Cheap Pro-Gaming Mouse? – Combaterwing Review – Rerez

The Combaterwing is a cheap PC gaming mouse but does it compare against the pricey ones?
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Thanks to the folks at for sending us the Combaterwing for review. Check out more info on the mouse right here:

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Max says:

G502 good enough all around

Eric Alvarez says:

for that price and reddragon mouse would do better!

Husky Savage says:

1:31 I really like that ding sound effect. Really satisfying.

UNIK says:

i have one myself and it works really well i recommend this mouse like he said good for gaming


Left handed?

Cyborg KiWi says:

That looks INCREDIBLY cheap holy crap

LaneHD says:

My Mouse has 11 Buttons and 10 of them are programmable and the scroll wheel up and down are programmable too It’s a Razer Naga Hex

Delithicus says:

I bought a red dragon perdition gaming mouse. It’s cheap and pretty awesome

GrassHopper says:

are your hands big, if is is the mouse comfortable for big hands,planning on buying it.

H Koizumi says:

It’s a nice mouse but I too have G502 mouse by Logitech. It compliments well with my G19s Keyboard with extra display indicators on the LCD screen. I have owned many mouse over 20 years of PC gaming. My most favorite among them was MX Revolution by Logitech. It was one of their flagship mice that was wireless with internal battery. Back in 2004, these feature were considered rare and an expensive option. The only downside with the mouse was the lack of middle mouse presses. It was reserved for free scroll. Since then, I tried countless mice and I can safely say that G502 is the best among all I have used so far after MX revolutions.

Dom. Com says:

This video was uploaded on my birthday

BearHugga69 says:

I’m using a Speedlink Ledos, which has a DPI switch in the same position, but it’s way smaller. The red LED is on at all times and the 2 side buttons activates specific funtions (them being a double tapping left click with 0.1ms in between space and a buttons that changes the DPI to 500 as long as it’s being held).

The mouse is also ambidextrous, which means it’s designed for both lefties and right-handed people. Very cheap, considering it’s quality.

Rogue Vigilante says:

Why put it on here if you have so many problems with it? anyways I was going to dislike but I decided to message you instead and perhaps you should look at this (Mouse) Controller lolz it looks exactly the same I was looking at months ago

It'sJustAPrankBro says:

Or if you absolutely want a r.a.t mouse you can get the r.a.t 3 for around $35 on Amazon.

Jared Armbruster says:

I’ll stick to my Logitech G602

junkeE says:

wtf is a speed adjustement button

gravy says:

Satian likes this video

Adam G says:

the mouse not really comfortable for FPS game….seriously…haha

Nojus Šimkevičius says:

he seems to play like 400 dpi and like 4 sens in game lol

Dude Boyman says:

Rerez!!! Hey!!! Remember in the sonic boom episode u said that sega should sell sonic becouse boom. You must know that sega didnt develope boom big red buton did they also made the tv series. So forgive sega!!! #rerezforgivesega

kackiz says:

When is the next positives episode coming?

RRW says:

No offense, but considering the last few videos on your second channel, I’m surprised you even knew you could play games at all on your PC.

Dr. Noose says:

I think you should try the Zelotes T-90. For $2 less than the Combaterwing, it goes up to 9200 dpi (which you will never use), has many different lighting modes, removable weights, and different button placement. Not as good as the G-502, but damn good for the price.

Refusetodefuse says:

nice controller

VeryNormal SimplePerson says:

You don’t ripoff a mouse that already sucks. I’ve tried dozens of mice, studied and tested the sensors. BTW a metal mouse is a terrible idea, you want it light so you won’t get strained.

If you want a really good cheap mouse, go for Bloody (A4Tech), I dare say they put Razer and Logitech to shame with mice that are half the price but have the same sensors plus better features, switches and pretty much everything.

Eric Lecarde says:

I cant be the only one here who uses a normal mouse for gaming, right?

BOYD1981 says:

The only thing you can’t adjust on a RAT is the laser deciding to stop working after barely a year and that sad feeling that comes with it as the absolute best mouse you’ve ever used is now a piece of junk. And then you buy a fantastic Logitech Proteus Spectrum, but you never forget the feel of that RAT.

✪ JaffaParty says:

shane that’s not how you hold a mouse.

IZylusI says:

I think the buttons under the left and right click are for your finger joint to push, not your finger tips

Harley says:

i just use a standard mouse

Reggie Fils-Aimé says:

Talks about its cheapness. Doesn’t state price

McMeta says:

This video actually made me order a Combaterwing off of amazon and it works great, nice video!

The W says:

It’s amazing how consistently awful looking 90% of everything labeled “gaming” or “pro gaming” is.

VaughnJogVlog says:

You should sell a “Kind of Sucks” t-shirt.

Darkerkiller says:

Is this mouse worth £10.99?

Quinn The Quartz says:

Rerez why not mention the Black Web Grim Gaming mouse? It is the best budget mouse, it isn’t metal, but rubbery plastic and is super comfortable. Has all of these features just not multibutton!

Kauan Lokasso says:

Im sold

Matthew Pearson says:

More of this kind of video please! I get retro stuff is (quite rightly) your passion, but this was refreshing.

DaFixer says:

I think this a cheaper ripoff of a ripoff.
I have the same mouse, but from another company. The Luom G10,works very nice for the money.

sidhu704 says:

Do you actually play with your mouse ? Who holds it like that and constantly have it rub against the mat? I mean, atleast a normal PC gamer wouldn’t.

Brandi Kitty says:

“It feels like you’re holding a Transformers toy in your hand.”

THAT SOUNDS AMAZING! I LOVE ME SOME TRANSFORMERS TOYS!!! I don’t even play video games that use mice, but you’ve just sold me on this one! 😀

the black and white gamer says:

you have to admit, that’s a nice looking mouse. Or “controller” haha.

Ghost/Iceman says:

That gaming mouse looks badass by the way,Shane!

Nik S says:

Nice review style 🙂

4for4Productions says:


you’re a great channel

KingDuken says:

I have a RAT. It’s pretty good. Had it for almost two years.

DommY CS says:

You seem like a cool guy. I enjoy most of your videos, so thank you. You remind me of a less technical my life in gaming; even though I think I saw you first lol

Caelan Wilson says:

I bought the R.A.T. 3 three years ago and still use it today. The thumb guard is still my favorite feature.

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