G.Skill RIPJAWS MX780 Mouse Review (Laser)

Not a full review. While it’s not a recommendation, there’s a lot to like about this mouse, so I hope to see more from G.Skill in the near future. If they just made the shape a bit safer, used a 3360 optical, redesigned the side buttons, reduced the weight a little, along with the button latency, it could get into the Top Mice lists.

So basically they need to make it more standard. I understand adding flare, it would help sales with people who aren’t all that competitive… they want the “coolest” mouse possible. But of course I go for aiming ability and comfort, the flare doesn’t mean anything to me.

Good mouse, just needs improvements.

If you want to buy one of these despite what I’ve pointed out, here are some links…

Australia – You can get these from MWAVE: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/gskill-ripjaws-mx780-rgb-laser-gaming-mouse-ab68295


Amazon USA http://amzn.to/2hUwBVr

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/2hqEwwN


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mrsaltyz says:

Oh cool. You have the Cougar Arena in black already. 🙂

UKScooBy says:

Is there this mouses alternative?

Zack McClure says:

Looks a bit like the g9x with the side fins

jpagee says:

“If they just made the shape a bit safer, used a 3360 optical, redesigned the side buttons, reduced the weight a little, along with the button latency.” Basically they’d have to remake the whole mouse for it to be decent, I understand they sent you this mouse but you don’t have to make it seem good lol.

zeus1117 says:

I have sent it back immediately. Horrible for the palm.

PanadaTM says:

Mionix castor, deathadder, or rival 300? Hand size is 17.5 cm

Screenbite says:

do you have plans to review the scream one?

Cold says:

Great videos by the way. I got a question because we both have same hand size and I am used to cheap mice (which are not recommended for FPS ) so I was wondering which one to get for Christmas FK2 or G403. I use palm/fingertip hybrid (I can do palm or fingertip by themself I just prefer the hybrid ) as well as my fingers are thinner than yours because I am little bit younger than you probably. So I really just wanted your opinion as you used both mice and have same hand size as me. I have QCK heavy for mouse pad and I mainly play FPS-CSGO

AlleBalle54 says:


Herr Bert says:

Latency or not, your accuracy looks better than with many of the mice you liked. Can’t wait for the highlight video.

pep says:

I just wanted to say thank you for recommending me the Zowie EC1-A , it’s really the closest to perfect for me.

Chang Charlie says:

can you do mad catz rat 8 as well? it has 3360, but the weight is a bit heavier, thank you!!

Jonathan Sánchez says:

Hey Zy wich Mousepad would you pick? Hyper X Pro L or Asus Strix Glide control? (Mouse is a Corsair Sabre RGB Laser because I’m more comfortable with laser mice + it’s the only one aviable on the country.

Congrats on almost 44k and let’s go for those 50k!

Anonymous .A says:

If a laser sensor is made without any of the downsides usually expected on laser sensors, Would it then become the superior sensor over optical?

CS lul says:

If you get any ThermalTake products, maybe check thermaltake theron mouse, i would like to see what you think of it

Guanjyn says:

It’s videos like these that really help make the best products.

Nico Gaming says:

Me deeeeeu ondaaa. Meu pau te ama❤

Phúc Nguyễn Thế says:

How long till I can see the Mastermouse Pro S and the R.A.T 4 ? xD

Lefo says:

Hey I just got my new zowiefk1 after watching your review but i didn’t realise that it wouldn’t track on my wooden desk,thoughts?

False Catalyst says:

does it have lag?

dhika says:

what about mad catz mice? adjustable length etc. rat 9 is the newest one i want to hear what u think about this mice

Felix Me says:

Any suggestion for a smaller hand size + wireless? Maybe like a logitech pro (wireless).

Blobfish 101 says:

I find that there are certain things I tend to almost always disagree with Rocket Jump Ninja on when it comes to gaming mice. I have fairly large hands, and like to use a palm grip. I tend to prefer mice like this one which have more modular design and I especially like the adjustable palm rest because it means that I can get the mouse to fit my hand. These mice are always described as “unsafe” design wise and that smoother more simple designs are almost always complemented on this channel however I often find that these are less comfortable to use because they are usually too small for me to palm grip.

I used the Cougar 700M for a long time (until the left mouse button became faulty). I bought a Logitech G502 to replace it, however I found that despite some reviewers saying it was a larger mouse, I found that it didn’t properly fit my hands with a palm grip, and if I moved my hand far enough forward on the mouse for it to be comfortable, my thumb would be way to far forwards to reach the side back button. I also like things such as thumb rests because it feels more comfortable to me. I agree about what you say about the sensors however. I don’t dispute that Rocket Jump Ninja knows a lot about gaming mice, however I think that he reviews mice for a very specific audience. I play a lot of FPS games such as overwatch, and I have a number of friends like me who generally prefer larger mice and adjustable ones, so that you can make the mouse fit your hand.

I haven’t used the G.Skill MX780, however judging from reviews of this mouse, I would recommend the Cougar 700M if this is the sort of mouse you are considering buying. It is only a right handed mouse, however it is also adjustable, and has some of the nicest feeling side buttons I have used in a gaming mouse. It also has a sniper button just below your thumb, which I have found to be very useful.

Chaz Garcia says:

zy can you review the gamdias zeus p1 rgb mouse?

Jon Daly says:

Hey, you should get a hold of the CM Storm Mizar, I know you dont like the 9800 as a sensor but the mouse has great buttons, scroll, weight and a decently safe shape for only $19 bucks, beats that reddragon mouse any day. Aslo it could be interesting to compare a more “traditional” style mouse with essentially the same hardware as the mx780 to see if the over designed style is worth the extra $30

antonio says:

G302 is currently being sold for 16$, should i buy it?

beshj says:

Hi zy, have you tried the logitech mouse pads? (specifically the 240) im trying to pick up a new cloth mouse pad i have used glorious gaming XXXL and QCK heavy. What do you recommend? I like using logitech gear or zowie gear too.

ill41057 says:

wat is this mouse

Shark00n1337 says:

Another great one!
Try to get your hands on an Asus Spatha

Marco Alfonso Nacchia says:

Hi Zy, what do you think about QPAD DX20 or THERMALTAKE VENTUS R ???

Jonas M says:

Do you know any upcoming gaming mice in 2017? I wish zowie would release a EC3-A because I have tiny hands and the EC2-A is too big for me ^_^

DeeCee 2808 says:

logitech g402 or g303?

TypicalCostaGuy says:

If you can get your hands on them you need to check out the new peripherals creative just came out with, their keyboard has similar switches to new Logitech’s, and the mouse sounds really good in theory http://us.creative.com/p/peripherals

milad lali says:

i just trust you man.

Gábor Trenka says:

Greetings! I was strongly considering buying this mouse before I watched this video, but now started doubting the choice a little. Based on this (and some other sources) the sensors in this mouse are a bit outdated, which is what concerns me the most. I never bought a proper gaming mouse before, so I don’t have a base to compare it to. I made some research and found the Roccat Kiro to have similar functionality to this one, how significant do you think the difference between the sensors on these models would be? I really like the style and design of this mouse with the adjustable wrist rest and side grips, do you have any recommendations on similar models?

Happy says:

just wondering why dont you like laser sensors?

jonnolags says:


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