Corsair Glaive RGB Mouse Review – Modular Gaming?

Let’s check out the new Corsair Glaive RGB gaming mouse in this review!
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Products in this video:
Corsair CH-9302111-NA GLAIVE RGB Gaming Mouse, Backlit LED, 16000 DPI, Optical, Aluminum –


Casper Ko says:

I really want one glaive that has infinite scroll toggle.

Di Mobster says:

can u make a review of the corsair 6gv mechanical keyboard?

1Eduu says:

Corsair mouses are soo heavy

Magnus Lightwod says:

“lighter mouse” then there’s just mice like EC1-A at like 93-95 grams

Wi1dCard2210 says:

still waiting for a mouse with pinky finger support (like the “wing” on the left but a small one on the right) my hella long fingers always rub against my desk

ygalion says:

looks amazing, but i must admit, after having few mice, where superb g900 miss 1 thing, that one thing is low front buttons position, corais got way too high, uncomfortable for intense gaming

PapPeePow says:

120 grams light…..*arm cramps*

Kyle Hoehn says:

I always love how many fake words you use…almost one every video

DeezNutz says:

Looks pretty ugly IMO…. And for me only 2 side buttons is a deal breaker…. I’ll stick to my m65 pro

Teth Raksmey says:

Review Razer Lancehead Wire please !

nayef AL-khanbashi says:

it’s look like tiny mouse in thumbnail .

Megh Zhang says:

This ugly

ZE KENZY says:

nice keyboard

Ofer Krupka says:

F*** my Razer Darthadder Elite (same price, 70$).
Razer don’t even have onboard memory & lots of features, they have same price like other company’s.
Non of my 2 Razer products was good, stoled from me 140$ 🙁

I think I will buy this or Logitech.

GamerTechFocus says:

damn 70 bucks though…

Kevin Chau says:

The design kind of reminds me of the E-Blue Cobra mice

Wuts says:


RPTR_ Vegan says:

the dpi you said 444 is the time rn SPOOKY

MeltonCrest says:

Fuck them, this ignoring of left-handed people is getting annoying.

k moods says:

122 grams is light? lol that’s kinda heavy… 90 grams and under is a lightweight mouse. 100 grams i would consider medium/light, 120 grams is on the heavy side. 130grams and up definitely heavy.

JtTech says:

just picked mine up for 50 bucks from corsair, great mouse and great video!

kos mar says:

Still no tilt click on the will, fu corsair

JoeMBaza Tutorials says:

lol razer fucked them

Ivan Ramirez says:

Hi I 14 years old I’ve been saving up a computer for about a year and 4 months, I’m super close to my goal it would be awesome if you could donate ,thanks :).

Whellin says:

isn’t a glaive like a Frisbee, but with spikes on it?

Male Sensitivity says:

CUE is the worst software I have ever used

ItzSkinder says:

isnt a glaive a spear

war2k says:

do you think this would be comfortable for a left handed mouse user?

JonnyBoBo _ says:

Do a review on the razer lancehead

Hayden Duncan says:

I’m using 1200dpi on my m65 pro with 2 1080p monitors

BingeVids says:

the blue LEDs ruin the whole mouse since i have a black/red setup

Halim Setiawan says:

why the dpi not RGB?

Christian Nowak says:

Like this comment if you think randomfrankp is awesome!

iCyan9 says:

May the 4th be with you

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