Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom – Discount Code: RJN

Same Ultralight, new look and awesome flexible cable! That’s the major difference on this one and because it was my major complaint with the Ultralight, I’m really happy to see them improve the cable so much. This is seriously one of the best, if not THE best cable I’ve ever used. It feels like it’s wireless.

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(Note: They might not be in stock, these sell so quickly most places don’t get them)



Extra note: There are no lights on the mouse, it’s the same as the others, just different colour.


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GridAnime says:

I’m not sure if this mouse would fit me the G900 is the perfect shape for me but I’m looking for something lighter than that. I think it has to do with the back of the mouse. Hand size is 18.2 x 10.1

Azri Azhari says:

I have the exact same hand size as you, so all the mice I bought was based on your recommendations. If this mice is in number 1 in your list, I gotta buy one, but at a smaller size

b888 says:

3360 right? Will pixart ever update their sensors?. The Logitech hero sensor is supposed to be 0 acc & true CPI adjustable in steps of 1!!. Meaning I can have a CPI of 1300 & sensitivity of 1.0. Instead of the stupid 800 CPI & 1.6

sageco says:

Any advice on getting this in Australia?

Alixer says:

What game is What? it looks fun!

Memerinoe says:

wait it costs $89 ?!

Life says:

Someone help , the bump on my deathadder elite makes it very uncomfortable though the size is perfect. I need a mouse with the same size but flatter on the top?!?

Luděk Bis says:

Oh no my trypophobia

Hydro Gamer says:

Should i get a heavy mouse or a light mouse cuz people tell me that heavy mice make your aim better cuz there heavy …

Hazno OW says:

i use a heavy mouse actually. corsair glaive rgb (127g) compared to the finalmouse ultralight (70g).

Väganalibljad says:

Already sold out :O

b888 says:

Wireless is the future.

Rob Morris says:

The roccat luta weighs only 70 grams and costs 15 USD.

Umbra says:

They should try to put some sort of plastic wrap covering the holes underneath so people stop worrying so much

cptxander says:

sold out

﴿ ILUZIONIST ﴾ says:

Money is better spent on a normal Ultralight and a CeeSA paracord cable without a doubt.

-impulse- says:

this mouse looks sick, ive heard many good things about it, if there was a smaller version of it, i would 100% pick the new ultra light up since my g303 is dieing

Artistique says:

My hand size is perfect for this mouse! I just don’t know if I should switch to it from my relatively new G403.

Royal Archer Gaming says:

My mouse is better

Tello says:

people say you can aim better with lighter mices! Ive had 2 Ultralight, Fk1, Fk2, G403, 502, Ec1B and 2b, steelseries Rival 600, Deathadder Elite, Mastermouse S rgb. i can tell you guys the shape is nice and i play claw/palm between those. And i have 20x10cm hand and the clicks are good. I have tested so many different mices but i cant say that you aim better with a light mice! thats some placebo shit to sell more mice

Oskar Johansson says:

i liked my ultralight but after a while the rightclick felt harder to click down than the left click

Big Boy Kris says:

So. What mouse do I get. I have 17 cm hands and use finger grip?

Aquacelot says:

They get sold out so fast

Quantum Lightning says:

the finalmouse is too small, my hands are huge so i cant buy it

Certified Casual says:


Fuzzz says:

Orrrrr the deathadder elite which has rgb and a very nice sensor for $55

Klungkky says:

hey try to review the tecware phantom rgb budget mechanical keyboard

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