Corsair Glaive RGB Optical Gaming Mouse Review – 3 Awesome Mice in 1

Corsair launched a $69 ($99 CAD) gaming mouse with features from the Good Mouse Checklist: RGB, Optical Sensor, Modular options… So is this mouse as great as it seems?

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Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Riley Murdock
Editor: Barret Murdock


Lord V1LE says:

It won’t explode. It’s not made by samsung

sleyermeister says:

Why’d he shave the perv-stache?

Patrik Oreb says:

is this linus 2.0


nice looking mouse good video man

baracs82 says:

Calling a 122g mouse a gaming mouse. Nice try Corsair. There is no reason to weight that much, especially if it only has only two side buttons.

cougar572 says:

Central pahk

Saahil Rai says:


Samishii00 says:

….Why is there a bunch of people saying “huh, is it sound like Linus” all of sudden as if the channel was openned yesterday ?!

TheAstronomyDude says:

It’s not wireless. SKIP!

Gus Mashensic says:

50 million clicks!?
With my APM that’s only gonna last like a week!

TSLMachine says:

The lack of a ring/pinkie finger rest is a dealbreaker for me.

Also you don’t need the motor control of an advanced cyborg from the future to utilize 16000 DPI. The high dpi is for competitive FPS gamers who can lower the in-game sensitivity (provided that the game itself supports granular adjustment of the in-game sensitivity to match their usual inches per 360 degree turn, which is how many inches you need to swipe your mouse horizontally to make a full view rotation) to utilize the highest DPI to reduce, if not completely eliminate, pixel skipping.

Ronald McHitman says:

ill stick with my logitech g502

coolnick tech says:

Am I the only one who can use the mouse with 16000 dpi?

Off Beat says:

Mouses > Mice

clumaster says:

wanna know what a glaive is go watch Krull

Mac Dee says:

Your humor reminds me of Big Bang Theory, except both are not funny.

i44 says:

Thank you for using inches…you are a man of culture #notoretardunits

Carlyle Dias says:

central pahk

DocBrewskie says:

When did Katy Perry start doing review videos ?

invertMASA says:

If it does not have more than 12 buttons, I don’t care. MMO mice FTW. So nice to have all my weapons at the touch of my thumb.

Pedro Omar Morales says:

Just bought this yesterday, still gotta get used to it, it is kinda small and here I thought my hands were already abnormally small, that giant thumb grip feels weird to my hand a I would rather use the normal grip.

F says:

Why are people finding Keys sounding like Linus? Isn’t Linus is far more…..high pitched and….explosive, to say the least?

TheLoneWolfCz says:

What the fuck happened ?

MrLedshot says:

love corsair RGB controller but the shape of the death adder is perfect for me

Justin Emerson says:

I just bought this the other day, and it took a little bit to get used to (I was using a RAT 3 CYBORG) due to its size, but I love it now!!

UnknownUser says:

yes linus

Nicholas le roux says:

razer orobous? but cosair version?

Drive Gaming says:

Linus vs Keys…

Zac Lee says:

My trouble is that ive grown so used to the rapid smooth scroll shift from logitechs mice that no matter how cool anything else is, I’ll miss the that fast scroll. I wish I could frankenstein that wheel onto anything else

Screw B says:

122 grams without cable
into the trash it goes~

Dionyzos says:

I will never go wired again. My G602 is the best mouse I’ve owned.



gr33nbits says:

Is it better then the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum?

Luthfi Kun says:

2:32 I was looking for PMW 367 and found nothing, it turn out to be PMW 3367

SpikeTiger0 says:

so will the mouse slice though things?

Enrikes12 ! says:

did any one see the guy waving 1:07 ?

Shubham Patankar says:

Riley is sleepy…??

rooneye says:

Does anyone here actually ever change the DPI of a mouse on the fly?

Damián Hernández says:

NCIX Trying to create another linus??? lol

Rheller82 says:

Glave from vainglory?

Lorenz Kern says:

do u ever do review of a product but don’t uploid it cuz the produckt is actually shit

Jeremy says:

the blue dpi indicator light is a deal breaker for me.

Ken Clements says:

omg dude you look like a skinny johnny bravo with that haircut

biomechanism1 says:

getting a wirless gaming mouse was the best I could’ve ever done in mouse decisions

Spoo Ky says:

prehistoric x7 is still better – 6 buttons, LASER not optical and it was like 10 bucks!


you know, i might buy this one. seems prrty good

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