Finalmouse Ultralight Pro Review – Discount Code: RJN

Great large shape, top optical sensor, Omron switches and seriously light weight at 71g (with a bit of cable). The popular shell of the Tournament Pro and Scream One is back and lighter than ever with a honeycomb design.

We’re also seeing a lot of quality improvements and no LED. This is mostly aimed at serious gamers, especially First Person Shooter players who want their aim to be at its best.

No software, just DPI stages of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200.

Definitely worth a look.

If you’re buying directly from Finalmouse, you can use my Affiliate Link here with the coupon code “RJN” for 10% off:

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JustMarcus/Designzx says:

Hyper x cloud alpha

Orka Drones says:


Fortuneer says:

I bought the G403 based on your review made on it, it’s the best mouse I’ve tried and I’ve gone through the entire Zowie line-up, Steelseries Rival (different versions) and Razer deathadder and so on. I won’t replace my G403 until it breaks or something significantly better is developed.

ATH YF says:

If only they could MAKE A MODEL FOR SMALLER HANDS it would be my main driver.
The Ninox Aurora (74g) is still my number 1.

This mouse will need the SLOWEST mousepad available, any idea which one is it????
My frost blue QcK has the perfect texture but its a bit too small, the QcK+ feels faster (less controlled) despite having the same cloth texture probably because its base is a bit harder.
I wanna try the QcK heavy to see if the softer base resolve the speed boost.

Rocket Jump Ninja says:

If you’re buying directly from Finalmouse, you can use my Affiliate Link with the coupon code “RJN” for 10% off:

The Finalmouse Ultralight Pro is now available for Canadians on Amazon!

Ultralight Pro White:
Ultralight Pro Black:

For those new to Finalmouse, there’s no software, just DPI stages of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200.

And a more casual opinion… I was really surprised that I could adjust to such a low weight after failing so badly at the start. I genuinely thought I wasn’t going to recommend this mouse. But no, it’s great, and where the Scream One probably should have placed, if it didn’t have its issues on launch.

I still think the sides on the FK series are better, but the top (comfort grooves!) is better on the Ultralight. As always, no such thing as the perfect mouse, but there are some great ones out there, and this is one of them.

Nukes says:

Nice mouse actually, might get one for a look , currently on fk1

Pedro Soares says:

How does the shape compare to a deathadder or a asus gladius?

MrYong says:

I have a sweaty hand, and I liked the materials used on EC1-B due to the natural vacuum force liked it produce. Is this mouse grippy enough compares to EC1-B?

PS: I use palm grip with 3 fingers on the mice.

Icre8 says:

Zy, how do I go about getting one of these In Australia? Appreciate the review very interested in picking one up.

Koome says:

Imagine having to clean this shit

UnJustiC says:

SteelSeries Rival 310 or FK1?

FelixFTW says:

Finalmouse releasing some trypophobia

fi5ke says:

Hi mate,

An awesome video once again. I just got back into the “gaming game” again, after seven years of non gaming. I’ve played competitive Counter-Strike years ago and used the MS 3.0 but mainly the Microsoft IntelliMouse 1.1A.

2018: Since I didn’t want to install unsigned drivers for 1000hz I bought the Zowie EC-2B a few weeks ago. For a sort of mix between the 1.1A and the 3.0. I tried almost all the Zowie mice and watched a lot of your videos. I was looking for a “new 1.1A” but the couldn’t find the right shape, the Fnatic looked close. This mouse looks close to the 1.1A and sound to interesting not to try at 71g, wow!

Also looking into playing some Quake again for getting back in shape, played almost 20 years ago and I feel I move an ambidextrous mouse a lot better but not always for recoil, so perfect for Quake.


gerg says:

mionix does good braided cables if they just mimic the looseness of the cable then everything should be set

Insane1s says:


Simsel Moep says:

500 or 1000 hz?

Rigid says:

Ordered one using your code… I’m going to keep it as a backup for now, but I really want to bust it out and see just how lightweight it feels.

Tomáš Rohr says:

What about the new MS Classic Intellimouse? :O

Joe Murray says:

This is the mouse summit is using atmo

hurricane says:

looks fun to sweat into my mousepad

Sorgair says:

is it being 500hz annoying when tracking or no?

David Kover says:

Mouse are already way too light for me. Someone must have weak ass arms. Ultra light mouse? gtfoh lol

NarutoPvP_ __ says:

Where do you put the discount code

Kyle Chou says:

My palm sweats… So that mouse is gonna get spoiled because of my sweat…

edboogie78 Boogie says:

I’d like to see this on the ec2-a.

MPK says:

Did you do a review for the ZOWIE EC2-B?

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