Dream Machines DM3 Mini Mouse Review (3360 Small 77g)

Very simple and small mouse with a top optical sensor, sounds great, right? Almost. There are a few concerns with this one that are keeping me from giving it a top recommendation.

Basically the sensor performance (seems to have a slight bug, not sure yet), the cable (not flexible enough), the mouse feet (don’t seem to glide too well) and the sensor position (not centered). Other than that, I think this would be one of the best small mice around.

We’ll see how it goes. I know I’m not the only one that has raised these concerns with Dream Machines so I’ll wait for them to respond and hopefully make some changes before addressing the mouse again.

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Badri narayan About science and other stuff! says:

Hey rocket can u please test the apple magic mouse??

carajean206 says:

Is there another sensie like shape mouse that anyone would recommend? I have the old style and would like to fix it but can’t.

kntlee2011 says:

on second note, DM3 mini is NOT actually that small as it is someone STILL BIGGER than the favourite small hand sizes like Steel series Rival 110 or 100, way BIGGER than Logitech Prodigy G102 Prodigy & G303.

Maciej Taz says:

yer Driver &firmware update needed….. my copy sometimes the mouse spontaneously goes down idk maby surface of the pad…

but as you say, there is no ideal mouse

lysentra says:

have u tried the nkey g007?

Rui Barbosa says:

The logitech g403 is good for csgo?

Xe-Xe says:

Hey Zy, is it me, or your sound has low-frequency rumbling at ~130Hz?

like your room resonance (modes between walls). I’m watching you on large speakers (R2700) and with my room modes be near same, it multiplies even more and the low freq humming is insane 😀

The Combat Wombat says:

hey do you guys know if the ultralight is gonna be available in Australia anytime soon?

eppi123456789 says:

last time they send you one mice :D:Dhaha

slush balls says:

Really appreciate your reviews, I changed out the braided cord on my Logitech g pro mouse with the Logitech g203 cord, it’s absolutely amazing now, I don’t notice the cord at all on my Logitech g pro, when I opened them both up its the exact same connectors for each mouse, try it out, the g pro is amazing now after switching out the cord

X Y says:

as always good review.

DorjeB0dh says:

Which small mice would be best for claw/ fingertip grip at the highest dpi. My hand size is 17×9 cms. Any suggestion guys?? I want a mouse for RTS. Also I have never used the side buttons ever,so they really do not matter for me.

Eyco :D says:

You should update your top 40 mice and make a new video about it

Khaffit says:

wow i didnt even get a notifocatuion
thx youtube

now I am a day late to Zy Sensei

Jana Ebert says:

The Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer was initially launched in 1999. Almost 20 Years later, mouse manufacturers are still “optimizing” this input device. Almost every mice I’ve tested so far had its downsides, this is pretty embarrassing.

Kommando Kodiak says:

DM confirmed they had skipping, theyre attempting to solve it.

Daniel Eklund says:

DM3 Mini or Nixeus Revel?


hi rocket jump ninja please reviw old mouse logitech g302 best mouse low price and high performance and very good aim

IMDarkh0rs3 says:

Keep an eye out for the hyperx pulsfire surge.

mono.prism says:

kinzu replacement finally

eRic says:

You should really get in to another game… Quake is kinda dead, you should go play rainbow, ow, bf, csgo, I think a lot of people would find it much more entertaining than quake

Dutlite says:

Swift rx is out of stock every where in my country, I bought the gsr about 1 year ago but its too sticky now, not sure if I should go gigantus or just hold with the gsr till the swift rx becomes avaible again =(

Nice review as always zy, sadly a lot of these mices will never be available in some third world countries

FranBunnyFFXII says:

EW overwatch.

ShadowCooper77 says:

Zowie fk2 vs lancehead te?

slik says:

2:45 is it the Pulsefire Surge chilling back in there?

Bal3k says:

Since i have discovered you’r channel i have bought 9 mice…..
I want my money back! Seriously, keep up the good work 🙂

Matt H says:

I’ve been using the DM1 for awhile now. But much like you I find it a bit too large. Then I used the DM3 and found it a bit too small, and the lack of side buttons (I thought I could do without) was just too inconvenient. Imagine if they made one in between the DM1 and DM3 (DM4?) with side buttons. Thatd be my dream mouse..

FireB4llz says:

No thumb buttons no buy

SLiX says:

Would be nice if you reviewed Paracord

gr0dius says:

ZY – The hell is this thing in the bg: https://imgur.com/2sooevc

SKT Tyler1 says:

off topic:hyperx alloy fps or cm masterkeys pro rgb for gaming ?

Phillip Morrison says:

i want something like this with a thinner back. like the same thickness front to back. and a bit taller at the front so your ring finger and thumb stay away from the mouse pad

Mahardhika HP says:

Review g400s pls

Squid Elvis says:

This or logitech g203, what do you think guys… i have hands 18/9 and use dethadder and i thinks its is a bit big

Elliot Kaufman says:

Not for me due to lack of buttons but great video @RocketJumpNinja

PattyGaming says:

What are your daily drivers Zy?

Steven Mansberger says:

Conclusion: Get an FK2

Coma Odinsson says:

who’d you piss off? Your new videos no longer show up under my subscriptions.

Stephan Braun says:

Hey RJN,

i love your videos and i almost own every mousepad you have. The last one i bought is the Razer Goliathus Control and what can i say.. it feels not perfect if you touch it but you can aim incredible good with it. Its impressiv.. can you review it please? Its very diffrent from the other pads.


AcidFade 119 says:

Can u Plz review the hyperx pulsefire surge

Karma Death says:

Intro 0:00 – 0:35
Mouse Tour – 0:36 – 0:54
Mouse Measurements – 0:55 – 1:06
Mouse Size Comparisons/Hand size – 1:08 – 1:32
Mouse Buttons Test – 1:33 – 2:08
Latency Test – 2:09 – 2:16
Quality/Issues Etc. – 2:16 – 3:43
Sensor Test – 3:43 – 4:44
Conclusion – 4:44 – 6:17

(Correct me if there’s errors)

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