Cheap $15 Gaming Mouse Round Up!

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So you bought a cheap keyboard from our last round up… Now why not get a $15 (or less) mouse to go along with it!?

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Buy Havit MS672 on Amazon:

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Chewie says:

You got a very nice fingers and finger nails linus. Nice cuticles.

MinotaurNinja says:

I have a Redragon mouse from when I started using a PC. Never had any problems, it has a few more functions than the one in the video, it came with a matching keyboard (which I’ve replaced) and I have no complaints about it. It has stood up for like 4 years now. Definitely worth the like $16 I think it’s worth.


Thumb:2 buttons on the side
Pointing finger:left button
Middle finger: right button or scroll
Ring finger: right button or no use
Pinky:no use

Panther001 says:

The zelotes is godly, I abused mine for several years and it still works fine with almost no damage, I bring it in my pocket to highschool every other day. And the double click is faster

gaming_with_who says:

Ive been using an ajazz green “spider hero” for a while, alomost 3 years. Its pretty good, although its neon green color osnt for everyone, as ive personally grown out of it. Got it at 13$, but its no longer avalible.

DashD says:

I got Zelotes Wireless mouse

JediKnight 830 says:

I want the mouses that dont need the wire

2nd Reich Mapping and Countyballs says:

I have the one at 2:06 its great 😀 EDIT I cant remember if its that one because im not home rn

Nick Danias says:

I had the Zelotes, great mouse, lasted 2 years!

BlAnK 0110 says:

That 4:37 and dat 4:46 tho ahahaha

starhiro654 says:

I would have gotten a logitech g300s since it costs about 15 dollars here in Taiwan.

casey johnson says:

i have the zelotes 7200 t80- bigmac and its been running good for 3 years now, no input lag and no hiccups. i did find that if you rest your index finger on both the macro and left click buttons the dual click macro is quite useful. the only downfall i have noticed is it is a bit weird to hold if you have smaller hands. i have some pretty large hands for my age so i dont find any issues with holding it. as for the low DPI’ers it suits them pretty well along with High Range DPI users. @linus you guys should test this one along with the zelotes t-90 mouse in a future video.

But wait There's more!!!! says:

I got the magic eagle mouse and it is dope

james the everything guy says:

i could find more reliable mouses for 5$

Deerdroppings Gaming says:

i got the big T-80 BIG MAC a long time ago its good if you get used to it

PandisThePanda says:

you have pink nails Linus…

Tarrybunny says:

i have the reddragon one and i love it

jovan tan says:

Bought a $10 logitech mouse i just found at a convenient store. It was way better than my previous $70 mouse that decided to break on me

chubby1gudino says:

What’s Dpi?

Gamer suba says:

Try gigaware products

dipta ghosh says:

Yessss u guys know what ur doing, counter strike test bruh. Legit. No sarcasm meant .actually proud of u

Richard Yu says:

you live in surrey?

onebullet ap says:

ill just continue to use my 3 dollar mouse thank you

gavin qualls says:


LizZardChanger says:

I bought The Zelotes for 20 wtf

Amir Wahlstrom says:

Omg I got a gaming mouse on sale originally 30$ or 20$ and got it for 7.99$

giggle master says:

I got a wireless and more expensive version of the one on the right

Just Debra says:

I’ve got that one at 5:00, and the cord IS REALLY LONG, although that’s not so great on a desk as it gets easily cluttered. I haven’t had any problems other than that though, and it’s (believe it or not) better than the move schools have. Very comfortable.

Critem MD says:

I already have the Magic Eagle mouse. It was 8$ on Amazon.

llkkjgg 973 says:

im sorry but you dont need a gaming mouse

Random Moustache Guy says:

I got a 10 dollar ebay mouse with rgb 2 years ago. Super cheap feeling but I got used to it and it has lasted millions upon millions of clicks. Stills feels like new and I think I have spilled enough water on it to weigh it down. Only problem is that the scroll wheel has no clicks and it just basically free spins, even though it is sideways and rolls side to side XD. It has served me well for long and I think I will retire it soon. I need a braided cord to match my mechanical keyboard

Rick Realman says:

I bought mine for 9$ in ebay listing said simply luxury gaming mouse nothing else and it was delivered in bag:D have been usong it like 2 years now still working fine. Only it looks like crap now becose it was cowered with copper foil or somthing and its has been worn down a lot

Ryan Drennan says: iv had this for around a year and i LOVE it it was 10$ and its super comfortable

Edisam says:

I have a reddragon

Amo Nemo says:

I love the models hands. I wanna see her feet!

Kim Jong Un says:

You can get anything for free just don’t get caught

/{_Official_} /Jackson_Five// says:

8:09 It is a cheap chinese copy of the original Trust GXT 25.I have that mouse,this is nearly the same one,except the logo and the LEDs.Anyways,this looks much more cool and it is 12.49$
_It’s worth it. Trust GXT 25_

Bohr says:

I have the Redragon one, it’s actually pretty good

ImNemoTheFish says:

5:00 ive had this mouse for almost a year now and it works as good as the first day i got it

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