CORSAIR M65 RGB Elite GAMING MOUSE review – £60 well spent!

Today Melissa takes a look at the latest Corsair M65 RGB Elite mouse, priced at £60 in the UK. Is it worth putting on your shortlist for a new purchase? Read full review over at

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Colour: Black/Silver or White/Grey
Durable Anodized Aluminium Frame
Connectivity: Wired
Grip Type: CLAW
1.8m Braided Fiber USB cable
CORSAIR iCUE Software Support
8 Programmable buttons
100 -18,000 DPI with 1 DPI steps
Backlight: 2 ZONE RGB
Weight: 97g without cable
Adjustable weight tuning system, allowing you to change the mouse’s center of gravity or reduce the overall weight.  97g – 115g
Sensor: PMW3391
Sensor type: Optical
Mouse Button type: Omron
Polling rate: Selectable, 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz
Dimensions: 116.5(L) x 76.6(W) x 39.2(H) mm / 4.57”(L) x 3.01”(W) x 1.54”(H)

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marklamutt says:

Hi Melissa, your second review here was better than your first one, so well done with the progression! Can I make a suggestion? Feel free to ignore, but once the you got to the end giving your thoughts about the mouse, I found the lighting strip behind you cycling colors to be very distracting from what you were saying. For those shots, it might be better to change the lighting to a constant color, as that would (at least for me) keep the focus on you and what you’re saying, rather than what’s behind you. But, that said, awesome job! You’d never know that you’re still brand new at the review side of content creation!

Chi Ho Chan says:

rubbish Mouse

StariteGaming says:

I recently went with corsair and it’s a wonderful switch! Just need the mouse to match with my headphones and keyboard both corsair of course! Keep it up Bo 🙂

Bazlightyear007 says:

How does it compare with the Razor Mambo Elite?

J B says:

Women?? Fuck women

Alex Howe says:

The sound seems slightly out of sync with your mouth movements, very off putting.

Vaxtin says:

The BGM is not listed in the description. It’s very faint, but still sounds very familiar to me, as I think I’ve heard it in the past. I’d like to know what it is so I can search for it again.

melvoid01 says:

The problem I have with their mice is ……they dont break, I am still using the original M95 and I am convinced it will outlive me, ok the top surface is getting a bit worn and shiny in spots but all the buttons still work like new and the aluminiuim base is nigh on indestructable.
I will prbably get a Glaive or summat later in the year but it will be because I can, not because I need to, and because RGB of course :).

LukeNukem says:

Very well written and delivered review. Great job!

dzidzabidza says:

Great job girl.Thank you!

Douchebags Refuted says:

I don’t reccomend this mouse. I had the m65, it’s basically identical.
1: It’s too wide
2: It’s too wide and the ledge on the right side is too low so you can’t get your fingers under it, so you have to clench with your fingers to pick it up rather than just raise your hand and have the mouse come with it because of the ledge. This issue is made worse because it’s too wide. It’s the most fatiguing mouse I ever used.
3: The wings are too low, too flared and poorly finished. If you have a propensity to just tilt your mouse to get the sensor far enough away so it doesn’t track when repositioning it, those wings are obnoxious and the edge that faces the mouse mat is just rought cut so it will grind your mouse mat. I had to take a sander to mine just to get an acceptable finish.
4: The scroll wheel feels great but they have a problem where they start to bug out after 3 months to 1yr, scrolling down for example will go 2 down then 1 up. It’s super flaky.

 Corsair really don’t have a clue what they’re doing in mouse design. They have less of a grasp on design than logitech mice from 15 years ago.

porscheautobahn says:

this new m65 looks like a great improvement to the previous m65 mouse. looks great. i love the rgb lights.

HaX Von Cydow says:

Lovely mouse, feels great, but too heavy for me. Playing FPS get lots of wrist pain. Shame.

ThiccGorilla says:

I wonder why it’s called (mouse) why it’s not called a horse or duck or orange or gorilla. Why mouse WHY!

Tefen Ca says:

Great review. For me the audio seemed to be off-sync be ~0.5 sec

1967 kID says:

I always use to buy o my only Razer mouse since the Razer boomslang in 1999 and it die in 2014 I got Razer Naga 2012 bicuas I’m missing fingers from work in 2018 I upgrade to corsair simulator pro and it’s way better it’s the software in the beginning it was a pain in my ass icue need to be fix I got h100v2 aio so icue is cool I can control mouse and aio easy now it took time playing with icue and fix it .

Dorian Gray says:

You the most maximum sexy voice possible to a human. It is massaging the fancy parts of my brain. Oo!

Soap A says:

I just got this mouse perhaps a couple weeks ago, and by far is my favorite for gaming. I use a Glaive for work, and switch to this for games.

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