Can this $15 Mouse Actually Game? Gaming Mouse Review!

Can you actually game with a $15 mouse? We take a close-up look at the Pictek Wired Gaming Mouse to see if its performance is higher than its price tag.

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PicTek Gaming Mouse:

Samsung NVME SSD’s:

Western Digital SATA3 SSD’s:

Intel Core i7 8700K:

Gigabye Z370 Aorus Gaming 5:

Corsair H100i V2:

Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB Memory:

This is the first episode in the budget gaming hardware series by ECPU. Check out the second episode here:

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ferasspiderman says:

I bought it thanks!

IcE Clan WoLf2 says:

Does it work on PS4

dude perfect jr says:

Is it good for fortnite.

Rajveer Singh says:

I have this mouse however it sometimes the pointer jumps from time to time and can really fuck you up mouse is really nice though other than that it’s great

Ben Lambkin says:

How do you make it cycle through colors?

ElitePotato45 says:


VOID says:

Amazed u only have 350 subs, u deserve hundreds of thousands.

Chillest Bill says:

Feels Cheap… Thumb Grips are made of slippery plastic and protrude outwards so as to not let your thumb, Ring, and Pinky Fingers grip it from below..
this makes Liftoff very irritating and uncomfortable…

Armvndo says:

I got this mouse today but every time I lift it, it moves my aim, is there anyway a can fix this? (im new to pc gaming lol)

Sofia Dubinets says:

How did you make it rainbow?

SadAlexHere says:

dude you have 732 subs with this good ass quality video? damn you deserve more then 100k

Varnek Pufi says:

I have this mouse

Noah Steinberg says:

This is a great video! At first I thought you had thousands of subscribers but realized you only had 400! You deserve way more than 400! Keep up the great video (:

jose bosua says:

Im truly amaze; your editing, commentary, camera shots are top notch; thought you were a famous tech tuber i haven’t heard of. Excellent channel deserves far more recognition.

21 Average says:

I read reviews that the cord is to short, is this true or an overstament?

Norman Bates says:

this is a really good gaming mouse. but i dont know how to download the software.. 🙁

PictekDirect CA says:

Hello, I’m writing to confirm the receipt of our e-mail about PicTek Gaming Mouse Review. We would appreciate it if you could reply to us your address so that we can send the mouse to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for your time.

DominusPhoenix says:

Does this work for mac

Six Paths Editz says:

Mouse is good but the software doesn’t work. I change the side buttons to macros and click apply but still remains how it was before.

Yellow Waffle says:

I have one ,just arrived a couple of days ago ,it has a heavy feel ,and it seems solid ,it feels good to the touch , looks really nice .

FSS_Wizard says:

Bro you need more subs with this kind of content

Beyond™ says:

does this mouse work on glass and shiny surfaces?

andrew no says:

how do u get the software to cuztimize mine never had insturctions or what do i do

PranavTheTree says:

This is perfect man thanks!
I love your channel
Hmu I have a collab idea

Nimnix says:

i have this gaming mouse and it is very good

Makai says:

I found one for $8


damn u only have 341 subs??? U NEED MORE

AndroNutela says:

Can that mouse detect really fast movements? I’m looking for a mouse with a good laser

Golden says:

Does it have a good sensor?

Rafa Ruiz says:

I actually got the 11 dollars version of this one lol

Snowden says:

Don’t buy this piece of junk! It can’t keep up with fast mouse flicks. Things that you need to do all the time in games like Overwatch and Fortnite… when you try to do fast wrist/arm movements it’s skips and doesn’t keep it. It’s fine if you do normal speed moves. But high paced FPS… nah. I don’t know what this guy is talking about, but I mean he’s not even using a mouse pad so…

Stevey isobese says:


Rowdy Barrera-kun says:

What the hell? Where are all your subscribers? I’m subscribing to you now. Can’t wait until your youtube famous.

TheoMC14 says:

Thats the mouse i use. It can game and its very good. Has its own software and i can hack with macros using it. All buttons can be customised as to what you want their functions to be.

Tfue says:

I got it

Craziest Creeper says:

I think it’s good

NegativeIQ says:

your commentary, camera angles, shots, and editing is really on point, and it really felt like i was watching some high 100,000 subs youtuber, turns out you only had a couple hundred, you definitely deserve more, here’s a sub from me.

CactusRBX says:

I have this mouse my question is that how do I get the software.

Lowe Ray says:

When you press up one on the dpi adjuster how much does the dpi go up by?

Lil Pooh says:

PLEASE tell me how to get the mouse to automatically cycle through the colors!!! I’ve tried everything but nothing works! Every time I watch a review on this mouse i see it cycling through different colors automatically change but they never explain how. So, please PLEASE explain how i do that.

also if you’re able to help me, ill subscribe.
EDIT: THANK YOU SO MUCH, after rewatching your video, at 1:50 i copied down your layout and finally it works!!! Like i promised, ill subscribe.

Enzo Olabi says:

Great review 🙂

KylCar TheCoconut says:

how long is the wire

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