speaker if i listen to you then swap to something else.

Bippity Boppity says:

This looks like a better finalmouse

Velozy says:

They just took “insparation” from razer and finalmouse

UMAnoHito says:

i’ve just reservated it, but when will it be launched? And more i live in jpn, how much does it cost to ship?

Kinzu says:

Um yes please

Carson Gaiser says:



Wtf its so cheap for its model

Danny M says:

Lol at final mouse

I'm_the _Memelord says:

Ridiculously quiet

RedDragoN says:

Glossy black or glossy white? Hmmm…

spiFF video says:

Where buy white mouse ?! <3

Subsense says:

can i get one for free im broke and use 3,49$ mouse with shit sensor , i give my adress

Tyler Dearing says:

Does the scroll wheel click left and right?

dwkrx2 says:

The audio is perfect for me. What’s everyone on about?

Player One says:

Subbing at 1.2k subscribers, let it be known for when he hits 1 mil

Carson Gaiser says:

are the side buttons mushy?

Trey Murph says:

How did you like the mouse while playing csgo? I’ve already reserved one, since I love the FK1 shape.

KingAngel says:

Wow this mouse looks great, I’ve been wanting to get a new one for a time now! Hopefully this one won’t take 6 months to get delivered like finalmouse that company is a yikes. Most likely going to reserve this one!

KustomiseT says:

No hotel reservations needed!

Nick Wojcik says:

Anyone know what the shape is similar too???

FifaFlow says:

How was the sensor?

Imposs!ble me says:

Can you adjust the lift off distance?
What microswitchs does it have, omron, huano?

Mr. Brendon says:

razer and finalmouse had an orgy

Haise Arts says:

Looks like the child of the razer mamba elite and the final mouse

shamewow says:

What do you think about the shape for palm grip and the size of larger hands?

Terrhak says:

The price ?

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