Finalmouse Classic Ergo 2 Review (Large, 85g, 3360 Optical)

This mouse has almost everything right, but in my opinion the shape isn’t safe, and I don’t think I could ever get comfortable with it … that said, some people absolutely love it, so as always, go into this decision with an open mind. If it sounds like something that could suit you, then it might be worth giving a try.

The shape is the reason it’s not in the Top 20, otherwise it would be.

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Артур Столярчук says:

Hi Zy:D Pls try to review Fantech x5 Zeus. 25-30$
Im wainting for it, please. Gl and hf

TensaZangetsu63 says:

I use a Logitech G403 with a CeeSa paracord cable and removed the magnets that hold the weight in place to lower the weight a bit. It’s basically endgame.

Venezio says:

Hello! I’m trying to update my Finalmouse Classic Ergo 2 (Black) to 1khz. But i always get the message: Program MCU Flash Fail.. I tried to run as administrator and plug it in an another usb hole, but it doens’t seem to work when i click update.

It just shows “Program MCU Flash Fail..” all the time.


Can someone help me?

Aran Wakinaga says:

Review xtrfy m1 please!

zeus1117 says:

still laggy this game ? i have uninstalled long ago

Pötikkä Pötikkälä says:

You should test the a bit older steelseries kana/kana v2 its not that well of a known mouse

niot tome says:

are you going to review the Roccat Kone Aimo? I think it could be a top choice for every game type.

Davy15 says:

Hope to see you review the new modular razer naga trinity mouse and razer tartarus v2 gaming keypad which gives you extra buttons for your thumb and additional scroll wheel for thumb on the keypad.

Dylan Angel says:

mmmmm $9 rapoo with $30 worth of internals

Rob w says:

Hey guys, my hand is 21cm in length and 10.5cm wide, what mouse (mice) would you recommend , thank.

Noah Brah says:

Are you going to Review the ZA11 ?

Yukirov says:

What’s the best gaming mouse you ever testet? i mean shit on the price, tell me your most favourite mouse xd

ws r says:

My hands f1~f10 size  final mouse ergo2 VS revenger S  who win?

Hillo says:

the shape reminds me of the g502 of my fingers on the right have nowhere to rest

Brad Anderson says:

hey zy i seem to have acceration on! i cant seem to turn it off? or do you have a program to check

SeventySeven says:

i feel like you should always put a deathadder in the comparisons because a lot of people (or their friends) have a deathadder and it’ll be easy to compare

Kqog says:

I swear you were at 97k subs a few days ago. Rapid growth.

Mason Gotto says:

hey zy, I’m in need of a new mouse I started watching your channel because of this. I have found your videos really good and informative, I’m issue is I have a odd size hand its 21cm long and 12cm wide. I play fps games I use a claw grip right now (kind of by force my mouse is too small for me to use a plum grip). could you give me a couple recommendations on mice that would fit me or anyone else that reads this please.

Bangsen says:

This mouse or the roccat kone pure? I want a mouse with a deep thumb groove

Golde says:

You really need to try out the evga torq x5

Jackson_W says:

So I just bought quake live because of your videos and it’s really annoying being kicked from a lot of the servers. Should I get quake champions because it’s newer, and will I get kicked less?

Zexton says:

Hey zy,can you review the cougar puri?

3meir says:

used more than 15 mice and 5 of them was in Zy top 10

and the classic ergo is my fav, if you think the shape will suit you, trust me it will

Snakkey _ says:

how is this against a g302 that is a few years old with decent use?

Jay H says:

Just got mine… it definitely feels no larger than a medium mouse… feels like a ergo version of the GPro if im being honest.

wantafanta01 says:

i had to debraid the cable and replace the feet before i could use mine… they were that bad… the rubber cable under the braiding was great tho no idea why they braided it… nice super slim rubber cable

i do disagree about it being a niche mouse shape though… no more niche than the s1

Rhyzen says:

What a good mouse for me? 18 cm and i’m finger grip

Robert Dumitru says:

zowie fk2 or ec2-a for csgo?

lunatiqhai wot says:

razer imperator copy

JesusBlack14 says:

Oh wow, they made a secong Razer Imperator ripoff…

Koalarsky says:


Abdulaziz Mar'e says:

Can final mouse do anything properly?

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