Eero Gen 2 Review!!! Alienware AW958 Gaming Mouse & AW768 Keyboard, Etcher Burns Better!

Eero Gen 2 Review!!! Alienware AW958 Gaming Mouse & AW768 Keyboard, Etcher Burns Raspberry Pi OS Installs Better!
02:25 Eero 2nd Gen Review
Toby writes, “Eero 2 is out, should I upgrade from my first gen Eero system? It’s supposed to be twice as fast!!!” We review the Eero 2nd Gen Home WiFi Mesh Networking System, show off the new Eero Beacon, and benchmark its WiFI speed vs. the original Eero!

12:12 Alienware Gaming Mouse & Keyboard
Shannon reviews Alienware’s new Elite Gaming Mouse AW958 (There are so many ways to customize this mouse!), and the new AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard (Macros galore!) in the video!

23:21 Best SD/USB Burner Ever!
Mark emailed, “Have you heard about the BEST SD/USB BURNER EVER Sorry for the screaming caps, but last week I ran across a recommendation (on the site, no less) for a utility called Etcher!” We demo the utility -which is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux- in the video! Thanks, Mark!

26:40 DisplayPort or DisplayPort over USB-C?
Brian writes, “purchased the Dell 38″ wide monitor you featured. It’s great! I can attach the monitor to the dock via the DisplayPort port/cable OR DisplayPort over USB-C. Is one better than the other or are there different bandwidth issues etc?” We explain where DisplayPort over USB-C has advantages, and if the video looks any different in the video!–over-usb-type-c?lang=en

30:13 Do Something Analog!
Like El Kantaro, who’s working on an amaaaaazing infinity display… check the video out!
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Vinhhotboii says:

great show

Jacob Ledbetter says:

Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol

Jeff dillman says:

Loved the show. Thank you both 🙂

John Doe says:

Patrick: We CAD users LOVE programmable mice, as they allow us to set up often used functions to a single click, instead of click>move>click>move>click>FUNCTION! This saves HOURS on complex parts.

Are there any phones that have display port support?

twstdelf says:

<3 Snubs' Mom ;)

mario soto says:

Mouses hehe

illkitty says:

For turning my Disc images onto bootable flash drives I like to us Rufus, however, that one you reviewed in this episode, I wonder if it is more powerful, based on being cross platform alone.

Jarvis Garcia says:

Thumbs up for Maker Mom!

Dave Fildes says:

Love the room of requirement for the eero setup.

Tyler Smith says:

You guys don’t know Etcher? Wow, yeah it’s awesome, I met the guys that make it at LinuxFestNorthWest, they were super cool and make a really fantastic piece of software. It’s easy, pretty, fast, and works on everything.

Matt Bowles says:

$400 dollar Eeros all over the house , or $300 dollar router in second floor closet hidden out of view. Seems like a no-brainer.

Brian Flores says:

Strange. I was able to watch the Power Supply Patreon only video build, without being a Patron? I see it’s not public anymore. Perhaps it was originally a posting mistake.

Tyler Smith says:

Shannon, you aren’t weird, I am also a lefty that mouses right handed. When I was in middle school and using Macintosh Classic, I moved the mouse over to the left the first couple of days of class, but then decided it was just too much hassle and have been using a mouse right handed every since.

lizzy love says:


Dan Killam says:

But can the keyboard do my taxes

Theo Barr says:

I was having poor wifi signal with the router being in the basement, moved it to the main floor in the center of the house it totally improved the speeds.

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