Fnatic Flick 2 and Clutch 2 Mouse Review | Discount Code: RJN

You can buy these directly from Fnatic and use the Discount Code: RJN


The second generation of Fnatic’s mice are here. The Flick 2 and Clutch 2 have some great improvements and almost everything right. As always, it depends on personal preference.

Top optical sensor (3360), around 100 gram weight, comfortable shapes, good buttons and more. Definitely worth a look.

Personally I’d like to see more work done to the shapes. The improvements they’ve made are great, but they could be made even better, so hopefully they continue these lines.

Quake Highlights – Strogg on Awoken – this is a game I played with the Flick 2 https://youtu.be/wFgBGHqn47M

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Fnatic Flick 2 https://amzn.to/2HIKbN0
Fnatic Clutch 2 https://amzn.to/2rf9X0g

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Martin Matko says:

Nice vid… really. please make more

Gioele Montipò says:

So… is it actually worth updating from the flick g1? i want to buy a new mouse, i dont want to spend to much so i was opting for the flick g1, or the zowie ec2-a, but its really expensive, i have already watched your video where you put the flick vs the ec2-a, but it didnt help me… what should i do? thanks to everyone for the help 😀

ytsubid says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the Campgrounds variant shown at 4:30?

Dimiter Angelicheff says:

Realy good mouse,only cable is not good. Video review is perfect like always.

Keaton Playz says:

Is the game he is playing called quake champions. And do I need a hoghspec PC to run it it’s not a problem if I do. See I have a shitty laptop right now but I’m getting a pretty beasty PC when I start working this summer and I just thought this game looked fun

z0rQQ says:

They look nice… like most of the new gaming mice, but rubber sides and anti-slip coating.. I dont like it.
Is there any good mouse with a pure PBT body and a 3360 like sensor on the market?

Martin Matko says:

i also like that you play quake.. i miss that game.

Marcel Peters says:

Top mouses for each hand type (wide, long, thin) would be super appreciated because my hands are stupidly wide and I’m scared I’m going to end up wasting my money.

HaZy says:

I actually picked up a rival 600 a little while ago, but i think that i might get this, as my rival 600 seems to track weirdly upon my Puretrak talent (yeah im old school) any info on if this mouse will track on it? i tried the prev gen in a store and it fits really well, are these any different in shape?

Koicflakes ykH says:

Fnatic rush 2 Hype!

XuKeD says:

Great review! What software did you use to test button click delay?

Jaime Quiambao says:

I got the teen Titans go movie ad

David Cortez says:

good thing i canceled my order . . . im going for their website any promo codes ?

Rocket Jump Ninja says:

That Quake Champions video I posted recently was using the Fnatic Flick 2: https://youtu.be/wFgBGHqn47M

Fnatic Keyboards Review coming soon. Wanted to start with mice because that’s what this channel is based on.

adhi1150203 says:

where can i get these mouse? i can’t find a shop that selling them in my country (indonesia)

Matthew Pitt says:

Is the lift off distance issue fixed on these new models?

givemeajackson says:

Too heavy imo. A wireless g403 is only about 3-4 grams heavier

Onur Genc says:

4:42 quake live?

Randhika Ikra says:

are these fnatic gear mouses open to asian market? like i live in indonesia and i dont see any online shop or gaming store that sell these mouse, i really want to try it

D0GT4G says:

I recently found your channel because I too have played Quake for a long time. Again, I use a very cheap cheap Corsair Harpoon and thanks to watching your videos and gaining knowledge on sensor types, I have decided to retire from the Harpoon and move the the ZOWIE FK2. Especially with me being a CS:GO player, this drastically improved my aim. I was Master Guardian 1 with the Harpoon and now I am reaching to the higher levels of Master Guardian Elite and B on ESEA. Thanks again to you Zy, I will continue to support your amazing channel and hey, maybe I’ll run into you in a quake game 😛

SN Empire says:

why did they make the flick 2 bigger than the g1

ColeTheGuy says:

You should do a video on the best cheap headset (meaning included mic) for gaming. Love your vids, do you play Reflex? What are your thoughts on the game?

عبدالملك الصائغ says:

Well Done Video
Keep the passion going

A. P. says:

Hi Zy,

Enjoy your reviews! Any chance we could get a review of one of the budget Pixart 3325 sensor mice? I’d be curious to see your take on the Redragon M711 or something similar.

billygenius says:

My only friend is suddenly ignoring me. what do I do? ;( It is really tearing me apart!!
Nice review. I just bought a Zowie ec1-a because of your review and I love it even tho the surface gets greasy really fast.

rDragon says:

With built in aimbot

Sir Slyooo says:

Would you say the logi 403 is still number one ?

RefleXxOnYT says:

I Have 21×10cm hands ,i use Claw and Hybird Grip . Should i Get Zowie Fk1 or Zowie Ec2-a or Zowie Ec1-a ? BTW i like Medium-Large mice than ultra huge mice but i don’t know what shape and Dimensions would be better for me. You can contact me on my email or on this comment but please reply because i’am realy confused (Dont know if i like ambidextrous or ergonomic shape but i like 88-94g mice)

PAİ N says:

my eng is not good ı will ask simple
zowie ec_2b , razer basilisk , ss rival 600
which is the best ?
ı have medium hand size 18 – 6 cm

Sidewinder79th says:


labedz1772 says:

Hello guys, i want new mouse and I think beetween g900 and rival 600, what do you think? I got rival 310 but I dont like main buttons, to soft for me, ideal was g403, Perfect clicks

Son Goku says:

when will the review of the keyboard come out?

Ben R4m-Z says:

12.999cm = “”about 13 centimeters”
Next thing you know he’ll be telling us that .9999999 = 1

the7observer says:

Hey man, love your reviews (especially the size and palm type). Could you take a look into the redragon mouses? Some people have been saying they are good but I still have my doubts about the brand (I’m using a mechanical keyboard from them and it’s good)

nitronite7 says:


Broom says:

who is producing these mice for fnatic?

Redshiftit says:

@MouseManufacturers – It’s obvious you need this dude to help you make a mouse -.-

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