Finalmouse Air58 Ninja Review – Discount Code: RJN

How light can we go? Finalmouse is taking their large mouse design to the next level by lowering the weight even more than the Ultralight, now the Air58.

Their last mouse was great, this one is even better and replaces the Phantom in the Top 40 at #2. But don’t worry about the number too much, this is definitely #1 for a lot of people. For you too? Maybe. See what you think!

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DJ Dang says:

If they make a mouse that’s rgb, I’d instantly buy it

C8 Cheese says:

I have a 16.51 length and 10.16 in wide and looking for all mouse’s around my size anyone have good suggestions? im using the gpro g305 wired version with the hero sensor and I like it a lot but it can feel a odd and looking to explore more mice for my size

HAPPTY says:

is the razer baliskisk bigger than the air58

Byron Gonzalez says:

My most you guys recommend for my hand size
7.5 long 4.25 wide
I use palm grip
Mouse i tried
G403,ec2,fk2, g305 ,rival ,basilisk,sensei
I feel like I’m not comfortable to aim with them.

Raven says:

Is replacing the mousefeet worth it?

Kimmy says:

Could you recommend me something? I had steelseries rival 100 which felt super good in my hand but it broke so I bought a new mouse. I decided to get logitech g502 which was the biggest mistake of my life. Only problem here is that I cant go back to rival since the ips speed jump would be like from 300 to 140 which I don’t want.. So what are some good mice for rival 100 feeling grib?

LUC says:

I can’t care less about stupid unique handmade signs on my mouse wheel… I want the mouse on my desk because of its weight and to pop off. Marketing idiots… Guess I will just rock with competitors

Litupmeboio says:

Does anyone know what the haiku says?

saintsrider says:

The mouse I personal uses the Logitech g502 my one problem is it’s weight maybe if it weighed a little bit less I’d be happier but I can’t use any other Mouse because the shape is to good on the g502

Apricot Juice says:


Foxi says:

just bought mine through a third party reseller so that’s £150 OOF’ed. I hope its good, my old g500 series isdead ass about 9 years old. for real. I hope its worth the money

Rocket Jump Ninja says:


Also to avoid possible site crashes, use direct link, here’s mine:

Kiki Production says:

Wharf si this game ??

しまだありす says:

air58 欲しい

MarlonDjango says:

i was going to get this mouse but it is basically impossible to get any finalmouse so i went for a g703 wireless instead

Jerry Seinfeld says:

If only it wasn’t sold out

LAZANTWNHSG gaming says:

This or steelseries rival 600


sold out

hai 123 says:

are u a midget or something cause my hand is 20 cm

SimpleSumm3r says:

Is it purposely made lighter because of Ninja’s 9 year old fans complaining about the previous one which is slightly heavier?

Aaron Swanson says:

I have notifications on so I got one, does anyone know when the hyperglides for these are coming back in stock on amazon

SS FaLco says:

What game?

Hasif Shaikh says:

Who else thinks Zy can easily take part in esports if he played more than quake

william wang says:

What do you think of the Logitech Mx Anywhere 2s as a jack of all trades mouse?

u w u says:


Overwhelming Nostalgia says:

Rocket Jump Ninja, I know you might ignore me like most people, but I wanted to ask you about whether I should get a Razer Deathadder Elite or SteelSeries 310. I have small hands appropriately 16.5 cm in length and 9 cm in width. Btw price doesn’t matter, it’s gonna be my Christmas gift so price doesn’t matter cause I will only get 1 gift.
Please Reply, Thanks

Blockmaster says:

Zy, do you have an opinion on Hyperglides or any other aftermarket mouse feet? Especially with the Air58?

Spicy Cock says:

but how on earth is this suppose to “make you go outside more”, this had one of the dumbest marketing lmao. but seems like a good product!

Fabien Gatthold says:

Really good test ( as usually )
hi Zy, i’m lookin’ for a mouse with the same shape and the same weight as the IE 1.1 ( old school style playin’ cs since 2002 ).
i’ve got the 1.1 “steelseries” version but the sensor as some problem. I really found the steelseries sensei is curently the same as 1.1 but its to old for me now.
waiting for your answer 🙂

ToxiicBlaZe says:

Could you test out mices with a paracord cable, and let us know whether buying a wired mice using a paracord would be better suited than an expensive wireless mouse or wireless battery containing mouse such as the g305

In other words, would using the gpro wired with a paracord be better than a g305

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