Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse Review – The $30 Mouse

Can $30 get you a brilliant gaming mouse? Corsair seem to think so! Join PC Centric for the full review of the Harpoon RGB…

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A massive thank you to Corsair for sponsoring the channel, and supplying the review sample used in this video.

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Xinereus says:


Hoàng Triều Võ Nguyễn says:

can’t used on Mac

Rexah says:

we have the same keyboard

Zyze YT says:

In UK its £24.99

Burst says:

I got this in austrailia it cost $70 aud

shirshabooskey says:

Not a bad setup that you have. Its very clean and organized. =D

Orbit says:

Ordered this mouse from Corsair’s webstore & USPS lost it while shipping lol

Christianspiller says:

i have a 25 dollar Razer mouse and its the best i had because the shape of it is Perfect in my hands

Giotto Vongola says:

tips for all of u buying a mouse Play 5min a shooter with it if it doesnt feel natural you can throw the mouse away

demon6937 says:

what other gaming mice do you recommend that have good sensor?

Night Sky says:

Hello plz reply to my comment I need help when ever I start my mice at the colour red why is it so slow until every setting colour again i go too it gets faster and faster?

LightGlory says:

will this work on a mac?

TheBlackMetalCat says:

6:53 HOLY SHIT MAN STOP MOVING AND SHOOTING! Sorry, might’ve lost my cool there. Earned my sub ;D

Si Anon says:

£183 on Amazon UK at the moment lol

**MCPerez1795** says:

I just realize nowadays your intro is corsair you used to do a overview or introduce the product first then sponsor nice change !! its great

Ketogenic says:

at 30$ this thing will sell very well if available at best buy like most Corsair products

Eric Whitt says:

Subscribed because you are absolutely gorgeous.

Lunixiity says:

hope its good for fast clicking!

Louis Vo says:

this or logitech g303/g pro?

AnimateOut says:

Buying this mouse for my setup im planning next month.

Vonklieve says:

Dollars, how about pounds. I believe this costs £20.00 in Game.

Craig Wilkinson says:

Are the DPI settings permanent or can I use CUE to set one to, say, 800?

I usually set up to use 1 dpi level at 800 and shut the rest off, hoping I can do it with this mouse too.

Aaron Melody says:

Opinion on Steelseries Rival 100?

Bary 2929292 says:

@PC Centric Is your monitor 27 inches or 24 iches????

ramy ahmed says:

Can you please review the qnix uhd3216r 32 inch freesync 4K monitor

HHR2924 says:

Should I get this or the sabre rgb?

quality clickb8 canser says:

bro, keep in mind that some people prefer rubber cables. the only reason I bought the nixeus revel over the dm1 pro S was because the cable was rubber.

Feanon says:

can you just turn off the led?

Louis Turvey says:

I’d recommend the steelseries rival 100

manicniceguy says:

screw logitech’s 69.00-138.00 mice

Andreas Bauer says:

hi, is the mouse rubber coated or is it hard plastic? im allergic to rubber coating 🙁

Sunshine Starcraft says:

i will never buy expensive mouse again. I have a razer deathadder who double click alone, a razer orochi v2 who does exactly the same and a zowie mico with a scroll wheel who goes crazy. Every mouse i have are shit. I ordered this cheap mouse and i’ll see.

Snake Bait says:

You just earned yourself a new subscriber

Goran Kučič says:

Very pleasent to watch your Videos

Diide says:

I have an really old dell mouse (not a gaming mouse), and i wan’t a good budget rgb mouse, is this a good choose?

Marshall Lambie says:

A lot of talking with your hands in this video. Gets a bit distracting but I’m sure you are aware.

Tohru says:

corsair k55?

Ralph Quinones says:

I just bought this today! Very impressed over my previous Microsoft mouse!

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