Finalmouse Ninja Air58 Review! Ninja’s New Mouse.. Worth The Hype?

Finalmouse Ninja Air58 Review! Ninja’s New Mouse.. Floats Like A Butterfly.. Stings Like A Bee..



DPI Steps: 400 800 1600 3200



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ComebackShane says:

Hey, I had cordless, but switched backed to cord…nothing worse than running low on battery life and out of them…..gave me anxiety attacks too…..Cord is like a ‘breath of fresh air’ never gotta deal with that problem no more….whewy… the light corded regardless of which mouse.

Beast _Boy4561 says:

I used to be a gamer than my dad broke my ps4

Simonstar says:

Why waste your money on this if you could get a £40 Steelseries rival 310 which is 100 times better?

TryHxrder o0o says:

im not stupid u kno….are these hexagons…hexagons?

Camo says:

What keyboard are you using?

Josh Grimm says:

What’s that mouse mat you have? I want that.

Shahzad Khan says:

G pro wireless any day over this

Beast Leo says:

your intro’s sound is kind of familiar Stranger Things?

Mad Wolf says:

Thank you for liking Overwatch more than Fortnite.

Trotrmslayerxl//Counter Blox says:

if i buy this will i get banned

MOMO! says:

my razer mamba TE is better still, goes up to 15k dpi and the click of the mouse sounds good and also is light and…………….. RGB lights

BobaTeaBunny says:

Dislike ninja, love the mice though. Especially the blue one x)

Saucerthansauce says:

It’s ugly

this guy says:

next mouse: no mouse just cord

ZER0TW0 says:

i like this mouse but not ninja

Samurai says:

Is that the op “over powered” pc in background….Isnt it like the shotiest gaming pc?

Allen Clinton says:

90 bucks for a 10 dollar mouse?? HAHAHHAHAHAHA

Matthew Murphy games says:

Can u get this in europe

hattu says:

this video was good but why are you wearing a hat and a coat indoors like fuck mate it looks warm enough in there

Tyler Frieze says:

“It just felt like my hand and my brain, and my mind was just connected…”

c peace says:

Wait a minute?? What mouse pad do u use??

Brandon Taylor says:

I know these sold out but I’ll be doing a giveaway this week make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out.

MR Mister says:

“Which has like one of my favourite clicks of all time” lol but I hear you

cahir swift says:

Lmao I legit got a logitech ad at the start

Vincent says:

what keyboard do u use

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