Feenix Vitesse Mouse Review (3310 Optical, Omrons, 90g)

The details of this mouse look great, suited to FPS, MOBA and RTS. I’d say that it’s a good addition to the market from Feenix for claw grip users. As always, it’s personal preference with these mice, so watch the review and see if it suits you!

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TicTacMage (DefiantFrost) says:

Have you played any Overwatch, Zy?

lambotino says:

will you ever do a live stream of doom or something where you play with you youtube viewers

Simone Giannini says:

top review as usual

LastGamingPizza says:

I Need Your Answer…What is the most similar mouses to razer deathadder?

JackyTEM says:

Jittery clicking why do you know about that?

Simone Giannini says:

same sensation here, great mouse but not for everybody and great on office desk, but great and great buld quality, every click is a pleasure

Mentos says:

Best budget mice?

P A says:

Hi Zy! Great review : ) One question: is this mouse smaller than the EC2-a? you always say that you want a smaller EC2-a, is it this one? Or do you know a mouse like this? Thanks so much

Ph3nomen0N says:

Can you make a review on the Oscar x7 710BK?

Anadia Shark says:

not sure if the company died, their social media is empty since late 2016, and their website does not sell anything but this mouse anymore, also its still 2017 (c) on their website. I guess i was lucky to get my mouse when I did buy it because its around same time i bought my mouse.

Gerardo Gutierrez says:

hey zy have you heard about the abyssus v2 it has way better materials then the last version. Would you make a review on it soon

frunction says:

This brand is by the same scumbags that make Finalmouse.

Angel Botz says:

Hi Zy can u please make a review in the new razer abyssus v2?? I trust your reviews mate,keep it up!Great work as always.

haris javed says:

Dude you are amazing at quake 🙂 – you should play battlefield 4. Come to Mig server

Braxceus says:

Are you going to do a review on the Razer Abyssus V2?

Mikoo says:

Im planning to buy a fnatic flick g1 but i dont know if it will work with the zowie camade mouse bungee could you maybe check it for me ? I tried aski ng different youtubers but they didnt reply :/ thx

Sam Goodman says:

Hey ZY! My Zowie ec2-a finally came in the mail yesterday! It’s amazing! Thank you for introducing it to me!

Roy Andersson says:

Congrats on 20K subs!

Khairi Kamar says:

Can you review feenix nascita please

McJakey says:

3:48 Was that actually written with the mouse?

The Ordinary Dude a.k.a BABiFun says:

Zy, which mice in your opinion has the best durability? I’m looking for a new one for a long run

John Smith says:

Why are people copying the Zowie niche? Like Finalmouse and Feenix, there are others I’m sure. Why should I buy this mouse over any Zowie? Like it offers nothing new and is the same type of thing that Zowie mice are.

Kmah smith says:

Zy, don’t you own the genius gx m6-400 and haven’t reviewed it yet?

Xellorated says:

Should i get FK2 or EC2-A? I do a palm claw hybrid, and i have small hands. Which one to get?

molotoveverything says:

are you interested in doing a review on the new abyssus?

Saxton Hale says:

Can you review the Mionix Naos 7000?

nasaL says:

Hey Zy, would you recommend this mouse over the FNATIC Flick G1? Cause I play at lower sensitivity and DPI, and the LOD is too high on it. Would you recommend this, or the Flick G1?

Maxime Savary says:

for those wondering, vitesse means “speed” in french.

Bussard Lawn Care says:

can you review the tek syndicate mouse?


The last kill in the clip is breathtaking, GG Zy.

Sad Whisky says:

great review!

SpaceTimeCaptain says:

Great review Zy!!! You always cover everything user may need. I wonder what you would think about Ducky Secret mouse. 😉

Mineral4r7s says:

Review the “TT eSports Ventus Z” next please.

Silluete says:

another great mouse that not available on my country 🙁

PocketDrummer says:

Hi Zy!
Have you ever used the Logitech G9? If so, what new mouse would you recommend to someone who’s used one for about 10 years?

Kli MqX says:

is your name Xai ?

Fyre says:

Please tell me that someone else saw the title and said “finesse?”

Connor Detlefsen says:

I’m curious as to see your opinion over razer mech keyboards. Some enthusiasts seem to hate their gaming boards. it would be interesting to hear your thoughts

John Wick says:

when is Zy face reveal?

7teku says:

Have you ever thought about reviewing some older/classic mice or pads like the WMO, IME 1.1, IME 3.0, or Supermat, Allsop raindrop, or Puretrak talent?

rojamb says:

Is the Naos 7000 any good? I need something thats good for casual and competitive use 😀

Rahulfattah Zulkarnain says:

you should do a budget mouse for the fans, like the redragon centrophus.a

Chang Charlie says:

hi I’m using palm grip and currently using ss rival but I want a replacement since it is too narrow for me. I have roughly 19 cm hands. will this be good for me?

Brendan Lee says:

You should review the Razer Taipan, I plan on getting it and I would like to see how it meets your expectations

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