Game like a Pro? … Logitech G Pro Mouse Review

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Jass Official says:

make a video comparing it with the g203(a lower budget version)

dasharound says:

that g502 noise @3:03 … I hate that about some logitech mice

Marko says:

Garbage mouse, waste of money.

F0rse_Sh0t says:

csgo rank?

PlainApples says:

Bro can we queue in mm your solid at cs. xD

Murat Zeytin says:

Let’s rush B xD

Austin T says:

got this mouse for 35 dollars at best buy, it’s sweet!

PotatoJim says:

But… that was casual tho

terp02Andrew says:

I actually use the middle-click a ton during everyday use (browsing), so it’s good that you brought that up. Not nearly as excited, considering Dmitry brought it as a minus – hrmm. Currently on sale on Amazon, which is why I’m finally doing research now haha.

97michaelthang says:

Why it’s not available in my country (Malaysia) and most of the Asia as well. They do replaced with another model named G102 with practically same design but equipped with lower-graded sensor and no rgb available just blue? So why Logitech isn’t willing to release them in Asia? If not mistaken I heard Australia is also not available with G Pro

Kipo Mpvp says:

game like a pro? you’re not even a pro

figzor says:

Short answer – no.

Vincent Pihlblad says:

I really like having lots of buttons, but I feel like it’s a worthy sacrifice for the incredibly light weight. Though I wish that there was a great optical mouse at about 100 grams with at least four extra side buttons.

Also, heavy middle click? I agree that it is a little heavy (and unsatisfying to click), but it isn’t that bad and definitely usable in any situation.



Lucas Guilherme says:

is good for claw grip ??

_Lived says:

Would this beat the deathadder i currently have?

alex rgi says:

good.for mmo?

Dinkay says:

this or g502?

Saman Havaeji says:

Man I do better In cs go with the dollar store mouse

akmal daffa says:

what is the blue color number on the gpro? been searching for it for 2 weeks

Nathaniel Smith says:

I have the G303,G502,GPro and a Ducky secret. All are great and in FPS the G502 and G303 are more accurate. The G pro is small and takes some getting use to. The Ducky is comfy but its a large mouse. In FPS the Ducky takes more effort.

Reason over Dogma says:

Stewie2k on a stream said it sucks lol

Jaime B says:

your mousepad in this video is disgusting.. look at all that dead skin! Please use some dish soap and warm water to wash it. Other than that love the vids! ♥

Alex Ynadamas says:

and g403?

chan says:

3:45 Dimitry plays smash melee Kappa

VoltBolt Games says:

half the qeigh5 of the g502 which means the same sensor will preform 17.25 % more accurater so that and its feel and great buttons this is the best mouse today

John says:

Is the sensor better than the G502 or the same?

ArtFactory says:

i fucking hate that sensor, for high sensitivities really sucks, is like you have a dead zone with very tiny movements

bstrouble says:

I just bought this today & after a couple hours of playing overwatch on it I gotta say it feels good.

ImBautY says:

which is the difference between ”G 203” and this?

Hunter H says:

throw that mouse pad in the washing machine bro

trewq ck says:

Dmitry, are you fucking russian? why Dmitry? why?

Brainwash says:

I have the G303, i fucking hate the shape, hurts my hand, but I like everything else. G Pro maybe is a good mouse for replace the G303?

Noah Roworth says:

Anyone else feel like the clicks are really light?sometimes I’m resting my middle finger in right click and I click it by accident. Other then that it’s great just need to get used to a 70£ sensor from a 3£ sensor 😀

Nyancat. says:

why only comp doe.

All In One says:

HardwareCanucks can you plz tell me which is better for cs deathadder elite or g pro??

Primescape 16 says:

i have the poor mans version of this

EmeraldGamez-Minecraft PvP says:

no, i suck at mc and after getting the mouse i still suck at it

ImBautY says:

which is the difference between ”G 203” and this?

Keatononame says:

They can sell this fuckin’ thing and make more money at $25

Simon Hjelm says:

69$? Here its 90$ like WTF

Frederik Sandberg says:

So I just got this one, and it feels really weird.I play Overwatch a lot. It’s good for still shots as Mccree for example but I find flick shots, and especially tracking as tracer really hard. It feels like it’s trying to autoadjust itself whenever I try to track smoothly which is a pain in the arse. Can’t figure out if my mousepad could cause problems it’s a bit rough. Worst thing about it is the edges of the mousepad seems to be grinding a lot with the mouse wire. Anyways have anyone experienced something similar? What fixed it for you? (Yes, the auto enchance stuff is off).

Shubham Patil says:

Which gaming mice best Logitech g pro vs Logitech g402

Tempelis says:

The prodigy version is around 40$ and it’s the FUCKING SAME MOUSE! (except the cable and highest dpi)
Logitech is trolling

动画JuanPaFX 绢帕 says:

logitech g pro or razer deathadder ?

James Buchanan says:

This or the Zowie FK2 for 18cm by 9cm hands and a claw grip? I exclusively play FPS games and want a small lightweight mouse that is easy to pick up or swipe.

ReD_ WaVe says:

g pro or g502

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