Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Wireless Mouse + MM1000 Qi Mouse Pad Review!

So, is it worth it for no cables??? Check out the Dark Core SE & MM1000 Qi Mouse pad.
Dark Core RGB SE Mouse:

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Netherspark says:

This vs Razer Mamba Chroma wireless?

Sphongle Tribe says:

After the Corsair void 7.1 wireless I refuse to buy any wireless Corsair stuff. That headset would randomly drop audio after 2 hours of playing even if it was fully charged and the receiver was not even an arms length away. Even after updates that headset was awful. I’ll stick to my Logitech g703

Alexandru Tanase says:

Not once do you mention that you can use your regular mousepad and any cheap qi charging pad.

Chanon Thiensri says:

Grill gun CSGO 🙁 smh

supreme84x says:

Frank, can you test the mouse using OTHER qi chargers??? I want to know if I can keep my extended pad and just put a qi charger in the corner of my desk.

Oliver Trinh says:

That’s a freakin wireless Logitech g502

isiah veneracion says:

cool pc u got there

better than you boi says:

why does this guy look like the school shooter in Florida am i right

Xavier Zymantas says:

Does it leave a white ring on your timber desk?

supreme84x says:

Oh yeah, I’ve been waiting years for corsair to make a wireless mouse. So excited.

Domi D says:

I would like to see a Razer Hyperflux Review. Nice video, Frank!

Lewis Chick says:

Does the wireless phone puk come with the mouse or mousepad? I think I’m gonna get the mouse and a Qi charger, that’s why I’m asking.

Thunder Grinde says:

Razor basilisk + logitech g502 – the cord = the corsair dark core

Ryan W says:

Mouse has poor reviews due to function. Multiple issues abound. Do your research before purchasing. Hopefully things get worked out through software updates in the future.

Firoze Rakib says:

very curious about how this fares against the Logitech Master 2S – speaking entirely from a non-gamer’s perspective – because it really looks like this combo would be really good for productivity. at the very least its shape looks comfortable

Nickolas Valadez says:

do you need the mouse pad and and the mouse or just the mouse?

Dave Wainwright says:

you’ve made a big deal of the wireless charging dongle for your phone, but you kinda missed the fact that the mouse pad has a usb port anyway. which kinda makes the dongle a bit pointless

koob1413 says:

what’s the wallpaper on your phone?

Mauricio Herrera says:

Definitely hope they come out on sale soon. Or a discount. Cause it doesn’t seem too bad.

Kyle Sandwich says:

logitech g502 is better

William videos TV says:

I aulready watched a review about it. But I watched your review because there is fun watching yours

Shinji Ikari says:

G900/903 still a better mouse imao.

Renan Lira says:

If you wanna save some money and already have a Qi wireless charger base for your phone, you could just buy the mouse and charge it on the base you already own 😉

A Wizard says:

orr use the logitech g703 and the powerplay pad which is perfect

Luis Z. says:

Can you charge the mouse with a normal wireless charger?

skrt says:

do you stream in twitch randomfrankp? i wanna watch

Pro._.Gamr says:

I wasn’t here early I’m sad now

Michael Arias says:

That’s pretty cool, but I’m not a big fan of wireless. I’ll always choose wired over wireless

gaming at max says:

wat about the razer hyperflux?

BassHead Buddhist says:

Ewwww frank, i thought you had style… this mouse is gross and at best a bit cringe 🙁

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